Don’t Miss Manooghi Hi This Thursday At Lake Burien Park

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Manooghi Hi, one of the hottest new bands in the Northwest, will be bringing their eclectic mix of western rock and eastern (mostly Indian) music to “Music & Movies in the Park” this Thursday night from 6:30pm to 8pm at Lake Burien Park, located at SW 149th and 16th SW.

Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner and enjoy some amazing (and free) music!

From their website, here’s a description of Manooghi Hi:

With visions of melding her classical Indian, Sufi, and mouth percussion (bols and solkattu) with a heavy rock sound, million-seller-pop-princess, Mehnaz, tripped all the way to Seattle on a whim to stay with friends of the family and work on a new sound–more rock, less schlock.

“There’s a lot of hybrid stuff in Bombay, but I was looking for something more heavy and real. To tell the truth: I wanted to play in a band.”

Fate tossed her a handful of Seattle’s theatrical rock avant guard: Composer/Arranger Keyboardist Mark Nichols (Little Boy Goes to Hell, “Awesome,” “How to Survive the Apocalypse”, Return of the Frog Queen, Nelson Sings Nilsson, Walkabouts), Producer/guitarist Todd Fogelsonger (Soul Pimps, Trillian Green), Bassist Jimmy Thomas (Squirrels, Type-A), Singer Ava Chakravarti (Prudence Dredge, Mass Hypnosis), Drummer John Hollis (Hedwig, Sissyfist, ButtrockSuites, Ian Moore etc..), and Percussionist Jarrod Kaplan (Trillian Green, Dan Bern, Cirque Du Soleil, Hanuman, Devachan..)

Over the course of a few Seattle visits, they created the band, Manooghi Hi (a dialectic word meaning roughly “stuff” as in “move your manooghi out of the hallway before I move it myself,” or “that was some serious manooghi.”)

They also created a handful of manic and oft cartoony–though ceremoniously rampant–hybrid-Hindi-heavy classics like “Kismet”, “Kali”, “Om Baba”, “Hum”, “Bubbles”, and their ultimate Bombaliscious deluge, “Manooghi Hi.” Both Mehnaz and the band may have staggered blindly into something that actually works.

As a friend said it (best): “Holy Sacred Cow!!!?” and another: “I feel like I’ve been baptized in another language by some people I’ve never met.”

Upon hearing the strains of “Om Baba” for the first time. Mouths agape, friends suggest Kurt Cobain has come back from the dead as a yoga instructor. Friendly love aside, If anything happened here on their debut record, titled simply, “HI”, it is the explosion of a joyous and irreverent head-banging soup.

Not the world music your mama used to meditate to.

Here are some videos that will probably make you want to pack a picnic basket immediately and reserve a good spot NOW:

For nore info, check out these websites:

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