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Temp Hits 100 In Burien. World Keeps Turning.

The patented B-Town Blog Weather Rock™® (ok, so it’s not really a rock but we bet there’s quartz inside there, plus, that sounds waay cooler than a “Digital Thermometer”) shows proof that yes, the outside temp has hit 100 degrees in Burien, specifically outside our office window in Olde Burien.

Hey…remember during the big snowstorm last December, when everyone sent pics of how much snow they had in their yards?

Let’s do that again, only this time please send pics of the temp on your Weather Rock (aka “digital thermometer”; heck, we’ll even post analog ones) to us and let’s see who’s got the hottest yard!

Email us here [1].

Now, enjoy this photo and remember this record-setting day/week; and do you think it’s going to get much hotter?:

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