Hey Mom, Didja Hear Me On KUOW?! I Was On The Ray-dio Today Mom!! Isn't That Nifty???

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Dear Mom –

I know you read The B-Town Blog, because I know your computer’s IP address (and Mom, will you please stop commenting on that Naked Lady Sculpture story? That is soooo July of you!), and I wanted you to hear my really really important segment I did on KUOW’s “The Conversation” today.

Okay, so it was less than two minutes, but hey, at least I got on the air.

Uh-oh, I forgot to mention the URL of our website.

Oh, and they didn’t have time to let me mention the Forklift Rodeo either. Dang.

And I didn’t get to talk as much about annexation as I had prepared for (I studied it all morning long, and even called Jenn at the City of Burien for info!).

But I know you’ll love this, because you love me. You still do, right Mom? Mom???

Oh well, enough blabbering…here’s the audio file for your listenin’ pleasure (or not):


(click that little arrow button above to play the recording back Mom…kind of like a CD player’s “Play” button…)

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