Meet The Eagles (The Birds Not The Band) At Eagle Landing Park On Saturday, Aug. 22nd

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Photo by Paul Conrath

BTB Contributor Jim Branson sends us word that on Saturday, Aug. 22nd, at 2pm, there will be a free guided tour of Burien’s Eagle Landing Park, sponsored by the Washington Native Plant Society.

With any luck, the fledgling eagles (as seen in these rare videos) will be testing their wings in the area, as they have been for the past two weeks.

You can also learn about over 80 species of native plants in the park, the local geology and history of the land, as well as how fish and eagles improve the health of the forest.

The tour group will meet at 2pm at the kiosk at the parking lot, and the tour might take about an hour, depending on how many people show up and how many questions they have.

Bring a bottle of water, for when you get thirsty after climbing the stairs, and perhaps a pair of binoculars for the eagles.

Also please keep in mind there are no restrooms at the park, but Lake Burien School Park, five blocks away, has a restroom.

The tour will proceed, rain or shine, but the forecast is for perfect weather.

According to the Eagle Landing Park website:

Eagle Landing Park is a small six-acre park, in a quiet, residential Burien neighborhood. It opened on June 15th, 2005, and it is located at the west end of SW 149th Street, where it meets 25th Ave SW. The walk from the parking lot to the beach is about a quarter of a mile, dropping 275 feet in elevation.

The goal of the park is to provide visitors with an intimate experience of nature close to an urban center. Instead of driving for an hour to feel at home in the woods, you can have this experience within walking distance of City Hall. The park feels much larger than it is (it’s roughly the same size as Lake Burien School Park) because the trees screen out the surrounding homes and provide the illusion of endless forest.

Adding to the impression of untamed wilderness are the screams of the eagles, who have been nesting in a tree in the middle of the park since 1989. The park is home to over fifty species of native plants, and volunteers are working to remove invasive plants such as ivy and reintroduce more species of native plants. Visitors have seen woodpeckers, hawks, raccoons, otters and foxes, and you may see these creatures if you keep your dog on a leash and walk quietly along the trail.

Eagle Landing Park is an escape from hectic urban living, but like the flowers pictured above, it is a fragile beauty dependent on the good will of visitors to remain unspoiled.

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One Response to “Meet The Eagles (The Birds Not The Band) At Eagle Landing Park On Saturday, Aug. 22nd”
  1. Roger Loubert says:

    Thanks for the inspirational introduction of your flora and Fauna… Makes me want to simply fly – like an Eagle – from Canada to Experience this Wonderfull / seemingly Peacefull Oasis…!!!

    Keep up the Great Work of showing the way forward… ( as per having People , once again , rediscover their COMMUNITIES … From the Ground up / Up / UP and away … )

    B Town Blog is beginning to go Viral here in Canada!!!

    I’ve shared with different People what I experienced in meeting up with your Team …

    And so far am encouraged by the reaction and interest that this B Town Blog is Creating / North of the 49th Parallel .. And of all Places; Farmers Markets up here are also where Sense of Place/ Belonging and Identity is finding Roots…

    Hence I’ve enjoyed getting different People to take a Look at this Model you’ve Built … To the Point of thinking that in 2010 , we should look into exploring what way we can bring you here to feature your ” B Town Blog ” into not only a Story Development / Narrative for others to Explore and Discover; but also create the kind of Summit or meetings of the Minds … Conference / Workshop that would have Interested Social Entrepreneurs as paying Clients … In an effort of
    Exploring the NEXT ECONOMY…., in the making …

    Next Media / Communications phenomena that would integrate NEW and OLD Economies in a Bridging of the financial Gap that is ever widening …. Hence Bring on the Creatives , I say!!!

    Hope all of your Team is doing well .
    I remain enthusiastic in your Ground Breaking effort!!

    Roger ( as in Cafe)

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