GUEST COLUMN: Kathy Keene Gets Her Second “Bionic” Shoulder

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This is NOT Kathy's x-ray.

The saga continues…last January, Dr. Clark replaced my left shoulder. It was such a success and such a blessing to be pain free on the left side that I, once again, entrusted myself into his brilliant hands and the wonderful surgical nurses of Highline Hospital. They did their magic while I slept, and I am now the proud, PAIN FREE, owner of two bionic shoulders.

Kathy Keene is ready to arm wrestle you.

After they finished, they passed me off to the ICU staff, and then I was taken to my lovely room on the 4th floor. It was like old home week; I was re-acquainted w/ the great nurses and the CNA’s that help me last time and, I made some new friends. Their professionalism, sense of humor, and willingness to see to my comfort was superlative! I especially appreciated the night shift staff that tippy toed in and took my vitals without turning on that horrible bright light and barely waking me up – Thanks guys.

My favorite Reiki person came by and treated me; sadly, the young lady from Highline High School, who serenaded us with her lovely violin music last time, seems to be on summer vacation.

Our community is so blessed to have such a fantastic hospital, staffed with such professionals in our community! Thank you all for making my stay, not only safe, and healing, but fun as well.

P. S. Keep the candle burning in the window, the chicken stroganoff looked so good on the room service menu I may have to come back. Now if you could just get down pillows and beds a wee bit more comfy…

(Kathy Keene moved to the Burien area in 1987 and worked for Boeing for 17 years. Kathy opted for an early retirement in 2005 to pursue her new love of designing and selling jewelry as well as becoming more involved with the community.)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We welcome guest columns from all area residents – do YOU have a story you’d like to tell? Email us!]

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4 Responses to “GUEST COLUMN: Kathy Keene Gets Her Second “Bionic” Shoulder”
  1. seahurstcats says:

    Isn’t it highly inappropriate for a city council member to rave about her medical experience at Highline Hospital and give her doctor a free advertisement on this blog? I have heard nothing but bad experiences from friends and family with their surgery and after care at Highline Hospital. I’m sure you wouldn’t have heard from Kathy Keene here if she had had the care we’ve endured there.

  2. Dale says:

    I disagree cats.

    Under BarryBamaCare we will have more choices so we should start comparing costs and services. For example there is an interesting piece in today’s Seattle Times.
    Does Group Health hold answers in health-care debate?

    Apparently Kathy wants to tell us about her experience at Highline Medicare Center so maybe she will tell us how much her new shoulders cost?

  3. Jim Branson says:

    If she had a good experience, I don’t see what’s inappropriate about her saying so. If the fire department saved her life during a house fire, she should be able to express her appreciation in public.

    Personally, I would avoid any hospital if at all possible, by diet and exercise and other means within my control. Hospitals kill more people than smoking, car accidents, and guns combined, through avoidable medical mistakes. Highline Hospital nearly killed my father on three seperate occasions, by medical mistakes, even though he had served as Chariman of the Board of Directors at Highline for many years. But that is just a symptom of the profit motive driving our health care system, not a flaw particular to Highline. Even if Highline is one of the best hospitals in the country, they are still causing unnecessary harm and death to hundreds of patients every year. The worst part is that there is no way in sight to talk about it or solve the problem.

    Keene is expressing her own experience and her own bias. Even if she is wrong about how great Highline is, she isn’t wrong to express her views in a public forum–unless they paid her or promised special care in return for the endorsement, and there is no reason to suspect that from the article she’s written. I have publicly criticized Burien City Council for many things, but she hasn’t done anything inappropriate here.

  4. Maxine says:

    Overall I am pretty healthy, but have had to make one visit to the Highline ER and had surgery there another time and both times I thought the care I received was excellent.

    I agree with Jim, I don’t see any problem with a guest column by a Councilmember giving praise to our local hospital and writing about her positive experience. In fact, I kind of like reading good news once in a while since both the MSM and blogs seem to often report bad news more often.

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