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THANKS READERS For Another Record Month – August Traffic UP +25%!

August 2009 was another record traffic month for The B-Town Blog, and like we did in July [1], we’d like to shout out a huge THANK YOU all our beloved B-Town Blog Readers and Advertisers for another record-setting month of traffic:

That translates to an overall average of nearly 1,000 Unique Visitors and over 1,600 Page Views per day for the lifespan of this website (launched in Dec. 2007), along with a current average visit length of 2:12.

Here are the most recent stats from Sitemeter [2], a widely-used, independent website that tracks internet traffic:

We’d also like to remind both our Readers and potential Advertisers about our unique, totally transparent website traffic statistics.

“Transparent” means that, at any time, you can click on one of at least three statistics links in the footer of the website (at the bottom of any page), and see what kind of traffic we’re getting.

That’s right – we have no intention of hiding any information from you, our Readers, nor from our Advertisers or potential Advertisers.

Sure, it’s a risky move, but we think in this modern internet news era, it’s worth it, and quite frankly, something that not many others will dare do.

And we challenge our local media competitors to do the same, especially those who claim they get “…more readers than any local website.

Click on a logo below to see our stats (keep in mind that statistics vary with each independent measuring company, something that’s not in our control):


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If you’d like more information on our Advertising [5] solutions, please don’t hesitate to email us [6]!

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