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Nearly Nekkid, Drugged-Up Man Found After Being Lost In Burien Woods

According to the King County Sheriff’s Department, a nearly-naked 39-year old man who was allegedly using drugs got lost last Thursday (Sept. 3rd), then went missing for a day and a half before being found.

He was discovered wearing only boxer shorts, and as you can see from the photo, had scratched himself up quite a bit whilst lost.

The Sheriff’s Office became aware of the man’s plight shortly before 5pm on Friday, Sept. 4th when two residents near the 12600 block of Shorewood Drive called 911 to say they could hear faint calls for help coming from a heavily wooded area near a sewage treatment plant.

Responding deputies could hear the man calling for help too, but couldn’t understand exactly what he was saying due to the distance. So they hiked down the bank, across a small stream, then up a big, steep bank, and eventually found the man.

He was a 39 year-old Burien man who had been using illegal narcotics when he became paranoid and delusional and ran into the woods. Deputies believe he had been there since about 8am the previous morning. He had no shoes or any clothes, except for his boxers. He was scratched from head-to-toe by the brambles. He couldn’t walk because of injuries to his feet. And he was dehydrated (but at least by then he was hopefully sober, and from the looks of it, full of blackberries…).

A Sheriff’s Office Arson investigator who happened to be in the area came up with a pair of size 13 boots for the man’s size 12 feet. The fire department provided a rope for climbing up the bank.

Deputies helped the man climb to safety where he was checked out by the fire department, then released.

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