What Do You Think Of A Hooters Casino Opening Up Nearby? Please Take Our Poll…

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According to this Craigslist Ad, the semi-provocative restaurant chain Hooters is opening a brand new casino just seven miles down the 509 from Burien at 9635 Des Moines Memorial Drive in South Park:

“Hooters Casino is now hiring for all positions at multiple locations. Dealers, Cashiers, Security and Surveillance. Please apply in person @ Hooters Casino 9635 Des Moines Memorial Drive, Seattle WA 98108.”

Another Ad, posted on Aug. 30th, reads:

We have a brand new Hooters Restuarant and Casino opening up in South Park! If you are fun & outgoing and fit the Hooters Gils image of the All American, Girl Next Door, Cheerleader we need you! We have several spots to fill still and as a Hooters Girls you could be in the position of a server, bartender, cocktailer, hostess, or even a dealer!

We will be accepting applications at the new location starting this Sunday 8/30 located at 9635 Des Moines Memorial DR, Seattle WA 98108. If you think you have what it takes to be the next South Park Hooters Girl hurry and come apply, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! You can also apply at the Seattle and Tacoma Hooters as well!

For any further questions give us a call at our Seattle location (206) 625-0555, and we will be glad to help! See you soon!

According to various Hooters websites:

“Hooters was appropriately incorporated on April Fool’s Day, 1983, when six businessmen with absolutely no previous restaurant experience got together and decided to open a place they couldn’t get kicked out of. Soon after, on October 4th of that year, the doors to the first Hooters Restaurant opened in Clearwater, Florida.

The name “Hooters” came from a popular comedy sketch by one of the nation’s hottest comedians of that time, Steve Martin.

The first Hooters Girl, Lynne Austin, was hired on a bet. One fine day in sunny Florida, one of the Hooters Six anchored his boat off Clearwater Beach to swim in and catch the Jose Cuervo bikini contest. After failing to convince the subsequent winner to join the troop right then and there, he told her that if her job as a telephone operator didn’t work out, she should call them. Weeks later, Lynne tried to get off work at GTE to attend yet another bikini contest. She quit the job when they refused. The next day, she called Ed to join the Hooters team.”

Here’s a map to the new Hooters Casino for those of you um…interested in “researching” this further (wink wink):

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So…what do you think of having not only a Hooters nearby, but one that includes gambling? Please take our poll or Comment below…

What do you think of a Hooters Casino opening just down the hill?

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8 Responses to “What Do You Think Of A Hooters Casino Opening Up Nearby? Please Take Our Poll…”
  1. warren says:

    South Park much classier, FUNNY! Have you ever actually been to a Hooters? I have, how many times is not important right now, but it is nothing like on TV. The Hooter Girls are not exactly playmate of the month. More like burned out strippers on meth. Now the old Rascals was a class joint. Robberies, gun fights in the parking lot, drug dealers from the tavern next door. Good times, good times. Now, as a poker player I’m always looking for a new, ( easy ) game with worthy adversaries, ( Fish). So I’m sure I will check it out, day light hours only. And if for some reason I meet Miss right in a tank top and orange short shorts, all the better!

  2. CSW says:

    Hooters has decent food & great sports action on TV. The waitresses are a whole different story. I don’t know if it’s the NW or what, but I’ve never seen such homely, lumpy Hooters girls in my life. Keep your fingers cross locals…maybe there will be something to look at besides sports at this one.

  3. Rob says:

    I don’t know about homelt and lumpy women at hooters but dude their wings suck. They just cook some wings and smother them in durkee’s hot sauce? Maybe fine in florida but this is the west coast.

  4. warren says:

    Those wings will shoot out of you like grain thru a goose. But the TV’s are nice.

  5. wanker says:

    CSW- Yes there will be something other than girls and TVs to look at. Card Tables.

    What I found funny is that the Seattle Times did an article on Hooters being to “Ritzy” for south park. WTF? Hooters is nothing but some trashy girls in tight clothes.

    Warren was right about them being ex stripper meth heads.

  6. warren says:

    You have to realize how the Hooters corporation works in regards to opening new locations. For the grand opening, they bring in the ringers. Beautiful women , the likes of which would not be caught dead anywhere near south park. No pun intended. They work the new location for six to eight weeks, get you thinkin this is great. Then they move on to the next grand opening in Fargo or wherever, and, presto Changeo, the local talent takes over. See the above comments for the rest of the story.

  7. Kelly says:

    I work quite close to the upcoming South Park Hooters. Many people at my office are excited for the variety. Currently the local food establishments are quite bleek and additional choices would not be considered bad. I hope the owner does a bit more screening to employee than what is happening with the Lake Union location he owns. The “talent” has been lacking for the past few years.

  8. John says:

    As long as it stays out of Burien who cares. I try not to visit South Park or any place like it. You got it right when you said gun fights, drugs, etc. going on all the time. When I was going to establishments in that area a few years ago I’m just happy I got out of their unscathed. Casino’s is the wrong thing for South Park and South Park will probably only lessen the value of Hooters and what they don’t already have.

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