UPDATE: Burien’s Two Gated Parks Now Close At 7pm

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According to our friends at Burien Parks:

“Due to seasonal changes, Burien’s two gated parks (Seahurst & Eagle Landing) are now closing earlier.

Gates now closed at 7pm.”

So, now you know to get yourself outta there before you’re trapped like you’re in a b-rate, B-Town horror movie…

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8 Responses to “UPDATE: Burien’s Two Gated Parks Now Close At 7pm”
  1. Michael says:

    I’ve never liked the timing of the gate closures in Burien. As a photographer I often like to shoot in the evening to capture the sunset and the sky just AFTER sunset. I always feel rushed and unwelcome when the bullhorn comes out in Seahurst warning me to vacate or get locked in when I’m trying to compose a photo and then pack up my gear and hike back to the car.

    It’s getting to the point where I don’t bother, instead I head to Des Moines or West Seattle where there are plenty of waterfront park spaces that HAVE NO GATES. What a novelty. Public spaces that remain open for the public to use.

  2. Lee Moyer says:

    I guess Burien just loves gates and locks. A few years back some friends and I were kayaking out of Seahurst Park and noticed that if we paddle out a ways we could watch Mt Rainiew change colors as the sun set. It was great. Finding a tow truck hooking up to our cars wasn’t.
    How about another hour or so to let people enjoy the sunset?

  3. Jim Branson says:

    Eagle Landing Park is now closing at 6:30 PM, as posted on the kiosk. The closing time on the kiosk is usually more accurate, as the web site isn’t always updated in a timely manner.

  4. Dale says:

    Does “closing” mean you must be out of there or only your car?

    On Sunday I often park at the top of the hill outside the Seahurst gate and walk down to the beach then back uphill to the car. Lots of parking outside the gate so if it is legal being inside the park after the gate closes you could still get your sunset photos. Actually with the wheels on my kayak a moon light paddle might be nice.

  5. Jim Branson says:

    Eagle Landing Park is posted “No Trespassing After Dusk.”

  6. Dale says:

    That might be because the trail winds close to houses. I will check what it actually says at the gate to Seahurst this weekend and report back.

  7. W J says:

    What I want to know is why don’t these parks don’t open at dawn? I like to get out around dawn, and have been favoring ungated beaches further from home because no one unlocks the gates until “late” in the morning.

  8. Dale says:

    Took a walk this PM down through the gates and they say
    “PARK OPENS AT 8:00” and
    “PARK CLOSED AT 7:00.”
    There are three gates, one in each lane and one on the sidewalk.

    So the Powers That Be do not want any cars are people passing that way into the park when the gates are closed.

    But there are many other paths down to the park. One is labeled
    “EAGLE PROJECT 1997 TROOP 374.”
    One ends near 13201 16th Ave. SW being west of the Lakeside Milam center on Ambaum. There are other paths and a paved road I did not explore today but I intend to later. Nice and quiet amongst the tall dark trees and foliage.

    Anyway, I don’t recommend that anyone try to wheel a kayak in or out of the park when the gates are closed but you could hike into the north end of the park without passing any unwelcoming signs.

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