VIDEO: Sneak Peek Trailer For “Where We Live Now, Burien” Documentary; Here’s How You Can Help Complete It

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If you attended Burien’s Strawberry Festival, or the myriad of the many other B-Town events this past summer, you may have noticed a film crew (or four) wandering around, shooting footage for a new documentary about our little town.

Well, after months of shooting and editing, a trailer has been created for the production, entitled “Where We Live Now, Burien.”

Without further adieu, here is the 5:32 trailer for your enjoyment – watch closely, you may see yourself, someone you know as well as some of the places you go:

The crew behind this production includes many well-known Northwest video folks, such as:

  • Executive Producer: Anne Stadler, community leadership consultant, formerly KING-TV5 documentaries and specials Producer
  • Co-Producers and Writers: Terry Tazioli, writer/on-air Host, formerly with The Seattle Times, KING-TV5
  • Lucy Mohl, formerly Senior Manager, Microsoft (and previously KING-TV, and RealNetworks)
  • Production Manager, Videographer, Editor: Aaron Stadler,
  • Videographers: Bill Fenster,
  • Diana Wilmar,
  • Videographer/Editor: Rowan North, LinkedIn
  • Still Photographer: Kimi Milo
  • Audio: Stevan Smith
  • Scott MacLaughlin
  • Robin Sarmento

Keep in mind though that this documentary remains unfinished, and like most productions-in-progress, is seeking funds to complete it.

Executive Producer Anne Stadler says:

“We’re looking for at least $7,000. One thing we want to do is get this packaged with a series of discussion questions to market to Mayors and City governments around the state and country. So anything more that we raise, will go toward THAT. Haven’t budgeted for that yet.

Donations will go towards editing the doc, as well as producing a couple of shorter pieces: skate park and young people; Burien and BIAS.”

Here’s how you can help:

Send whatever you can to the Sunyata Foundation; all Donors will get their names in the credits, as well as a DVD of the video, along with the heartwarming knowledge that you helped promote Your Burien (keep in mind that this is a non-profit, 501-C3 organization):

Sunyata Foundation
PO Box 58788
Renton WA. 98058

Here’s more info on the production from their press release:

“Where We Live Now: Burien” A Video Project

What does it take to have the resilience to rebound from an economic downturn by putting up art in an unfinished section of the Town Square and throwing a party??!!!

Burien’s story shows us what to pay attention to as we struggle to live well where we live!

We’ve shot a documentary and short videos illustrating how the leadership and vision of different groups in Burien, Washington create an emerging fabric of settlement.  Featured are artists; young people; the Town Square developers and other business people; new arrivals and old-timers.  We’re telling the story of how artists have helped Burien create a lively response to the setbacks caused by the current economic downtown and looking at the choices Burien is making to fulfill its aspirations.

There are several stories that have our attention:

  1. Burien reacts to setbacks caused by the economic downturn by converting a negative space in the development of the Town Square into an opportunity to create a new story.  That story focuses around how Burning Man artists make up a new storyline in the aftermath of slowdown in proposed Burien development, using art to “construct” and convert an asphalt parking lot into a festive center (Burien Interim Art Space)–however temporary.  We look at how they are helping to pull Burien into a future people have invested in (bond issue), hoped for, and tried to attract.
  2. Another story here is the usual one with an unusual angle:  Old timers, new settlers, struggling once again to create community rather than living “side by side”.  The Director of the Historical Association Cyndi Upthegrove is a great spokesperson for the need to create community between the old timers and the newcomers, etc. She asks: “Is Burien truly building on its heritage?” The first Mayor of Burien was a native of India, Arun Jhaveri, from Mumbai.  He still lives in Burien, is retired from Boeing.  He, along with Sally Nelson (the only original Council member still on the City Council) involved 700 citizens in creating the vision and operating principles that have guided Burien since incorporation in 1993.
  3. Also, Burien’s young people enjoy a very fine skatepark built on the site of the City’s Community Center where many different ages and ethnicities congregate.  Young people asked city government to give them a place to skateboard; they worked with the Parks Dept., and a designer to create the skatepark.  We have an award-winning young filmmaker, Rowan North, who is part of the production team, who has shot and edited their story of how they fit into the evolving fabric of Burien.

This video project is part of a public conversation that is being spearheaded by   It shows a vital view from the nitty-gritty of living the changes and choices talked about in that conversation.  A description of that project, is at the end of this proposal.

Burien’s own stories dramatically illustrate Suddenly’s basic thesis:  Our choices matter.  The landscape where we live now is the result of countless choices. Much of it is an in-between space, neither urban nor rural, but a mingling of both. is a digital commons hosting public conversations and events generated by artists, historians, urban planners, government and citizens who are engaging in an inquiry about how we came to BE where we live now, with the intention of creating a future that is “a landscape where we can ALL live, eyes wide open, without tragedy or regret.”

The Burien mosaic shows how one community self-organizes to achieve the intangible AND tangible things that matter in “a landscape where we can ALL live, eyes wide open…”  It brings to light all the elements of a healthy community.

Distribution Plans:
The entire enterprise is an accessible educational venture.

All products will be distributed via the Internet, via’s website, via television and other media.

We will also produce a DVD of the ½ hour documentary and the shorter stories, for sale.  Burien’s story will serve as a model for other communities, here and across the planet.  We will work with Burien Mayor Joan McGilton, former Mayor Arun Jahveri , and Jim Diers, community-building consultant, to produce a discussion guide that we will market to Mayors and city governments.

We hope to have a party in Burien when the documentary is completed.

How we will work together:
Members of the team working on this project are colleagues who have had many years of experience–together and separately– at KING-TV, Seattle, and other venues.  All participants are multi-award-winners in their own disciplines. We will work in the way Matthew Stadler and his colleagues have done in

Here is our commitment:
“This project depends on the generous hard work of talented people who, if they are paid at all, are never paid enough.  Our reward is the work we do together.” (from the preface of the annotated reader: Where We Live Now.)

“This video project is dedicated to all those who are part of it, and to one of the creative souls that inspired our way of working together.” – Greg Palmer.

“We are hoping to receive the money we need for the fruition of the project,  but money is not the reason we are undertaking this.  It is a labor of love for each other, for our place, and for planting the seeds in our time that help people live well together where they live now.”

As Lisa Robertson says in the frontispiece of Where We Live Now:

“Perhaps here we shall be other than the administrators of poverty.”

Total cost: $12,000.

Contributed value: $30,500.00

This video project is an educational program of Sunyata Association, a 501-c-3 organization:

Mark R. Jones, President
PO Box 58788
Renton WA. 98058

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One Response to “VIDEO: Sneak Peek Trailer For “Where We Live Now, Burien” Documentary; Here’s How You Can Help Complete It”
  1. Theresa says:

    Great video! I can’t wait to see the whole thing. If you come to the ‘Forgotten Burien’, north of about 146th, you will still find stolen cars and hear a few gunshots. When will my side of Burien see any of the funds obtained to ‘revitalize Burien’? We are still waiting…

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