BREAKING: ‘Missing’ Nicholas Francisco Found Alive In Another State, Living Under A New Name

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Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Department reported Monday (Nov. 9, 2009) that Nicholas Francisco, a SeaTac man who went missing in Feb. 2008, has been found alive and well, living in another state, and under a new name.

Francisco, 28 at the time, told colleagues at a Seattle ad agency on Feb. 13, 2008 that he would be heading to a local Safeway and then the Southcenter/Tukwila Costco before going home to his pregnant wife and two children to bake cookies in SeaTac.

Francisco’s car was found a few days later abandoned at a condominium complex in Federal Way, and an extensive investigation was conducted to see if he had been a victim of foul play.

Nothing turned up, and subsequently his wife, Christine, filed for divorce, citing “willful abandonment that continues for a period of time” and a “history of acts of domestic violence or an assault or sexual assault which causes grievous bodily harm or the fear of such harm” as her reasons.

Christine has a daughter, 4, and a son, 2, and was also pregnant at the time (meaning she has three kids now).

Last week detectives developed information that he was in fact alive, had changed his name and was living outside of Washington.

“Since he did nothing illegal and this case is basically closed, we won’t reveal where he was found,” Urquhart said to The B-Town Blog. “But let me tell you – there was something incredibly unique about this guy that made bloggers go crazy. In all my years, I have never seen such a reaction. I’m glad this case is closed.”

And yes, the King County Sheriff’s Department has indeed closed their investigation.

Obviously, Francisco’s incident caused a lot of people a lot of grief, and a lot of time and money was spent on his alleged “missing” case. We’re certain that today, while many are relieved to know that he’s still alive, many are not too happy with his decision to just up and leave like he did, abandon his wife and kids and start a new life elsewhere.

UPDATE 10pm 11/9/09: We just discovered the following post on a forum devoted to this case that appears to be be from Francisco’s ex-wife, Christine, who claims the former-Nicholas is now living in LA:

This is Christine Carter. I have a few things to say to the lot of you. On this board and other places as well I have been FALSELY accused of lying, adultery, slander, hypocrisy, and of course murder. I’m sure the list of false accusations is longer but this is the general list. First let me say that I have prayed for each one of you that your hearts would be softened, your tongues kinder and your eyes be opened to the truth. It seems that God has not answered that prayer, yet. I know what all of you think of me. Admittedly at first it bothered me until I realized that you don’t know me and you don’t know Nicholas. You only know the pictured that I painted of him. For me you saw blips here and there while I was surviving the biggest tragedy of my life. When I married Nicholas it was forever. We took vows before God to love each other unconditionally and honor each other until death. When I took that vow I meant it. When Nicholas took it I truly believed that he meant it as well. I loved Nicholas with all of my heart. No evil thing you say about me can change that. No matter what kind of woman I am or you think I am Nicholas took vows and he knew me for two years before he married me. He chose to marry me. No one held a gun to his head to make marry me and stay married to me for seven years and have three beautiful kids with me. Those were things that Nicholas and I chose to do and we chose together. Believe what you will. God knows the truth as does Nicholas and myself. When Nicholas disappeared I couldn’t imagine that he walked out on me and our kids. The reason I could not imagine it is because I would never do it and to me it was unthinkable and I truly believed that Nicholas felt the same way. Why would I think Nicholas felt that way? well it’s simple. He told me over and over and over how much he loved me, how glad he was he married me and that he would always be with me. So no that night and for weeks following I couldn’t imagine him walking out on me. Then his secret life was discovered and my whole world was shattered all over again. Everything I thought was true was a lie. Many of you believe you know everything about this case. Well i’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but honestly you all know very little. What you think you know are just things in your imagination built off of tiny details you chose to pick at and blow way out of proportion. There are many details that have not been shared with you and will not be shared with you. You simply don’t deserve it. People who love me and who have supported me and my kids through this know the details and they are all who need to know. Perhaps someday in a book you will read all those juicy details you hunger for. Until then you will just have to continue using your imaginations. So why did I come on here and make this post? I had a few things I wanted to say to you before I tell you that Nicholas is alive. Yes that is right Nicholas is alive and well. He was recently found living in Los Angeles California. I will not give you the details on how he was found because I don’t want to give other dead beat dads any ideas. I will say that his money was garnished and given to me in a child support check to which he fought to have at least 80% of it returned claiming a hardship. The check was not for a sum as to cause a man a hardship. I will say that for a man that runs out on his pregnant wife and two kids no hardship for him could be worse than what he put us through. A board discussed this hardship he claimed and they denied it. The board stated it was not a hardship and thus a check was sent to me. I know you all have many questions that I have the answers to but history says that no matter what I tell you none of you believe a word from me. At this point I believe that the lot of you owe me a huge apology for all of the nasty, untruthful, hateful, disgusting things that you have said about me not only on here but in every way and to every person you possibly could. I am also considering filing suit on many of you for defamation of character. Yes I have a very good lawyer and yes I have a good case. So how do you feel knowing that Nicholas is alive and well and living under an alias just to avoid supporting the three children he willingly and wantingly fathered? How do you feel? As a final thought: Nicholas chose to lead a double life behind my back to which he started long before he ever met me. He chose to commit adultery. He chose to lie. He chose to walk away that night and not look back. He chose to break my heart. He chose to financially kill me. He chose to steal from his children. He chose to break the hearts of his kids. He chose to not call and let anyone know he was okay for the last 21 months. He chose. He chose this. I did not choose this. My kids did not choose this. Nicholas chose for us and that is not okay. What Nicholas did is evil and dark to put it mildly. I know that all of my words here will be twisted. Oh well. I am not perfect and I never claimed to be. I did not ever do anything to drive Nicholas away. He chose to never talk to me. He chose to run and hide. He chose to be selfish. I am the one that chose to stay and love these amazing kids through everything. I may not be a dream wife but I am far from evil and dark.
Things are not always as they appear

Here are some videos that were produced and posted online:

Read our previous coverage of this story here.

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23 Responses to “BREAKING: ‘Missing’ Nicholas Francisco Found Alive In Another State, Living Under A New Name”
  1. janie says:

    I would think that if any child support is coming from state services, that their file is just opening. Or should be.

  2. Andrew says:

    At least he’ll probably have to pay child support now.

  3. Marlow says:

    What a deadbeat.

  4. Ani says:


    this sentence read strange, “Christine has a daughter, 4, and a son, 2, and was also pregnant at the time.”

    Did she lose her baby?

  5. kelli says:

    Yay Christine! I’m so PROUD of you! You have held up during such a horrible horrible even that most people would crumble under. I think every word you said was perfect and deserving.

    I’d like to add a side note. My belief from the beginning was that some of his family members knew all along and were hiding it. To them I’d like to say SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to you Christine!!!!

  6. Karen says:

    Its ture only God knows the truth and we do say to death do us part. I dont think a lote of people know what that means anymore. May GOD bless you and your family for ever wrong thing anybody has said. Keep the faith.

  7. good says:

    Why are you focusing on those who may have doubted you or perpetuated rumors online, instead of THANKING ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CARED???

    When people questioned motives, it was to SOLVE THIS MYSTERY. At the time, no one knew who or what was at fault, and cared just as much about Nicholas as you, and of course your kids.

    Unfortunately, in today’s world, you are not immune to the thousands of conversations that go on in the world when a mystery like this goes on. These conversations used to go on in private, or at least beyond your awareness. Nowadays, they live online. Just like the Gosselin saga, perhaps you are a guinea pig for technology’s side effects. We can all learn from this to better handle future cases.

    I worked at Publicis occasionally and was shocked at what transpired. It spooked me to park on those streets and go into the office, knowing that someone had supposedly been snatched from reality as we know it.

    I tried to help in all the ways I could – forwarding the flyer all over, joining the search, brainstorming.

    I have a partner and a child, but even if I didn’t, this type of thing hits home for ALL of us. I couldn’t even imagine you what must have gone through.

    While many speculated and may have said harmful things, you have to remove yourself from that – after all, how often in missing persons cases does a close relative, freind or neighbor become implicated? The answer is: very often.

    And it is exactly BECAUSE so few details were shared that the blogging world lit up. On the one hand, it was primarily to hammer out all possibilities, spread awareness and commiserate with you, your family and all those who know Nicholas.

    On the other hand, it inspired interest exactly BECAUSE the story had so many holes. You should be thankful of all the interest. Despite the fact that some said terrible things. This type of banding together is how answers and people are found.

    We don’t yet know how Nicholas was found, but it was probably due to the popularity of this case.

    The sordid details of your personal lives become public when these types of events occur. You cannot fault the public for reacting to them.

    Motives such as greed, lust and anger seem plausible. In other words, “who benefits most” is a tactic used to figure out a case such as this one.

    Don’t discount the fact that the public at large is groomed by the media and the entertainment industry (including literature) to solve a mystery and point a finger.

    Your personality may not be one that was met with warmth by the public. That’s not your fault. It happened to JonBenet’s mother, too. The money question and other rumors sparked wildfires.

    It seems that you are enjoying withholding the information you now hold, as if to punish those who spoke out against you. You are also punishing those who tried to help you.

    Whether it’s their right or not doesn’t matter – you were willing to do whatever it took to find Nicholas, and that meant opening yourself up to scrutiny. You allowed others to swallow up this cause for you and your family, to spend time, money, agonizing emotions and facing fears – yet when the resolution appears, you refuse them full closure.

    We don’t know Nicholas’ story. He has his demons – maybe his shame drove much of his actions. This does not excuse him in any way. He should pay back those who spent their time and money to try and find him. And he definitely owes you big time.

    Well, good luck to you in your new life. This must be one of the hardest things to go through. At the same time, you now have a new partner, from what I understand, and your children are healthy. You know what happened to Nicholas, which may give some comfort. And you found out some things about him that have shown you that maybe he wasn’t the right man to stay with anyway.

    Please focus on those who support and help you. Otherwise you will always feel bitterness. The darkness is there to define the light. I hope you find peace.

  8. Andrew says:

    If she can prove libel or defemation of character then I think it’s fair to say she has nothing to apologize for.

  9. MadMol says:

    Wow, what an absolute coward. He’s got some bad karma coming- it may take years but it’ll catch up with him.

    It’s equally mind-boggling that complete strangers are tearing apart this woman, or telling her what to be thankful for. A genuinely caring person would forgive her for the faults we all have, and spare her the advice column.

  10. breadlady says:

    I believe the post made by Christine (if it was her) was originally posted on a private forum and the post was directed to the members there that posted, in my mind, horrific things about her. She probably never thought her post would be put all over the place. Her post did not seem to be a statement to the general public but to a select group of people who did not support her in any way. I am sure that in a public statement Christine would thank the many supporters she has. So I guess what I am trying to say is it’s not fair to judge her post as a statement to the general public but caution you to keep it’s contents in context and look at the sole intended audience.

    I am glad to hear Nicholas is alive. Now he needs to support his children like a real man would.

  11. lolod says:

    Bless you, Christine! and remember, the low-life’s that said nasty things about you are the same people who probably never miss a Jerry Springer show – they are TRASH and you are a glorious survivor and get to have three beautiful children who have a strong mommy that will always protect him. the people who were disparaging to you are miserable human beings. how you survived this so well, i’ll never know, but you are amazing. keep your head up and never let the small-minded, little people get you down. you are wonderful.

  12. BJo says:

    I can not begin to imagine the hell you and your kids have lived through. I really hope some how Nichols is repaid with kind of pain he caused you, your family and those who cared enough to try to help find him.

    You are a strong person to make it through the tough times. I wish you the best in the future.

  13. Muppet says:

    Why do people always go after the victim??? This type of attitude makes me sick!! She did nothing wrong yet people want to blame her, and are still attacking her. I hope to all the people that have badmouthed her and still are that something like this happens to you. Then and only then will you know the pain and suffering this woman and her children had to endure.
    Keep your chin up Christine. Be glad the nasty deadbeat dad is out of the lives of your children. Hopefully you can keep him away from them to prevent them having to cope with any more of his ignorance.
    May your family be happy and healthy now. 😀

  14. Natalia says:

    None of you obviously know Christine personally or you’d know it was she who caused Nicholas to walk away by her being caught in an affair with her newest husband. The youngest is Brett’s as well. She told Nicholas she was pregnant by Brett and he could not forgive her. I do not blame him one second for walking away from her. She knew he walked out on her. Her report to the police was a desperate plea to find him and a way to get back at him for leaving her. He’s not gay, he’s not bi. He’s simply living a new life as a man who deserves a good life away from evil and deceit.

    • Saw the pictures says:

      Very interesting but I have seen pictures of Brett and the baby and the baby isn’t Brett’s. It looks just like the other two that she had with Nicholas.

      • Natalia says:

        The same pics of Noah that she tried to pass off as Malachi? LOL!! You were certainly duped!

        • Quit Being Ridiculous says:

          First of all, his name isn’t Brett, Natalya. So obviously you know a lot about it.

          Pretty hard to fake photos of Christine’s husband with a tiny baby. I’ve known him for years and years and there was certainly no affair… and that baby is certainly not his. Though he’s a good man and I’m sure he loves the three of those kids just as much as if they were his.

          People like you make me sick.

  15. Challi says:

    You are a very strong woman and I can’t imagine why people would point the finger at you. Some people just enjoy hurting others. The people talking trash about you are no better than Nicholas. Born losers! I hope one day you marry a man who deserves a strong, independant woman! God bless!

  16. Otis says:

    Natalia – do tell us more. I suspected as much. There is something not-at-all right about this woman.

    The fact that Mars Hill wackos are involved makes this case even stranger. But no matter what, Christine is not telling the whole story – or even an accurate one with regard to her own behavior.

  17. Quit Being Ridiculous says:

    Short interview with “Alex Martin” aka NIcholas Francisco, courtesy KIRO reporter:

    If you all are really looking for someone to blame, why don’t you quit looking at his poor ex-wife and look at this guy? His lack of concern for what he’s done to his kids . . . it’s hard to take.

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