UPDATE: Bad Time At Goodtime Ernies As Man Killed In Double Stabbing

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According to King County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart, a bar fight at closing time at Burien’s Goodtime Ernie’s Sports Bar & Grill Thursday morning (Nov. 12th) led to the stabbing death of one man, age 25, while his brother (24) was seriously injured.

The victim died at the scene, and the brother was taken to Harborview with stab wounds. He is expected to survive.

The incident occurred about 1:40am at Good Time Ernie’s, which is located at 15747 Ambaum Blvd in Burien, behind Wizards Casino.

According to Urquhart, a fight inside the bar involving several people spilled out into the parking lot where the stabbings occurred.

A Burien man, age 25, died at the scene, despite CPR efforts from Sheriff’s deputies (Burien Police) and then from fire personnel. A second stabbing victim, age 24, and also from Burien, was taken to Harborview.

The two victims, who are brothers, have not yet been identified.

Sheriff’s detectives interviewed bar patrons and witnesses, but no one was arrested.

What prompted the fight is unknown, and the suspect is still at large.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311 (24 hours) or 9-1-1.

Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer was on the scene this morning around 8:45am, where he spoke with investigators and saw a silver Lincoln Aviator SUV get impounded; he also took these photos (EDITOR’S NOTE: slideshow has been altered & all bloodstain photos have been removed out of respect for the bereaved):

Click to View Scott Schaefer’s Photo Slideshow


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110 Responses to “UPDATE: Bad Time At Goodtime Ernies As Man Killed In Double Stabbing”
  1. Mario says:

    Wow, and I was going to go there last night! Just turing single and all I probably would’ve been there till close…glad I kept my ass home and worked on some websites!

    You can’t even have a decent bar fight anymore without someone being a bi#$% and shooting or stabbing someone…

    • laura says:

      It’s such a tragic loss these were to sweet loving guys who got stabbed. We are gonna miss Mark so much these brothers had eachothers back. I would have thought that Goodtime Ernies ( the armpit of Burien would have been closed today, from what I have heard they are open. What a toilet that place is. It should be closed down. I dont know how many times I have heard about fights there. So sad…:)

  2. Sarah says:

    This is EXACTLY why I don’t go there anymore.

  3. Jessica says:

    Wonder if it was anyone I know… ?

  4. JRL says:

    Mark was a good guy; I’m so sorry to hear that this happened. I used to see him at GTE. One thing is for sure; I will never step foot near that place again. I hope Peter has a speedy recovery.

    • Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mark and Amanda’s family. Mark was a dear friend of ours and he will be greatly missed. We hope justice will be served to those involved in this sensless act. We are in shock that our friend is no longer with us today. We are thankful for Peter’s life and will be there for him and his family during this difficult time. We love you and miss you Mark!

  5. Duante Barnett says:

    This is a tragedy!!! I am sure plenty know who did and where they are!!! Someone needs to step up and say something!! I am a licensed to carry individual and situations like this make me happy I CARRY!! Lets all try and remember that we are killing someone else’s child!!

  6. Andrew says:

    Wow, someone’s own brother died in a confrontation they were also involved in. Not knowing anything about the circumstances, I have to say that must be pretty tough.

  7. Jess says:

    Man I was there last night. Good thing I left early. Hey idiots keep your weapons at home! they don’t mix with drinking.

  8. Kym says:

    This is yet another tragedy in Burien. Please people take caution, all of us from Burien always assume that it is a safe place. Recently there has been way to many lives taken. This is so very scary. I’m sure the person who did this is not from our B-Town! My condolences to the family whom lost a loved one and my prayers go out to the man struggling for his life. Please people if you know something speak up!!!

  9. Smitty says:

    Another senseless murder. Do they have a suspect, description, anything??

  10. Drusoph says:

    My friends were there as I was babysitting and couldn’t go, but it’s so freaky because the fights at GTE’s aren’t usually anything to worry about and I’ve seen a few. My best friend who was there knows the brothers and is very distraught as well as our other friend who was they and they all saw the whole thing. This is very disturbing and makes us all feel uneasy and not want to go back due to the memories of our friend who was murdered. I hope they get the D-bag who is responsible and send him where he belongs…aka the Gallows.

  11. Andrea says:

    It’s time to shut that place down. It has turned in to a hell hole lately. To many people that I care about were down there last night and I know for a fact that those who were injured were not troublemakers. They were just out having fun with friends. Everyone stay away from Good Time Ernies. Time to boycot and shut it down.

  12. tripC says:

    I went there not too long ago, trying to find (unsuccessfully) a decent place in Burien to play pool, and would not go back. I would have to say that if you scroll up to the above picture, and look at the gutter on the side of the building….. gives you an idea of the sh*# hole you are patronizing. I wish Micks had kept their tables around, course maybe they didn’t want to attract a certain crowd. Oh, and check out the window choice…..Stremme. Hmmpf

  13. garcia says:

    Clean the place up. Get some security… clean the bathrooms. Get the dudes selling coke out of there. That place has been nasty for a long time.

  14. Jack says:

    Great! This is a gross place which is right by a daycare and a place for kids to dance/learn music. Close it down. People are better off drinking in homes with friends who won’t stab them.

  15. friendly browser says:

    I go there often so do many of my friends. I agree the place is run down but before 8 pm its mostly friendly folk getting off work stopping by for a drink and some friendly chat before going home, Last night was a terrible loss and I feel for the families. Get more cameras and security and keep the “bad apples” out.

  16. seenitall says:

    What a coward! The shooter was too cowardly to fight with his fists and had to bring on the metal.

  17. Ed Dacy says:

    This is very sad, I heard the names at a meeting last night. (a group where their mother is active).

    If anyone knows the person who did this I hope they call in a tip.

    If your bar has multiple bar fights,…….. find another bar.

  18. Anton says:

    I went to school with the person that was killed, along with his brother. I truly hope they find the bastard that did this and put him in the chair.

  19. Hellcat Sarah says:

    Awesome! Not really.. Whats awesome is that I went in there Wednesday night and my buddy and I decided the crowd seemed a little rough and there was a pool tourney going on anyway.. We ended up at BZ’s instead.. But I go there occassionally. So glad we decided against it that night! And we all thought that was more a Wah Longs type of incident didnt we?

  20. Beer Drinker says:

    Everyone knows what type of people go to GTE’s. It is a piece of shit. They should burn that place down along with Wizards. I guess B*Town is the new White Center.

  21. Aunt Debbie says:

    These are my nephews you are talking about. Please, please someone come forward with info.

  22. Aunt Lynn says:

    Yes someone please come forward with info. My nephews did not deserve this! What a horrible act of violence over what?

  23. Rubie caldwell says:

    Both of these men have been family friends for years. I am completely devastated to find this out. Say what you will about good time ernies but please do not attempt to categorize these men as negative people. I do not want to be specific on names but i extend my condolences to the family and you are all in my prayers.

  24. John says:

    Bad situation. There seems to be many people posting here that were either there, or know someone that was and saw the whole thing. Seems funny that the police do not have any leads or suspects already.
    C’mon people. If you were there and saw this go down, then buck up and go tell the police. It’s people like you that keep your mouth shut that keeps this crud around out town.

  25. A friend who cares says:

    What a horrible tragedy! I hope for swift justice to come down HARD on this coward/vermon.
    My deepest sympathy to the parents of this awesome young man and his brother. I worked with one of these young men and know he was more of a lover and not a fighter. I pray for his soul to be carried by all the angels in Heaven.

  26. cdkid says:

    I have been following the news and unfortuately the county mounties have
    put no info or request for info out to the public since nov.12.
    This tragety is getting burried by the news outlets, writting it off as just another
    bar fight gone bad.
    Sorry to all family and friends.
    ( I call Burien home)

  27. Justanotherface says:

    They prolly have a suspect and they don’t wanna spoke him yet.

  28. Mike says:

    The brothers are close friends of mine, it has been a rough couple days. Friends have been spending a lot of time together remembering the life of a great man, and his brother who is still with us. Good Time Ernie’s needs to be shut down, Burien is better than this. The place is full of drugs every Wednesday and does not represent the city in a matter we are working towards. My advice is to stay away… my friends have decided to do the same. Lets run them out of business to keep tragedies like these from re-occuring. Bless the family. I miss you bud

  29. Megan says:

    I am thankful that I left when I did. I am thankful that the last picture I have of him is him smiling at me before I headed out. I wish our friend was still here with us. What an easy going guy who obviously had a deep loyalty to his brother (and from what I know his friends as well) I heart goes out to his parents, his brother, his family and friends….
    Gets those scum bag cowards!

  30. Chris says:

    Boy, I didn’t realize that GTE was such a crap-hole. Seems like going there ISN’T such a “good time.”

    I heard two versions of what happened. The first being that there was a seemingly benign altercation involving the two brothers with another group, and the two brothers went to leave and walk away from the situation, they were jumped.

    The other version is that the two brothers were jawing at this other group and wouldn’t back down, and the fight spilled-out into the street. I also heard that the brothers were known for starting trouble and being loud-mouths.

    Don’t know what the truth is, and it doesn’t really matter, as there is no reason be attacked like that. I will say though, that if you put yourself in that position, and frequent establishments like GTE’s–that have unsavory individuals (druggies, drunks, gang-bangers, etc)–don’t expect things like this NOT to happen.

    Hopefully this place loses a bunch of business due to this incident and has to shut down. The whole GTE’s and Wizards Casino is a altercation waiting to happen.

    • Guest says:

      So the brand new mall is a craphole too!! there was a shooting there??? does eveyone still go shopping there??? or to the movies??? some people just are too quick to spout off at the mouth these days

  31. Justanotherface says:

    When a cop gets killed there is a 100K reward when a kid gets killed nothing come on people a 25 year old kid was killed right in front of you. Step up and give his family justice. Is the killer at least 86’d we all know he was a regular there.

  32. peter says:

    Someone please come forward. I know there had to be witnesses. My brother and I walked out the side door and tried to get away but were followed by 8 people. True cowards! we were already outnumbered 8 to 2 and they felt it necessary to use knives??!! I will never forget my brother and have lost my best friend and the only person that has truly always been there for me. I am out of the hospital and with my family and have appreciated all the support from everyone.


    • Doug says:

      This is so tragic for a family to be going through, I can’t imagine the pain this is causing them. My son is good friends with the sister, and although we don’t know the rest of the family, you can’t help but feel so heart broken for them. And then to see what appears to be minimal action on the part of the sheriff department’s investigartion has got to be extremely hard. It sounds like there is a description of the murderer, so why is this not being communicated via the media? This family will never be able to get anywhere near closure of this tragedy until the murderer is convicted and put behind bars.

      I would suggest some close friends of the family consider starting a reward fund. They are members of the Kennedy High School family and I believe an appeal to this community and alumini on the family’s behalf would reap a sizeable reward fund. My family would be honored to contribute.

    • Christy says:

      What do you plan to do about this?

    • E says:

      Hi, would you recognize any of them if you saw a picture!!!!!!!!!!

    • wendy says:

      Peter, I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry that the whole thing happened. I hope that you recovery fully and that someone eventually steps forward. My thoughts go out to you and your family. As a long time resident of Burien, I’ve seen a lot of things go down there, but violence never solves anything, it just creates more sadness. If I had been there, and I had seen it, I would have told everyone what has happened.
      To All people at Good Time Ernies: Please, bar-staff, people that hang out there, you KNOW you saw who did this. Do ONE right thing in this life, and call the police, letting them know what you saw. Be honorable. Please?

  33. saboe says:

    I was very good friends with mark and he was never the one to start fights. he was such a good guy and didn’t deserve what happened. good time ernies has always been a shithole as it always will be. you will be missed by so many mark

    • anotherchris says:

      let start by saying i am sorry for the victims family loss.
      now thats out of the way let me finish with the subject of the business being shut down. wtf??? is everyone as stupid as they sound here?
      example. sure, close it down, then what? all violence stops? no! people just go some place else and when it gets popular fights start agian duh! if business’s get shut down every time someone died due to violence there goes all the places YOU like to go, skating rinks, public librarys, THE MALL, ect. ect. people are caught up in life threatining situations weather or not the place is a shit hole or not so you all think its just the slums where the violence occurs? WAKE THE FUCK UP! some of the “nicest” clubs have some of the most shady customers! lets pretend for two seconds that you opened up a coffee shop and somehow a man was shot and killed at your business, the next thing you know everyone wants your shop shut down! yeah thats american! persuit of happiness and all that! sounds communist to me but then agian those who want gte’s closed were not even alive or old enought to remember the cold war. too bad, you all would fit right in with those commies! if it does get shut down i hope your proud! we will all go some place else and do it all over agian so you can feel like you made a difference!!! have an ignorent day still!

      • Justanotherface says:

        Come on man if your gonna call people Ignorant spell the shit right .!

        “have an ignorent day still!” LOL you went to Highline huh?

        • Guest says:

          are you the spell checker for the B-town blog?? You have no clue of what you are saying dude I would save your self the embarrasement and stop writing. a life was taken here this isn’t a game.

  34. George Stison says:

    This is George.. Most of you know me as the guy that works over at the gym, Pro-Fitness(I am always shooting pool and normally wear a zippered up black turtle neck sports jacket).. I am in that dump every Wends night and was there that night as well.. Me and Mark shook hands that night and talked about hanging out sometime.. The last thing that he said to me was that he would like that.. This would of been within an hour before everything went down.. To be honest, I am completely tramatized over all of this. I saw all those 8 guys there that night with that look in thier eyes.. They even went as far as to bump into my friend mike, hard in the mensroom, so to me its obvious what they were there for.. I heard from a source, about the guy who did the unthinkable(Hes the same guy that bumped my friend, He was a tall thin hispanic male with a long pony tail, but thats all I know about him) If anyone at all knows more, please please call the police, even if your one of the eight, it will make you a better human being and it will help Mark and his family tremendously… G.

  35. Justanotherface says:

    Anotherchris – The bar in question should be shut down due the owners lack of respect for the community not because something happened at the bar. GTE is a known drug dealing hot spot, they serve under age people drinks and god knows what else goes on in there, Burien at one time was a nice place to live and if the people don’t stand up and say enough of this crap it will be the same as South Park or the Central District soon enough. When things like this happen over and over good people move away, shop owners leave. I realize you don’t wanna lose your hangout Chris but its whats best for everyone.

    • carrie says:

      Saw a drug deal go down at Walgreens, better shut it down. I have been going to GTEs for years and I am not a drunk nor do I do drugs. Have seen them ask for i.d on many occasions. Unfortunately Crime is everywhere. The malls, court houses, schools, and even military bases.
      My heart goes out to the families of this terrible tragedy and I hope justice will be served!

    • guest says:

      The owner’s lack of responsibility? you are ignorrant for someone who can’t stand it LOL

      • Justanotherface says:

        Learn to read seriously. I can tell you frequent GTE because you’re very simple. Plain and simple when bars have a continued record of criminal activity and violence they should be subject to liquor license suspension. Period. This is not the law just one persons opinion. Now I can understand you don’t like to hear other peoples view points, and may even have valid points to challenge them, but bring something to the table when you speak, not just rambling trash. I will just laugh at you. What kind of bar can a man get stabbed to death in front of more than a hand full of people and no one will stand up and say a thing? Good Time Ernies! If the content of this bar stands to show the nature of the kind of people that it serves it is truly trash… I usually don’t feed trolls but…

  36. Rainycity says:

    Justanotherface, just a guess here but whats best for everyone is what`s best for you I take it. I don`t go to that place, didn`t even know where it was but okay, let`s say you are right and its a known drug dealing hot spot and that serve minors etc, but if you don`t mind my asking, how did you know??????
    I`ve seen drug deals happen right outside the library before and one time when I was leaving the place for pets I seen a gal pass a small envelope under a table to another gal, I wonder what that was for? I could tell by her face when she noticed I seen it, but anyways, everybody knows that kids and such meet at the library for drug deals, transients come in there and use the bathroom for who knows what, homeless folks come in there to use the computers etc..should we shut it down as well?
    Everybody knows gang members go to the dame schools as your kids, you think it`s just to learn,, think again my friend, It may serve a bigger purpose but my point is drug deals and such are everywhere. I live on the edge of a county park, see that crap all the time, guys getting bj`s, drug deals.
    The way I feel, if there`s a few “well” known spots for that, better to keep them there to me. I may be wrong, but thats just my feeling, if this cat haden`t gotten killed there, we wouldn`t be having this debate right now,,
    Seems like one of the more peaceful things is hemp fest,, speaking of which,,,,,,,,

    • Justanotherface says:

      “but if you don`t mind my asking, how did you know??????”

      Komo News reported the fact they had just re – opened after being shut down for serving minors drinks. And they don’t just shut you down the first time that happens so it was a on going issue. As far as knowing that drug deals go on there EVERYONE in town knows that GTE and Wah Longs tolerate drug dealing. Never been in either myself though I must admit. The problem with Burien is that we accept this behavior as if its normal when its clearly not..

      • ray says:

        Correction GTE has never been closed for serving minors

        • Guest says:

          you should not speak of reasons they were shut down when you have no clue, it had nothing to do for serving minors get your facts straight before speaking. It had nothing to do with anything but paperwork but you probably already knew that not!! LOL

          • Justanotherface says:

            Please don’t try to defend a bar where you can obviously be stabbed to death in front of countless people yet the killer (who everyone knows) is still at large. Even I have heard his name yet not one of the GTE patrons is willing to ID him. The cops seemed to have dropped the case and the media cares little about it as well. Why? Because this type of thing is expected in Burien because we let places like this trashy bar exist in the community. Oh well reap what you sow.

      • carrie says:

        Ernies was only closed for two weeks and it is completely false that it was for serving minors. You and KOMO should get your facts straight.

        • Justanotherface says:

          Carrie if they served minors or not, who cares! Its the type of crowd that hangs around the place that is the problem. When bars have a proven track record of having violence and drug problems over and over it should be closed down period end of story.

          • guest says:

            If you don’t like it then don’t go there, and stop talking about it. Justanotherface has to be one of the dumbest people I have ever heard speak. Talk aboput cleaning up Burien your still here. Crime does not pick where it happens, it just happens. and if you know so much about who did what then why don’t you solve the crime sherlock.

          • Justanotherface says:

            Such passion about such trash. I’m sorry if offended your water hole. And I don mean hole.

  37. Justanotherface says:

    My question is – If there were 8 people involved in the fight will the felony murder rule apply here? For those of you who don’t know what the felony murder rule is, it is where if in the the middle of a crime someone gets killed everyone involved gets charged with murder? If that is the case, and your one of the eight be the first to make a deal or your gonna be having a long sit in Walla Walla. I understand the Don’t Snitch bs but come on are you really gonna sit in prison for the next 25 because some other asshole pulled out a knife?

  38. Monty says:

    I am the victims cousin. First of all i want to say that im very sorry about what happened, I didnt get to see you guys very often, but i knew that you were great people and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that these cowards did what they did and havent been brought to justice yet. If ANYONE has information about the stabbing please come forward. I hope Peter has a fast recovery and that Mark has found peace.
    God Bless,
    – Monty

  39. FNOMINON says:

    My Prayers go out to the Family, These A** holes will get there payback!!!!!!! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!! Its only a matter of time and they will pay for what they did! I dont even know the brothers, but my homie Miles worked out with them at his gym. Im so tired of all these Bitch ass fools! i have 4 kids my self, and have been stabbed at a bar by a coward and his friends, And he was never cought! so this hits close to home for me! My prayers go out to the family! And Peter you cant ever give up trying to find these Cowards, Your Brother did not deserve what happend to him! Keep your head up, and dont let these cowards slip thrue societys cracks!

    • fred says:

      this was a tragic what happened but then we got people like you who want more people to die. get your head out off your ass we cant go around and get even. it does not solve anything. so if you want to pump your chest and do something your going to be in the same boat as the guys who did this !!!! dont be a dumb ass stay home and show your kids right from wrong!!!!

      • Outsider says:

        Justice needs to be done to whom ever causes murder. People who carry knives intend to use them, not for self defense; they were out to kill. Keeping kids home will not protect them from a tragedy situation . They were good kids out having fun, case in point. The weak 8 on 2 were cowards that destroyed one mans life, family and friends.

  40. beka says:

    YOULL BE MISSED MARK aka ANGEL! you were loved by SOOOO Omany people! Why do horriable things happen to the best people!!!! You were a GREAT artist who was fun and out going!! Peter as well!!

    RIP mark!

  41. askmeNilltellu says:

    blessings for the family… first of all peter i know you must have a description of somebody there for everyone to know… i just read the blog and use to go there as well… black, white, asian, mexican, fat, skinny, glasses, beard, something i dont know. that might help you with your search to find who your looking for. there were 8 of them like you guys said and one of them has to be easily described. specially if something took place before hands maybe a negative conversation. to the moms and pops, family and friends things will look brighter… post the fund if you guys acully decide to do it… thanks for your time reading…

  42. Aunt Debbie says:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil… is that good men do nothing.”- Edmund Burke
    We can not allow evil to triumph. I know the good men outweigh the evil; please honor your friends’ lives by coming forward with info.

  43. Guest says:

    To all you fools that say they know who did this or claim they know a name. Go to the F#^*ing Police dammit. Can you really keep it inside that somebody you know committed such a crime. Regardless what happened there was a murder not know beat down. And for the police you better not be letting it go because they are still out there and what happens when they do this to your family

  44. Kyle says:

    O and Mark you will be missed lots.. I have thought about you every day sense. I looked up to you a lot and so did a lot of other people. You will not be forgotten and with that said you will live on through all of your family and friends. You made a huge impact on everyone’s life.

    I love you Bro!!

  45. Outsider says:

    People we need to come together and bring these COWARDS down! where’s your loyalty to humanity .


    Borne in escutcheon with his tail doubled between his legs; – – said the lion

    Destitute of courage; timid; cowardly.

    A person who lacks courage; a timid or pusillanimous person a poltroon.

    La cobarde; el pendejo

  46. Lindsey says:

    To Peter and the rest of the family;
    I am so sorry that you have to experience this. Nobody should ever have to endure a loss under these circumstances. I want to say that I understand the pain and hurt you are experiencing, but at the same time I don’t know if it’s possible. My heart breaks for you and your family. I lost my little brother a year ago in a traumatic event. I know you don’t know me, but I want you to know if you need or want someone to talk to that has been living through the loss of a brother, I’m here.

    Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


  47. CONCERNED says:


  48. Megan says:

    I heard that one of the main suspects in Marks murder was caught in California trying to flee to Mexico. I hope it was him. And I hope the other 7 or so get what they deserve soon as well.

  49. Outsider says:

    It’s been one month, what is going on and what is new? It seems the seven pussies were getting beat and couldn’t take it..

  50. i hope you realize karma is paying you back for something your skin head biker dad must have done to someone. do people ever think itiner deeper than this there was no 8 people more like 4 get your facts straight people. grazrduer start talking shiv to some short dude them hit him. so if you start shit prepare for what takes place afterwards.

  51. areyouserious says:

    Wow are you really blaming the guys that got stabbed? Yea 4 on 2 and they used knives that’s some coward ass gang banger way to fight. anyone confirm the name of the one they caught running?

  52. outsider says:

    Needs repeated from above

    Sounds like you have short mans syndrome (corto Mans sindrome de) as well as the el pendejoes who used the shiv.

  53. Murders says:

    The person who committed this murder what’s your problem? Were you sexually abused as a child? Maybe your own father or was it your mother.

  54. outsider says:

    What ‘s the latest news? This blog should be active until all are caught.

  55. Outsider says:

    Remember your friend, and think how you can help.

  56. outsider says:

    Who knows what ? These cowards are they just just running free?

  57. INSIDER says:

    They scurried off into the night like real cockroaches do. Eventually, though, cockroaches come out and they will get squashed. We all need to get ourselves a can of RAID.

  58. INSIDER says:

    Please give this family some peace.Of all days, this is the one.
    Identify those responsible for this senseless waste of life. Take back Burien…don’t let the filth continue ruining this town. If you were there, it could have been you being mourned. If you turn away, then pray that when it happens again, it isn’t you or one of your family who we are mourning because you couldn’t be a man and step forward.

  59. outsider says:

    When are you going to turn in these cowards?

    • INSIDER says:

      Why does a grieving family have to put out money to get people to do the right thing? They lose a son and brother and then have to pay even more to have someone come forward?
      Are you kidding me?

  60. outsider says:

    If you know something about the crime and don’t do anything, you are part of the problem

  61. Justanotherface says:

    From what I heard the cops know exactly who these people are they just can’t do anything until someone steps up. These killers enjoyed x-mas with their family and don’t think they are touchable, why are people protecting these guys? Fear? Its sad one group of losers has Burien by the sack.

    • INSIDER says:

      Start polygraphing everyone who was there for starters…

      • Justanotherface says:

        Sadly whats going to happen is no one is gonna come forward until they really have to ( like if they get jammed up and need a get out of jail free card) years down the road. There is no statute on murder so the killers that did this will have to sit and fear going to jail for the rest of their lives.

        • INSIDER says:

          Fear? I did not know that sub humans experienced fear.
          People have likened them to animals,but I believe animals have more humanity in them than these sub humans.
          As for witnesses coming forward, I do not think it is going to take a “get out of jail card” years down the road to get to the truth in this horrendous crime.
          Someone, somewhere is going to do the right thing even if it is not for the right reason and then…these sub humans …I likened them to cockroaches once…WILL face the consequences for what they have done.
          I have to believe that or…. seriously, our society has lost all hope of survival.

  62. outsider says:

    Don’t forget about this, theirs a reward ====

    • INSIDER says:

      That’s exactly why I think that the truth WILL come out. If someone won’t do it for the right reason…justice for the family, then the saying, “Money talks”, may be the answer.

  63. INSIDER says:

    Time to start polygraphing everyone who was there that night……

  64. INSIDER says:

    Where is the outrage? Everybody expresses condolences and goes on with their lives ‘cuz it wasn’t YOUR family? You say you were his friend and yet you won’t do right by him by telling the police what you know? Those that were there and know what went down…I’d like to know how you all sleep at night? Where is your sense of right and wrong? Don’t you want to get these scumbags off the streets? Grow a pair, come forward and help stomp these cockroaches permanently or watch your back ‘cuz they are still out there. I’d be more afraid of that than anything.What’s it gonna be?

  65. Aunt Debbie says:

    I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who have offered condolences to my brother’s family. Your prayers and support have meant more than we can say.
    To the young people who were outside that night and saw what happened, but have yet to come forward, I am asking that you please, please, help us.
    If you were Mark or Peter’s friend, the greatest gift you could give would be to make that call to the authorities.
    The cavalier attitude of taking a life has got to stop.
    It won’t, if they continue to get away with this murder.
    Help us send a message that violence will not be tolerated.
    Help us before it happens again.

  66. heartbrokenfriend says:

    Im not going to read the comments, people need to keep the family and friends in mind while your making comments please. i just wanted to say that this is the first time i have seen this picture and i think my heart just broke into a million peices….. its not right…

  67. Family Friend says:

    If you saw anything and have not come forward, I don’t know how you could live with yourself and sleep at night. Please do the right thing and give this family some hope that they desparately need for justice.

  68. INSIDER says:

    “…and JUSTICE for all” ????

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