City Of Burien Wins State Planning Award For Town Square

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The City of Burien has been awarded the 2009 Implementation Award by the American Planning Association – Washington Chapter (APA) and the Planning Association of Washington (PAW) for its work with in building the new Town Square project.

“This is an outstanding example of a planning process ‘staying the course’ over time,” the awards jury commented in a statement. “It obviously had strong leadership throughout. It’s exciting to see the project ‘on the ground.’ Inspiring, daring and obviously creates a new identity for Burien’s Town Center.”

The award was one of eleven in seven different categories handed out at APA’s annual conference earlier this month in Vancouver, Washington.

Scott Greenberg, Burien Community Development Director and APA Washington Chapter President received the award along with Bill Gaylord from the Town Square design firm GGLO.

“The Burien Town Square project was truly a collaborative effort,” said Greenberg. “This award recognizes the strong partnerships we formed with the community, Urban Partners, the King County Library System and GGLO. The City Council’s strong leadership over the past 16 years provided the stability needed to attract private sector investment that leveraged Burien’s original $10 million investment into $200 million when the project is complete.”

The award will be formally presented to the City at the Dec. 14th City Council meeting.

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8 Responses to “City Of Burien Wins State Planning Award For Town Square”
  1. feisty says:

    5 condos SOLD…..No retail leased….. Phase 2 not started…..AWARD winning ???????

  2. Jay says:

    But wait – it gets better. The city council is already planning on a 10-plex theater in phase two. Hotels are next and then an auto mall.

    We do things different in Burien. “Build it and they will come.”

    • janet says:

      Indianapolis did a ‘build it and they will come back’ in the ’80’s when they built the “Hoosier Dome”, and low and behold the Balitimore Colts pulled a midnight move to Indianapolis, it revitalized what had been until then known throughout the Midwest as “indianoplace”. Now they have a shiny new stadium and a first class football team, NCAA headquarters, world class museums and much more.

    • Jan says:

      As I wrote to the Burien City Council on Monday, a theatre and hotel are horrid ideas. The traffic is bad enough now. Once people/businesses actually move into the existing Town Square area, there will be more traffic. If a theatre and hotel get built, it will be total gridlock.

  3. Rainycity says:

    I guess maybe Burien was the only town (or city depending on who you talk to*lol*)
    spending a bunch of money (they didn`t have) to build things for sale when folks just don`t have money to spend or just not spending it.
    I went to the mock-up of the town square last summer and was told then that there only like 4 units left for sale,,
    They said the whole top floor had beeen sold etc….hmmmmm

  4. Tcb says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down. How is it affecting you if the retail portion isn’t filling up or the Condos haven’t sold because of the downturn? There are plenty of cool stores and restaurants across the street and down the road in “Olde Burien” (and Seahurst) so untwist your knickers please. I still think a 4 screen theater is better than 10 but if Galaxy wants to spend the money, ok then. The area will eventually grow because more people are moving here. The stores will eventually fill up and so will the Condos. We just need to figure out how to keep it from turning into Bellevue, and also not the Burien of the early 90’s.

  5. Sherry says:

    An award???? How many other towns have built beautiful, thriving town squares, while Burien was talking and planning for years, with no progress? Kent Station, The Landing in Renton are examples of projects that happened quickly, with a beautiful result, while Burien planned another community meeting to talk about things. More doing, less talking please …

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