Happy Thanksgiving From The B-Town Blog!

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On this Thanksgiving 2009, we here at The B-Town Blog are ever-so-thankful for all our Readers, Advertisers and Contributors, and we send our heartiest, cranberry-soakiest, stuffingist, yammiest, Tofurkeyturdukenist wishes to everyone!

Unless something big happens, we’re all taking the day off to engorge ourselves with our dysfunctional families and friends.

Here are some of the things us B-Town Bloggers are thankful for this year:

“I’m thankful for the diverse range of people who call this area their home. I’m thankful for the smiling faces I see at local businesses that I frequent. I’m thankful for the gorgeous views and beaches of Three Tree Point. I’m thankful for the eagles I see circling in the skies above and that osprey I saw dive and catch a fish this summer. I’m thankful that there’s always something going on here, which means we’re never at a loss for content. I’m thankful for everyone who helps with this blog, which is growing every day. And last but not least, I am thankful for my family and friends!”Scott Schaefer

Thankful that the farmer’s market is finally in its new home; and back where it started at when Lamont’s was sitting there empty. Thankful that there were only two beavers that had to be euthanized. Thankful for the new library, city hall & town square park and the vision that business and government leaders had way back when. Thankful that Discover Burien got a new exec director. Thankful that Scat the cat lived through his attack by the deranged man. Thankful for our customers at BTB. Thankful for our readers at BTB. – Janet Grella

“I am thankful we live in a nation with a free economy and a strong and indefatigable First Amendment, where an upstart neighborhood blog such as The B-Town Blog can birth itself, thrive and grow. This simply is not the case in many other parts of the world.” – Mark Neuman

The stuff I am thankful for are the people and staff that contribute to the blog and their genuine care and involvement in our communities.
The growth and progress of the amazing small business owners we have. We are lucky they are here.  The readers!!! I couldn’t be more excited to hear of our numbers and see that people really care about the stories we are able to provide. I am thankful for the growth Burien has seen over the last year.. agree with the direction or not… the progress has been well achieved.
– Gina Bourdage

I am thankful for family and pets, for good friends, for good health, and for work even in this recession. And for a suburban city like Burien that fosters a sense of community, and looks to the future with optimism. And for the men and women of the King County Sheriff’s Office/Burien Police Department and our firefighters who help protect us. And for the men and women from the Highline area who serve in America’s armed forces. And for the B-Town Blog, which provides a real source of news and information for the community. And for all the little things in life that matter a lot. – Ralph Nichols

“I’m thankful for all of the parks and beautiful trees (especially during the fall) that make Burien so very pretty and easy to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!!”Amy Bouska

“I am thankful for everybody who contributed to our food bank fundraisers, knowing that everything they did will help the less fortunate in the area. I hope to see everyone at our next one at Tin Cellars on Tuesday, Dec. 8th!” – Bart Bryan

“I’m thankful for the ability to do whatever the hell I want – I’m going backpacking in Costa Rica soon! I’m also thankful for my youth and my irresponsibility! – Danielle Burton

Here’s some Turkeyday artwork to enjoy from our youthful, irresponsible artist Danielle Burton:

Click image to see larger version.


What are YOU thankful for? Please leave a Comment below…

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