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Happy 2nd Birthday To Us! And Now For Our “Terrible Twos”

Two years ago today (Dec. 11, 2007 to be exact), on a dining room table in a home in Burien, your B-Town Blog came unto this planet, chock full of hopes and dreams of informing, entertaining and enlightening a community, and initially only as a part-time hobby.


But be warned folks, ‘cuz we’re entering our “Terrible Twos” and we aren’t going to stop until WE GET WHAT WE WANT! (SOUNDFX: WAAAAAA!)

It’s been an amazing two years too, from humble beginnings as a hobby to now, a full-blown full-time job with an office, numerous Contributors, over 40 Advertisers and nearly 50,000 Readers per month (November set a record [1]…so far)!

And now, for trivial and archival purposes, are the two stories we posted on our very first day:

Of course, as we’ve grown, we’ve gone from just one sole Publisher/Editor (me, Scott [4]) to a staff of 12+ regular (and irregular) Contributors, including:

We could go on and on about how great we are, but in the end the real reason we’re posting this is to thank YOU, our Readers and Advertisers, because without either of you we wouldn’t exist!

Thanks, and we look forward to an even better third year!


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