Burien Gets $750,000 To Restore Seahurst Shoreline To Help Salmon

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The City of Burien has been awarded a $750,000 grant from the state Salmon Recovery Funding Board to return the northern shoreline of Seahurst Park to a restored, more accessible, and more natural condition, with hopes it will restore salmon habitat.

The money will be used by the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department, and construction is scheduled for fall of 2010. Crews will remove a seawall, rock riprap (huh?), groins (what th–???), paving and fill.

In addition to the $750,000 grant, the City of Burien will contribute $133,000 from a state grant and the Army Corps of Engineers will contribute $1,800,000 through the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.

Since being armored in the 1970s, beach elevations in Seahurst Park have dropped 3 to 4 feet due to wave scouring and the disconnection of the beach from sources of sediment. The changes in the beach have significantly degraded the quality of habitat for salmon and the organisms they depend on, particularly forage fish.

The seawall that will be removed is visible on the far right of this pic. Photo courtesy Burien Parks.

A similar project on the southern shoreline of the park to remove the seawall and restore the beach was completed in 2005. The northern section is much larger in scale and will include recreational elements such as a playground, picnic areas and trails.

The Salmon Recovery Funding Board on Dec. 11th announced it was awarding over $2.6 million for nine projects, including Seahurst Park, to protect and restore salmon habitat in King County.

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5 Responses to “Burien Gets $750,000 To Restore Seahurst Shoreline To Help Salmon”
  1. Jess says:

    Fantastic! Just one more thing to love about Burien.

  2. napavine says:

    over a million dollars for fish to swim closer to seahurst. Did anyone check with the fish to find out why the don’t come closer to shore? Maybe its the fish hooks that scare them away.

    • Jess says:

      You must not have been down to Seahurst Beach since they finished the south shore improvements. Because anyone who has visited the park recently would know this project is not only going to benefit the fish; humans will also have plenty to enjoy. This project that reportedly includes a new playground, trails, and picnic areas, along with the new environmental science center that is currently under construction will make Seahurst beach a first class park and destination. Surly humans and fish alike can both appreciate what the new improvements will offer to all who take the time to visit the beach.

      • Jim Branson says:

        Surly humans do enjoy the park, I can attest. I’ve never spoken to a surly fish, so I’m not sure how they will appreciate the restoration. The happy fish are bound to like it.

  3. tripC says:

    boi letz, git sum roks an stiks, owt an stown ‘n klub dat awfel humen; she shuld nowt be aloued to post on hear ifn she ca’nt shpell rawht.

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