Last-Minute Gift Idea For Local Pirates: Black Powder Cannon, Used Only Twice

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If you just happen to be a local pirate looking for a last-minute gift idea, we’ve got a doozy – one of your neighbors is trying to sell a custom-milled, solid one-piece steel, “black powder cannon” that’s only been used twice for just $375!

Some of the features from the Craigslist Ad:

  • Black Powder Cannon
  • Custom milled solid 1 piece steel.
  • Two year old Cannon
  • Used Twice
  • Fuse Hole
  • Shoots Baseball sized objects

Our favorite part of course is this happy ending greeting:

Please email with any questions! Happy Holidays

Wait, aren’t these things ILLEGAL?

Who cares…it’s Christmas! So act fast, and email your order in now:

[email protected]

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t read this story about a makeshift cannon that killed a 4-year old boy in Thurston County in July, 2007.

Yes, “Happy Holidays” and have fun with your cannon!

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