Happy Holidays From The B-Town Blog!

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Happy Holidays from all of us here at The B-Town Blog!

We’ll be taking time off to spend with our friends and families, so unless there’s a *huge* news story we probably won’t be posting any updates until after we conclude our celebrations. Then we’ll probably be busy tearing apart and recycling all the different elements from our kids’ gift packages (grrrrr…).

But in the meantime, here’s a virtual toast to you and yours, and a big ol’ “Thanks A Bunch!” for your continued support!

Oh, and here’s a bigger pic of us all in case you want to squelch your holiday appetite:

Your B-Town Bloggers, from left to right: Michael Brunk (Photographer/Coder), Bart Bryan (Sales/Host), Amy Bouska (Video), Mark Neuman (Sales/Writer), Janet Grella (Sales Diva), Brenda Anders (in back: Sales/Writer), Gina Bourdage (Writer/Graphics), Theresa Frasch (Sales Whiz), Ralph Nichols (Reporter) and Scott Schaefer (Publisher/Editor).

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4 Responses to “Happy Holidays From The B-Town Blog!”
  1. janet says:

    Great picture Michael Brunk. It’s been great fun working with such a talented bunch of folks. And thanks for lunch Scott!

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  2. Chris says:

    Thanks B-Town Blog! You all are doing a great job! The “other” news outlet in B-Town should takes some notes on how to do actual reporting…

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  3. Larry Snyder says:

    Good work Scott and Co.

    Larry Snyder

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  4. Jimmy Vee says:

    Hey Scott – We all enjoy staying current on B-Town happenings thanks to the infamous B-Town Blog. By the way, nice blue diagonal “maze” shirt on your “Happy Holidays” pic. Garth Brooks would be proud. Best Wishes for 2010.

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