$5,000 Offered For Info Leading To Arrest & Conviction In Goodtime Ernie's Killing

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Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

It must’ve been the absolute toughest Christmas ever for the Ebinger family of Burien, as they had to celebrate without their son Mark, 25, who was fatally stabbed outside Goodtime Ernie’s Nov. 12th.

On Monday (Dec. 28th), the family held a press conference at the King County Sheriff’s office in downtown Seattle, where they offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) in the fatal stabbing.

Acting Public Information Officer Jim Laing spoke, along with Mark’s brother Peter (who was also stabbed), 24, as his distraught parents, sister and girlfriend sat nearby, solemnly holding back tears; here’s the raw MP3 of the conference:


Peter recalled the attack, saying that a “few words were spoken to someone who was with us in the bar, and I told Mark we should leave…and as we left a group of guys came out the other door, a bottle was thrown at us, then they came at us with knives.”

“I was just scared, and was trying to get away,” Peter said. He also added that Mark was “kind of far away” from him in the parking lot at the time of the attack.

The Ebinger Family at Monday's press conference.

Peter also added that “someone else had words with one of the guys in the other group…” and he had no idea what was said, but is certain that the attacker(s) were in that group.

Once outside, “one guy came up in my face and tried to take a swing at me and another guy hit me from behind,” Peter continued. “I got stabbed probably six or seven times in the back…”

Peter said he’s “not planning on going back” to Goodtime Ernie’s anytime soon, “and no one I know is going back…”

Despite numerous rumors, there is no definite word on whether the attackers are part of a gang.

Mark Ebinger's brother Peter was also stabbed, but survived.

“We’re all very upset and angry, and well, you can imagine…”

Mark worked at a printing press and mostly did manual labor.

Regarding Mark’s death, Peter said: “It happened real fast and he didn’t feel much pain…”

The investigation is still ongoing.

“We know that someone out there knows something, saw something, or has heard something,” said Jim Laing. “…and that information might seem insignificant to them but it could be the information that cracks this case and we’re appealing to anyone who has any information to come forward.”

Laing continued: “No homicide case is ever closed until it’s closed, and this will remain open until it’s solved.”

If anyone has any information on this case, they should call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-274-6313.

$4,000 of the reward money comes from the Ebinger family, and $1,000 from Crimestoppers.

Here’s a video report on this case from KING-TV:

Read our previous coverage of this tragic incident here.

Mark Ebinger was just 25 when he was killed outside Goodtime Ernie's Nov. 12th.

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9 Responses to “$5,000 Offered For Info Leading To Arrest & Conviction In Goodtime Ernie's Killing”
  1. quovadis says:

    If you mention that it was a bunch of mexicans who did this, you are racist. Americans must let latin americans take over their country and destroy what their ancestors built, because, well, to oppose it would be to xenophobic.

    • INSIDER says:

      It’s not about ethnicity.
      I don’t care if it was a “bunch of martians”.
      The bottom line is that those responsible…regardless of ethnicity, religious affiliation, or economic status, NEED to be held accountable.
      Quit making it about everything else and see this for what it was….A MURDER IN COLD BLOOD.

    • outsider says:

      I don’t think we have a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers; just be legal and not part of the problem. You Chicanos remember your ancestors came from Mexico.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Is there a description AT ALL of these people?

    • INSIDER says:

      Why do people keep asking for a description?

      Those who were there can give a description.
      Cameras that were there can give a description.
      The people who work there can give a description.
      Even the police have given a vague description.
      Descriptions mean nothing…
      You HAVE seen them before, you KNOW who they are.
      Is there not one witness out there who wants to be a hero?
      Is there not one witness out there who has trouble sleeping knowing they’re still out there?
      Is there not one witness who cares that a life was taken away?
      Is there not one witness out there who wants justice?
      I repeat, is there not one witness out there who cares?
      God help us all.

  3. outsider says:

    If you know something about the crime and don’t do anything, you are part of the problem

  4. INSIDER says:

    If you know something about the crime and don’t do anything, you are not only a part of the problem…YOU are an accessory.
    Maybe the police should polygraph everyone who was there that night.

  5. outsider says:

    ??? What recent ??? Been to long

  6. Kay says:

    I can’t believe this December will be 2 years…. RIP Marky! Wish I could have known you better <3

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