PHOTOS: A Look Back At The B-Town Blog's Best Pics Of 2009

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Well, 2009 was a year wasn’t it? And now that it’s over, it’s time for us to find another way to reflect on it – this time courtesy Photographer Michael Brunk, who put together a special SoundSlideshow of what he considers the best B-Town Blog photos of the year, as shot by himself, Scott Schaefer, Francis Zera, Maureen Hoffmann, Janet Grella and Gregory Rehmke:

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Click to Play Michael Brunk’s SoundSlideshow

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6 Responses to “PHOTOS: A Look Back At The B-Town Blog's Best Pics Of 2009”
  1. Michael says:

    And personally, I’d love to see even more reader-submitted photos in 2010… there are so many great opportunities for photographers in our region!

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  2. Rob says:

    I agree with Michael- it would be cool if y’all could show pics that readers have taken. But this slide show is trey-cool

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing! The picture of the 2 kids chasing bubbles…..the boy in the yellow is my son Mathew and he is pretty excited that he is now “famous”

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  4. Kathy says:

    thanks for putting my grandson Mathew on the first picture. He had a blast with the bubbles that day!

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  5. Jessica says:

    That’s my daughter in the green sweatshirt blowing bubbles… and while we’re honored you’ve picked her photo for the “best of” slide; we’re a bit shocked because we never even knew somebody had taken her photo; let alone posted it online. I know we were in a public place; but as a parent, we’re protective of our children and it just goes to show how anybody could take pictures of your kids and do who-knows-what with the photos.

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    • Michael says:

      Hi Jessica,

      As a photographer and a father I can certainly understand your concern as a parent and I would fully support your right to question anyone you see photographing your child. The best thing to do is ask them why they’re doing it and check their credentials. If they won’t tell you or can’t present documentation that demonstrates some affiliation with a legitimate news organization I would be suspicious.

      On the other hand, under current privacy laws they have every right to photograph you and your child if you are in a place where you wouldn’t normally have a reasonable expectation of privacy. There are laws that control what I can do as a photographer with that photo once I’ve taken it however. The rules are a bit different for news photographers versus a photographer that might be taking photos for other commercial purposes.

      Obviously I’m not a lawyer, but if you have questions I’d be happy to try to answer them or point you (or anyone else) to online legal resources that describe in more detail the rights and responsibilities that control the use of photography.


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