Report #2 From Sunday's "No Pants!" Light Rail Ride (w/more pics)

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by Theresa Frasch

I emailed the link from The B-Town blog to my friend Pam a few days ago and said, “You are the only one I know that would do this with me. Want to?” After a little cajoling and the promise of boxers, she and her daughter agreed.

We were in the first group to get on the light rail. Everybody was assigned different stops to “de-pant.” We were stop number two. There were two guys sitting in our section looking very nervous. One of them said to the other, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this.” I asked which stop they were and he said, “Two.” “Well, so are we – so we’ll all do it at the same time. Remember, when the doors close”

At stop number two we were prepared. Just as the doors were closing and we were preparing to de-pant we heard a lady walking toward us. She was saying, “That is highly inappropriate.” She walked through our car repeating that phrase as we were taking our pants off. Guy number two lost his nerve! He regained it at stop number three with a little help from his new found friends.

All five of us got off at the Beacon Hill stop to mix it up a little and wait for the next train. That was pretty safe – it was underground. Then we got off at Columbia City – out in the real world, but still pretty protected. The ultimate test was the Rainier Beach stop – right in the middle of the street, nowhere to hide, traffic coming from both directions.

The train was rolling to a stop. We girls said we were going to do it. The guys said they weren’t. I told them they’d regret it if they didn’t. “Next year,” they said. The doors opened. “Come on,” I said. They protested. Finally I grabbed one and just pulled him out the door with us and the other one followed. We had so much fun watching the passersby faces! When we got back on for our final destination our new friends thanked us for “making” them go with us.

Thanks to Emerald City Improv for giving us such a good laugh and a chance to have some fun.

Here’s a Photo Slideshow of Sunday’s “No Pants!” pics, taken by various Flickr Photogs:

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Here’s a video from today’s “No Pants!” Subway ride in NYC:

Read our other coverage here.

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5 Responses to “Report #2 From Sunday's "No Pants!" Light Rail Ride (w/more pics)”
  1. Wonderful! thanks for coming!

  2. Yes!! Thank-you so much for coming, and for writing a great report of your day!! 🙂

  3. janet says:

    Gee whiz, sales whiz. You did a brave and wonderful thing. Thanks for the story.

  4. Rolando says:

    Now on to the World Naked Bike Ride!

  5. Justanotherface says:

    I’ve never seen so many pasty white legs, this would have been better in San Diego! people of Washington keep your pants on! its blinding !

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