It's Official – Burien's Annexation Date Will Be April 1st

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by Ralph Nichols

Finally, it’s official – Burien will annex unincorporated southern North Highline on April 1. City Council members voted 6-1 at their Jan. 11th meeting to establish the effective date.

Their action came after a delay of almost two months in setting an effective date, which occurred when the city learned in late November of an eleventh-hour maneuver by former King County Executive Kurt Triplett to sell Puget Sound Park in the unincorporated annexation area to the King County Library System.

New county Executive Dow Constantine announced on Jan. 6 that King County will not sell the five-acre park at 1st Ave. S. and SW 126th St. and, instead, will cede it to Burien as part of annexation.

Councilwoman Lucy Krakowiak cast the lone no vote against setting a formal annexation date. Krakowiak has continued to oppose annexation even after residents of southern North Highline voted by a large margin on Aug. 18 to become part of Burien.

Lucy Krakowiak cast the only "No" vote against the annexation date.

City Manager Mike Martin told council members before the vote, “This is the long-awaited resolution … I’m very pleased to bring it to you.”

He said setting an effective date “was not a matter of pulling it out of thin air.” Rather, annexation on April 1 “allows the maximum amount of revenue to be provided to the City from King County while allowing time for technical work needed to make the annexation effective.”

That work includes conducting a population census of the annexation area, contacting businesses there, and working out transition details with the state Department of Transportation.

During public comment, Burien resident Ed Dacy urged council members to use their influence to discourage any move by the King County Library System to close the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries – both of which are in the annexation area – and consolidate them in a new facility.

The library system earlier hoped to acquire Puget Sound Park as a location for a consolidated library – although the library board, on which Krakowiak also serves as a member, has not voted to close the two community libraries that soon will be within the City of Burien.

A 2004 bond issue passed by King County voters included funding for replacement or remodeling of both the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries. That money remains untouched in the library system’s capital budget.

The future of these library sites will be discussed by members of the King County Library System’s Planning Committee at 12 noon this Thursday, Jan. 14, in the second floor meeting room of the Burien Library. The committee will take comments from the public during the meeting.

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5 Responses to “It's Official – Burien's Annexation Date Will Be April 1st”
  1. Liz says:

    Congratulations to all involved! This is a huge step forward for the City of Burien and its newest residents who will finally have a voice in their future. I encourage them to use that voice to protect the neighborhood libraries in Boulevard Park and White Center.

    The White Center Library will soon be part of Burien. We voted to rebuild it and have been paying taxes for years to make that happen. Rebuilding the library at its current location is in the best interests of the White Center community. It would also bring a substantial new asset to the City of Burien. I join Mr. Dacy in encouraging the Burien City Council to continue to use its influence to ensure that the Boulevard Park and White Center communities continue to have access to these well-used local resources.

    Finally, I encourage Ms. Krakowiak as a Library Board Trustee and Burien City Councilmember to educate herself about the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries and the communities they serve.

  2. Mikel says:

    Nice comments.

    However, I highly doubt Lucy is capable of that. She never informed the public about King County Library system’s possibilty of consolodating the two libraries in a new space, and in a park at that. Being a KCLB trustee she should all ready be educated and in turn informing us about issues that affect us, but she chose to remain silent

    It was definitely not the case of informing the community on such important issues and informing the community did not happen even when it was brought up at the BCC meeting when community members brought it up. She just sat there like a deer in headlights. She is defintely not someone I would support on any Board or Council for that matter,

    Now she votes no on an approved annexation by North Highline residents? Is she aware of anything that is going on or is she just taking up space for the titles?

  3. Heidi says:

    Allright! way to go for approving the annexation BCC members that did 🙂 Thanks for listening to the residents who voted to annex to become part of the great City of Burien. 🙂

  4. Julie D. says:

    Gotta love the date!!

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