Crime Report: B-Town Blogger’s House Burglarized

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B-Town Blogger Diana Arney’s Burien house was burglarized on Monday (Feb. 1st), sometime between 9am and 1pm. Diana lives near Puget Sound Park, and the burglar forced their way into her home via a side door.

We’re posting this story in hopes that it can help alert our Readers to be better prepared for these kinds of crimes, which seem to be on the upswing in this down economy.

Here’s how Diana describes her experience:

Just wanted to give you a heads up about a burglary that occurred at my home this afternoon. The incident occurred sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the block of SW 126th St. and 2nd Pl. SW, very close to Puget Sound Park. The suspect(s) forcefully entered my home via the side door, splintering the door and frame. They locked my dog in a room of the house and stole an LG 42″ LCD TV, a new Compaq laptop computer and an Xbox 360 with games.

A witness stated that they saw a black, Volkswagen sedan suspiciously driving in front of the house between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. I called the Sheriff’s office and a deputy came out to the house to write up the report. While the deputy was at the house I heard another call from her radio stating that there had been another house burglary in the area, and two teenagers were the primary suspects.

I was told by the sheriff’s deputy that these burglaries are common in the area, especially in the early afternoon when kids get out of school and many people are still at work. One additional note: while the sheriff deputy was quite helpful and thorough, it took her two hours to respond. I understand it wasn’t an emergency, but I’m curious how the response time will be affected once Burien annexes the area.

We had to screw down the side door for the night. We believe the suspects opened the gate in our driveway that leads to the backyard (and side door). I believe then they must have backed their car up in the driveway to the side of my house, and loaded up their car with my stuff. In the last picture, it shows a foot stool in our family room (where the TV was) that is normally located outside near the side door. We have no idea what the burglars were thinking, placing the stool there. The only thing above the stool are the ceiling fans.

Not sure if this is “post-worthy” or not, but it might be a good heads-up for people in the area to read about and be aware of.

Diana Arney

Here are photos taken at the scene of the crime:

The side door to Diana's house was kicked in.

...breaking the deadbolt and damaging the wooden door frame.

Note the boot print in the wood just above the dead bolt.

A 42" LG HDTV once sat here.

And here are some crime prevention tips courtesy the Normandy Park Police Department:

Most burglaries occur on Monday through Friday in the daytime.

The crooks are depending on everyone being at work or school.

Many burglars have confessed upon arrest and reported they knocked on the front door or rang the bell to make sure no one was home. If someone answers the door they tell them they are lost or looking for their lost dog or some other such excuse.

Surprisingly citizens rarely doubt the burglar’s reason for being on their front porch and do not call the police. If a stranger knocks on your front door you do not have to open your door. You should make sure they know you are home and telling them to leave your property from behind a solid door is a great option. Then call us.

Most car prowls occur in hours of darkness where the thief depends on the cover of darkness to hide his criminal behavior. Often our follow up investigations reveal the thieves broke into an unlocked car. There were cars close by that were locked and untouched.

  • Lock your doors. It is a simple way to prevent so much crime.
  • Install motions lights. They are now very reasonably priced and easy to install. The crooks do not wish to be illuminated during the commission of their crime.
  • Alarm systems, dead bolts, motion detector light systems, dogs, peep holes and other such simple crime prevention tools work very well.
  • Do not advertise your new purchases or Christmas gifts. A cardboard box from a new 50 inch TV sitting next to the cardboard recycle bin lets everyone driving by know exactly what is in your house.
  • Never leave your purse or wallet on a counter top or table top that can be seen from the front door. Likewise never leave a purse or wallet on a car seat even if you are “just going to be away one minute.” That is when the opportunistic thief takes your wallet, credit cards and cash.
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    11 Responses to “Crime Report: B-Town Blogger’s House Burglarized”
    1. Diana Arney says:

      Thanks for posting, Scott…we now have a theory for why the stool was sitting in the family room. We believe the stool was used to fend off our dog, who was probably going ballistic after they kicked in the door. Once she was locked away in another room, the vandals were free to take what they wanted. We were fortunate that nobody walked in on them, and that our pets were not hurt.

    2. Tcb says:

      I worry about this happening to me. I’m going to look at the webcam security camera tomorrow that i’ve been thinking about. You can have it tied into your modem and log into it from work so you’re monitoring your home all day if you work in that kind of environment.

    3. TcB says:

      Not to advertise for someone here, but I found software for my Mac from where I can run my iSight as a security cam and log in from work. It detects movement and can be configured to ignore my Cats. It can record video as well. I’m gonna get this setup after I check out the software some more. I know you can get this stuff for a PC as well from somewhere. Let’s stop these guys cold!

    4. Keith says:

      We had a similar break in (9th SW/158th) in September. Same M.O. (kicked in my side door, stole similar items) I wouldnt be surprised if its the same jerks. The sheriff also took a similar amount of time to respond which leads me to believe they really don’t care since there isn’t anything they can really do. I had serial numbers on all my electronics that were stolen but none has shown up in any pawn shops.

      • Douglas says:

        Pawn shops recoveries are problematical. First, a pawned item is treated as the property of the person hocking the item until the pawn term runs out (typically 90 days). That means you need to check pawn shops again 3 months after the crime. Also, pawnshops are not required to turn in suspect items to police unless the item description and serial number matches EXACTLY what is on the police file. Personal experience, I had a music instrument that the police report dropped the last digit from the serial number. I was fortunate to recover from pawnshop but the shop denied that they had it for three months until the pawn ticket expired. A potential buyer notified me based on an online stolen instrument listing that I posted (with full serial number), not from police or pawn shop efforts.

    5. WC says:

      My home was broken into by teenagers on Monday 2-1-10 at approxamently 1:35 pm.
      I wasn’t home at the time but my dog was inside when they kicked open my back door. Nothing was stolen. I’m guessing they saw the dog and she gave chase and scared them away. My neighbor has survelliance cameras around his home and he was able to capture these punks on camera when they approached our home.

      Both suspects are male, around 16-17 years old. One was tall, 5’9 and had on red or purple pants and a jacket with fur around the hood. He appears to be african american/somalian and the other suspect was shorter, 5’6 and had on white shoes,black sweats and a grey hoody sweatshirt and a baseball cap.
      As I was waiting outside of my home for the cops to arrive, a suspicous vehicle full of teens slowly drove passed my home. I live on a dead end street,so they had to turn around and pass me again. I took a good look at all of them and wrote down the plates.

      1 Samoan girl,frizzy hair was in the back seat, she appeared to be around 15-16. The other 4 were boys, a couple of asian and a black. They were driving a light green HONDA ACCORD License Plate 598-TNI. I gave this info to the cops.

      The next day I had a feeling they would come back, so I parked my vehicle a couple of blocks away and waited inside my home for them to return. And sure enough they did!
      I saw them drive down my dead end street and park ,facing towards my home. I told my Husband to call the cops but instead he went outside and they got scared and drove off!! So please, if you see this vehicle in your neighborhood, please watch them or call the cops! p.s. this happened near HOLY FAMILY CHURCH-WHITE CENTER

      • Diana says:

        WC, thanks for sharing! This doesn’t sound like a coincidence. I live in the same area as you. Have you heard anything back from the police? I would think they would at least run the plates to figure out who they are, and maybe ask them some questions…I will definitely keep my eyes open for this car, and call the police!


    6. Shannon says:

      Just to give everyone a heads up there was another break today (2-5-10) off 122nd very close to Diana . Unfortunately I don’t have many details since I wasn’t the one that talked with my neighbor however I know they broke a window to get in. If I get any additional details that may be helpful I’ll pass them on.


      • Diana Arney says:


        If you have any details regarding the break-in, please post or contact Scott at the blog directly to give to me. I had a witness that had spotted a black VW Jetta, and another reader had spotted a light green Honda Accord. If there are any consistencies with this and your neighbor’s break-in, please share. Chances are that these criminals will never be caught, however, I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for anything that might be worthy to submit to the Sheriff’s department. As for me, I refuse to be a victim without a fight. 🙂

    7. Lisa B. says:

      Thanks for the information. Between my husband and I we are home all of the time(and we live very close to Ms Arney.) We will definitely keep an eye out for these punks. We scrutinize every car that comes down our dead end street. I hope the cops found the time to question the kids in the green Accord with license plate 598-TNI. That’s a good lead right there.
      BTW window peddlers take note, I’m not opening the door for you anymore!!

    8. LaVonne M. says:

      I live in the area of Glen Acres Country Club. There have been numerous break-ins of this type on my street. We have had two instances in January where an African-american youth has come up to our door. The first time I was home, but did not open the door since I had a weird feeling about it. The second time, my husband opened the main door, but left the storm door locked and closed. That kid said he needed some money for gas. My husband declined and the youth walked to another house. Later on, we learned that one of our neighbors down the street was robbed. This was all during the day around noon – 3:00pm.

      Sounds like the same thing that you are all talking about. We didn’t see any cars, but it may be that these are the scouts and there is a car waiting to come help them when they find a target house?

      We have become more aware, but still there have been two more burglaries on our street in the last week.

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