LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Service Changes Mean Fewer Express Buses In Burien

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Burien is losing more express Metro service to Downtown Seattle.

According to this new schedule, the last Burien Park and Ride express bus service into Seattle, leaves at 9:18 am. No express bus service will be offered again until 1:10 pm. This leaves a 4-hour commute time frame that gives riders the only options of going through West Seattle, or taking the Link. Both are very time consuming.

Contact the King County Department of Transportation and the Burien City Council with your concerns.

Metro Bus Route Changes – Service revisions begin this Saturday, February 6.

Some midday trip eliminations on the 121, but two new a.m. and two new p.m. peak-period trips have been added.

Northbound trips leaving the Burien Transit Center at 9:58 am, 10:26 am and 1:09 pm, southbound trips leaving 3rd Ave & Pike St at 9:17 am and 1:36 pm, and the southbound trip leaving 7th Ave & Blanchard St at 12:17 pm will be discontinued.

Northbound Route 121 to downtown Seattle will have two new peak-period trips arriving at 3rd Ave & Pike St about 7:35 and 8:30 am. Southbound Route 121 to Burien will also have two new peak-period trips leaving 7th Ave & Blanchard St about 3:39 and 4:27 pm. WSDOT is funding these additional peak-period trips on Route 121 to keep people, businesses and the economy moving during Alaskan Way Viaduct construction. Visit

More service change information: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/up/scvchange.html

– Meg Van Wyk
Burien Park and Ride patron

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3 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Service Changes Mean Fewer Express Buses In Burien”
  1. Tina says:


    This is not true. There is still the 120 (which leaves every 15 minutes from the Burien Transit Center during that time) and the 131 and 132. Those three routes take a bit longer to go downtown, but they leave plenty of options for traveling between 9:18am and 1:10pm. And no transfer is involved.

  2. jon van wyk says:

    Meg is right. Both the Link and the 120 (and the 131 and 132 for that matter) are more time consuming than the 121 and 122 expresses. Believe me, I’ve been riding these buses most workdays for over 16 years.

    The best alternative to these expresses is the 120, which is about twice as long. And the Link option from Burien is simply a non-starter.

    Come on, folks. Let’s create some noise at Metro because they’re starting to take away our only viable public transit option to downtown Seattle.

    Jon Van Wyk
    Meg’s husband

  3. HoBo says:

    Every few years the North Highline/Burien area gets hit for reduced bus service.
    We still need a Myers Way bus.

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