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Burien Arts Hosting “Sing & Sketch” Tonight At Advertiser Burien Press

The Burien Arts Association [1] is hosting their second “Sing & Sketch” tonight (Thursday, Feb. 11th) at BTB Advertiser Burien Press.

According to Erin Williamson:

“Folks who show up will get a free slice of pie or cake, so even more reason to come!”

Here are the details:

WHAT: “Sing & Sketch” music/art party.

WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 11th, from 6pm–8pm.

WHERE: Burien Press, located at 423 SW 152nd Street in downtown Burien (across from the new City Hall/Library); phone: 206-453-5412.

COST: No cover, just bring your creativity or your interest in watching/listening.

INFO: From a poster:

Come enjoy a song and art circle!

For the Musicians: Share you latest songwriting creation or just play an old favorite while others join in.

For the Visual Artists: Enjoy the chance to do some figural drawing or painting while listening to live music.

For Everyone, art and music appreciators alike: Relax at the Burien Press while enjoying a terrific cup of joe & delectable pastries, pies and sandwiches.

For More Information contact: burienarts.org [1]

Poster Art by John Unbehend


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