KCLS “Library Levy” Increases Its Approval Lead To 3.5%

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Thursday’s update from King County Elections on Proposition 1 – the King County Library System “Library Levy,” has increased its “Yes” lead to 3.5%, up from 2.26% yesterday:


Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 224,563 / 647,133 • 34.70%

Proposition No. 1:

    • YES: 115,269 • 51.75%
    • NO: 107,477 • 48.25%

    We’ll post further results as they are released (usually weekdays around 4pm), and the final tally won’t be official until Feb. 24th.

    The language for Prop. 1, according to the Voter’s Pamphlet:

    The Board of Directors of the King County Rural Library District adopted Resolution No. 2009-11 concerning an increase in the District’s regular property tax levy. In order to provide continued funding for the normal operation and maintenance of the King County library system, this proposition would authorize the District to restore regular property tax levy rate to $0.50 per thousand dollars of assessed value for collection in 2011, and to increase the levy in each year thereafter as allowed by chapter 84.55 RCW. Should this proposition be approved?

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    One Response to “KCLS “Library Levy” Increases Its Approval Lead To 3.5%”
    1. Greg Fox says:

      This will lead to more taxes in additon to:
      The increase license plate fees,
      The proposed increase for sales tax for a light rail system that we will never see,
      In Des Moines the addtional swimming pool fee (to keep an inefficeint antiquated pool open),
      The propsed additioanl cigarette fee (a dollar a pack) for you smokers,
      When will this end?
      Now the legislators have changed the law that required two thirds majority vote to raise taxes (it changed to a majority) knowing that they would never get any tax increase passed any other way (we voters aren’t smart enough to know what is important in the state so the legislators changed the law for us).
      What the state really needs is do is to cut spending, cut services and maintain status quo.
      Yes, this isn’t popular, but in order to keep costs and taxes down it is the right thing to do.

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