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Photographic Printer Jason Smith’s Show Opens Friday At Vino Bello

We’re huge fans of Photography here at The B-Town Blog, and while we are only rarely able to achieve it, we always appreciate it, honor it, and encourage others to experience it.

I mean, have you ever really thought about Photography? How it’s almost a kind of magic that can capture a moment in time and turn it into beautiful art? And how cool it is that in this nascent digital age that more and more magical moments are being captured by more people than ever before?

Nah…neither did we.

But seriously, that’s why we’re promoting a show opening Friday night, Feb. 12th, at Vino Bello, featuring Jason Smith, a Seattle-based photographic printer. This guy’s done tons of work for other artists, much of which has been exhibited internationally, and now it’s his turn to display his own hand-processed and hand-printed true black-and-white images right here in Burien.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Jason Smith Photographic Exhibit.

WHEN: Open reception is Friday night, Feb. 12th from 6pm – 9pm.

WHERE: Vino Bello, located at 636 SW 152nd in downtown Burien.

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