Where (And How) To Celebrate V-Day In B-Town, Thanks To Local Businesses

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by Gina Bourdage

I can’t say I have ever been the biggest fan of Valentine ’s Day. The mere thought of cheesy stuffed animals, cheap chocolates or sleazy lingerie makes me gag. You might as well do nothing rather than a last-minute, no-thought, no-heart gift.

Being in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, means compromise and sacrifice not to mention hopefully showing all year round how much your significant other means to you, and not just on the day stores tell you to. This year try something different – put some serious thought into what you’re giving or doing. The best gift is one that really comes from the heart, and not just a box that is shaped like one.

I am gonna let you in on a little secret…women love to feel beautiful, but sometimes we don’t get enough time in our busy schedules to pamper ourselves. Here’s is a hint: make the appointment for a relaxing afternoon of some pampering for your lady. Don’t just buy the gift certificate if you can avoid it. Scheduling the appointment and doing all of the leg work will put her mind at ease and allow the relaxations she deserves. Locally we have some great options from massage therapists like B-Town Blog Advertiser Ceiba Acupuncture & Body Work in Des Moines. For an unforgettable relaxing facial we have Burien’s Skin Perfect, where she will get the ultimate in facial cleansing and rejuvenation not to mention beautiful make up as well. Here she, or he, can get the skin boutique experience from A-Z. They are offering a unique chocolate facial this season for a sweet twist on the traditional experience.

All of us like to go out to a fancy dinner now and then, but Burien has a lot of options that won’t break the bank. Sidestreet Kitchen & Bar offers a delicious variety of cuisine that is priced so that you can enjoy more than one course and still spring for the bottle of wine. BTB Advertiser Bistro Baffi offers an authentic Italian experience in a very romantic atmosphere. For you more casual diners you can check out Elliot Bay Brewery with a mostly organic, upscale pub menu or BTB Advertiser The Tin Room where the designer cocktails speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift she will never forget you will score major points going with something out of the “heart shaped box.” Women want to be able to talk about how amazingly thoughtful your gift was to all of her friends. This does not have to mean the biggest diamond you can find but I would caution against any gift that requires batteries or a power cord unless expressly requested or you might find yourself with some serious couch time.

Think about making a card, the less perfect the better. Try writing your own sayings inside that speaks to the uniqueness of your relationship. If you’re the poetically challenged you can go with a famous love quote on any number of quotation websites. If you are strapped for time after all of the other planning you’ve been doing you can find unique and thoughtful cards at The Card Bar in Olde Burien.

As for the actual gift itself, the more you plan, the more personal it is, the better. You are going to have to really think this one through on your own since no one knows the one you love more than you. Try reminding them of your favorite qualities in them, why you love them and special moments you’ve shared. A gift that creates a memory can never be exchanged.

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