POLICE BLOTTER: Early Morning Door Knocker Confronted

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The email transcription below was originally posted to the Three Tree Point Yahoo Group, which has seen a recent increase in residents airing concerns about possible suspicious characters in the neighborhood.

According to this specific report, a “suspect” male knocked on the glass door of a home at 5am and asked for help, as if he were stranded. The male member of the household, speaking through the locked door, asked the man to leave his property, yet the suspect didn’t. After switching his story and asking for a cigarette, the male resident displayed a handgun and requested again that the suspect leave, which he finally did.

Later the suspect was seen trying to flag cars down up the road, and that’s when the resident called police, who came to the scene, then found and questioned the suspect. Here’s the exact email thread  (names and addresses have been removed):

The messages below were forwarded from our block watch captains:

From: “Galusha, Roy”
Date: February 26, 2010 7:05:13 AM PST
Subject: RE: BLOCKWATCH ALERT!!! Early morning knocker

Thank you for sending this on to me … It appears that several calls came in on this individual. Someone did flag down Officer Hennesy. Officers Skaar and Fitchett also responded. They made contact with the individual at SW 160 and 15 SW. I heard the detail on my way into work this morning when they were running his name. I did not talk with them, so I don’t know what story he told them. The individual lives in the South end of Des Moines. He had an Obstructing warrant out of Olympia; however, it was non-extraditable (meaning they won’t take him from King County). He was ultimately released because we had no crime or warrant that we could hold him for.

I would like to say that M did an outstanding job of paying attention to detail and forwarding that information on. Her husband did the right thing of confronting the individual from inside the house and refusing to open the door for him. He also let the individual know that he was armed. It is real common if someone is trying to get in or trying to keep you distracted, that if you come up with an answer to one question, to throw another line at you; i.e. if you don’t fall for the fact that he broke down, can you give me some cigarettes. If he needed a ride to work, why didn’t his friend he was visiting give him a ride?

This could have been a legitimate case of the person trying to get a ride to work, to him trying to get into the house to rob them. I don’t know, we probably never know, but the important thing is that the family and neighborhood is safe. We used to have a saying when I was working in the Air Force Security Forces career field.

“Today I prevented 10,000 terrorists from gaining access to the base and blowing up my planes by being ever vigilant and providing a level of force protection.”

If anyone asked how I could prove it, my answer was “Can you disprove it?”

This is the same situation, we can’t prove that he was trying to break in, but you can’t disprove that he wasn’t planning to.

Great job.

Officer Roy Galusha


Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 6:42 AM
To: Subject: BLOCKWATCH ALERT!!! Early morning knocker

 THANK YOU! M, for reporting this.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Early morning knocker

This morning at 5 am we had a man knock very loudly on our front door. Our door is completely glass, so my husband was able to see him very clearly and speak to him through it without opening it. The man was African American with a shaved head, approximately 5 ‘ 10″, between the ages of 28 and 32, wearing khaki colored Carhardt-type work jacket and pants. He said he’d been stranded and needed a ride, though my husband noticed he was completely dry and it was raining outside. My husband then told him it was very early and he needed to get off of our property, the man then said he smoked and wondered if we had any smokes? My husband again asked him to leave our property. The man hesitated and then insisted that he was stranded. My husband then showed him a handgun he had grabbed on the way to the door and told him we carry weapons in the neighborhood so you need to be careful and once again firmly asked him to get off our property.

Upon leaving our driveway a Ford 250 type truck drove by and stopped, they appeared to talk though he could have just flagged him down. We then called the non-emergency police number to report the incident, the police responder said she’d received several calls from this area regarding multiple people, she described a “dirty white man and a Hispanic.” After making the report, my husband drove up the street to see what the status was. He saw the same man up the road near 160th frantically trying to flag people down in their cars. My husband then drove back home seeing a police officer on the way. He stopped and directed the officer back to the man to investigate. We believe this man was possibly with a group of men looking to rob homes and somehow got left behind or the ride was scared off. We do not question this man was potentially armed and looking to obtain a vehicle. Either way, he was quite aggressive and insistent in asking us to let him into our home, by repeatedly asking for a ride and then for a cigarette.

This is a good example of what a stranger will do to gain entry, and why you should never open your door. Thanks to everyone for communicating about your respective incidences and if anyone else had a similar experience this morning please notify the group – this block watch really helps us all to be prepared in events such as this.



Date: February 26, 2010 6:35:59 AM PST
Subject: Suspicious person on 25th Ave SW this morning

While on my way to work at 5am this morning, I called 911 to report a suspicious person coming up out of the driveway at 25th SW.

He was a black male, I believe in his 30’s, with a shaved head, and wearing a yellow rain coat. He approached my truck, told me he was visiting a friend, and that his vehicle broke down, and needed a ride to the Burien Park & Ride so he could get to work.

When I told him no, he then asked me for money for a cab. I called 911 immediately.

We highly recommend that our Readers join a local “neighborhood email group” where residents can subscribe and get updates by email (ie: suspicious characters, crime reports, garage sales, missing pets, city issues, etc.), which we see happening down at Three Tree Point.

Here are two good resources where you can search for one near you, or create your own:

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2 Responses to “POLICE BLOTTER: Early Morning Door Knocker Confronted”
  1. Laurel says:

    I just moved to Burien with my family, and we live in the area north of 128th, west of Sea Tac Park, and south of 136th. Is there a nickname for this area? Thanks!

    • tripC says:

      This location is impossible. One cannot live north of 128th, and also south of 136th. Maybe if you lived on the eastside, near the Kingsgate area. In Burien, you might live in Boulevard Park, Arbor Lake, or the Evansville area, depending on your north south location.

      This is a great story. I am glad too see this kind of reporting. Good job to all involved.

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