VIDEO: Our Intern’s Latest Animation Clip: “3 Frog Bros. Movie Trailer 2”

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Our intern, Bryan Charles, of Big Picture High School, has created another Flash-animated cartoon in his “3 Frog Bros.” series.

As we mentioned before, Bryan is a budding young artist, has a passion for comics, cartoons and humor, and his Flash skills are growing quite rapidly.

Here’s what he has to say about this week’s “3 Frog Bros.,“:

“Good news from the Frog Brothers universe!!

After a recent hard drive failure, lots of animation is being redone, this however does mean quality is at a minimal compared to the originals, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be as awesomely funny and epic, so to show you what I’ve recently achieved, here is a preview of the 3 Frog Brothers Movie in high definition!!”

– Bryan Charles

To see more of Bryan’s work, click here.

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