LETTER: Objection To New “Adult Entertainment” Zone In N. Highline

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In the February 12 issue of the Highline Times, on the front page, was an article by Keith Daigle reporting that the Burien City Council unanimously approved the new zoning code which restricts adult entertainment to between Southwest 112th Street and Southwest 116th Street along either side of 16thAvenue Southwest. The zoning code will become effective April 1 when Burien annexes the southern portion of North Highline.

As a resident of the Shorewood community, I strongly object to having an “Adult Entertainment” zone bordering our Shorewood neighborhood, including two public schools (Cascade and Evergreen) and a private Montessori school, as well as the White Center King County Library. I have contacted Joan McGilton, mayor of Burien, for an explanation, but she did not seem to be clear on the designation and suggested I contact Mike Martin for clarification.

If the Highline Times story is accurate, then I want to know why this particular area was selected and why we need an Adult Entertainment zone in Burien in the first place. Is there any other area in Burien that is currently zoned Adult Entertainment? Does this mean that topless barista coffee stands and “deju vu nightclubs” will be allowed to operate in this two block area? I sincerely hope this is not the case and would appreciate clarification on this zoning change as soon as possible.

Bonnie Moormeier

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7 Responses to “LETTER: Objection To New “Adult Entertainment” Zone In N. Highline”
  1. John says:

    I completely agree with Bonnie. Adult entertainment zones are unjustified and, in my opinion, unconstitutional. If the residents of an area don’t want a business there, they should refuse to patronize it and use the power of economics to form the flavor of their community. There is absolutely no justification for government dictating what business can be placed where.

  2. Jack Block Jr. says:

    I too share the concerns of the majority of our community in restricting adult entertainment. Unfortunately, the article by Mr. Daigle ERRONEOUSLY states that adult entertainment would be allowed in the Shorewood area. When I reviewed the documents relating to NH zoning, I noticed that it was proposed to carry forward the allowed uses in the CC2 zone that the county had allowed, including adult entertainment. I asked that this provision be removed and that adult entertainment NOT be allowed in the CC2 area. This amendment was PASSED unanimously by the council.

    Under Burien’s zoning code, adult entertainment businesses are ONLY allowed in industrially zoned areas. At present, the only area of the city thus zoned is the North East Redevelopment Area. Adult entertainment businesses are banned in the rest of the city, including the CC2 area of Shorewood.

    • Bonnie Moormeier says:

      Thanks, Jack, for the clarification, but again, do we really need an adult entertainment zone anywhere in Burien?

      • Jack Block Jr. says:

        Unfortunately, due to past court decisions, a city is required to accommodate adult entertainment businesses with its boundaries. In Burien the solution has been to restrict them to the city’s industrial zone area. Blame the lawyers for this one.

  3. Jimmy Vee says:

    Jack – Nice spineless cop out: “blame the lawyers”. Maybe you ought to read the U.S. Costitution – IF you could understand it. Certain rights are guaranteed by it, which you and I enjoy every day.

    • Stephen Lamphear says:

      JV makes a supremely valid point.

      The First Amendment to the US Constitution protects freedom of speech — not just the speech you like but all speech short of incitement to violence/riot/overthrow of the government. The people who wrote that were not lawyers but upper class farmers. Folks who were a bit more cosmopolitan and less constipated than some of us!

      Interesting that you can buy a gun almost anywhere in full daylight; but to purchase a sexy video you have to sneak around — or get cable.

      Were the 19th Century “Know Nothing Party” still in existence, Jack Jr. probably would be a charter member. Siding with emotional reactions to the real world is that style — it’s accurately called pandering.

      When Burien first designated areas for adult entertainment, someone in the audience shouted: “at least that’s SOME entertainment in Burien”. Another was horrified that Lover’s Package exists in Burien. Come on, Lover’s Package?

      Oh, come on! Grow up! No one is forced to go to an adult business; your kids have already been there; you can change the channel on TV. Did you notice that Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer all sell adult products? I don’t know of any statistics that the area’s few adult businesses have been serious police problems.

  4. Kai J. says:

    Adult Entertainment? Shouldn’t we instead have more ultimate fighting arenas, mindless bloody video games, and personally I’m looking forward to another movie multiplex that shows more Hollywood violence. I just can’t seem to get enough violence, corruption, and crime in general in my media these days. After a few too many drinks in old Burien, I’m heading up for another Tattoo and a new ‘used’ gun from the pawn shop in ‘New Burien’ then, maybe on Sunday I’ll head to one of the 50 plus churches and all will be forgiven while I hear how evil it all is….

    How dare anyone allow any kind of adult naked fun other than on a wedding night or when it’s time to make a baby or two! Those silly Europeans and all their soft-core erotic fun TV, nude beaches, and open minded healthy attitudes about sex! They just don’t understand what they are missing with their rediculious low crime rate compared to our mega-media violence and our sanctamonious Christian work ethic. I just can’t decide if I would rather have another church, jail, or fast food outlet in my neighborhood or a nice new strip club full of consenting naked fun loving adults who actually take care of their bodies and eat right.

    Does Burien have to be so boring?

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