“Leprechauns” Chide Burien City Council Over Cove To Clover Registration

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Two costumed “Leprechauns,” along with two Cove to Clover organizers, “crashed” Monday night’s Burien City Council meeting to chide councilmembers to register for the March 14th 5k fundraiser race for the Highline Area Food Bank.

So far though, only one city employee has registered – councilmember Lucy Krakowiak, who was rewarded with a commemorative snake last night.

As we reported Feb. 25th, this friendly registration “challenge” is being thrown down to the City of Burien in an attempt to offset city fees that are being charged to stage the charitable, non-profit, local fundraising event that’s being organized by a 100% volunteer committee.

And now, some eight days after the challenge was first issued, there’s still only one city employee/councilmember registered.

Here are some pics taken at last night’s leprechaun crashing:

"Leprechaun" Ashley Fosberg enters council chambers Monday night.

Cove to Clover organizers Mick Purdy, Kristen Kerns, Ashley Fosberg and John Nelson await their turn to speak.

John Nelson cheers the fact that one city employee has registered. BTW, we're sure that the misspelled sign John's holding was just a typo. Right John?

Ashely Fosberg, Kristen Kerns and John Nelson are all smiles in front of council.

As Jack Block Jr. looks on, councilmember Lucy Krakowiak laughs at her reward of a "snake."

For more information on the March 14th Cove to Clover 5k fundraiser race, including how you can register, click here to visit its website.

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9 Responses to ““Leprechauns” Chide Burien City Council Over Cove To Clover Registration”
  1. tripC says:

    I missed the council meeting, and would be interested in knowing just how much our fair city is charging the charitable, non-profit, local fund raising event that’s being organized by a 100% volunteer committee. Are not all of the proceeds going to the Highline food bank? Let me get this straight, ‘our’ city is charging a fee for its citizens to raise money to help feed hungry people? Does anyone else wonder what the hell is happening to our country?

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, no crap. The Burien City Council is looking a bit like they’re out of touch with their citizens on this one. I mean c’mon, waive the fees fro crying out loud!

    Does the city council know how much tax revenue this will generate? The pub crawl the friday preceeding the race will no doubt bring in quite a bit money, with all the “pub crawlers” visiting the numerous establishments.

    And yes, this is a fundraiser for the Highline Food Bank. You’d think the city would be all over this great event. If they don’t get off the collective asses, they’re going to lose alot of face with this whole thing.


  3. Don’t forget you can track the City’s Challenge progess at http://www.covetoclover.com/btown

    The fees not waived by the City amount to only $215. However, if they can muster 14 new registrants they will effectively erase the effect of the fees altogether. I’m hoping they will do even more of course.

    However, if they can’t make it by next Monday, we may ask the Normandy Park City Council if they might assist their neighboring government to achieve their goal of 14.

    Finally. Yes. I mispelled a word. Making mistakes is kind of a hobby of mine…

  4. jan says:

    perhaps the city should donate the $215 registration to the food bank and take a charitable tax write off? can city’s do that? . Set a precedent! This would be better than a bunch of hot dogs raiding the council in Sept when they try to do the same to the Braut Trott.

  5. citizen says:

    The Mighty Council can change the contract for Mr Martin…..I can see the next Schrammie Award coming to Burien City Council

  6. Julie Dow says:

    A petition with over 400 citizens signatures presented at Monday’s city council and this is the story? If it is the story, okay, what are the fees?

    • This is not “the story” Julie – we’re still working on a much bigger, more serious one from Monday night’s meeting.

      When it’s done we’ll post it right away.

      Thanks for Reading.


  7. Julie D says:

    So how much were the permit fees that created this hullabaloo?

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