LETTER: Once Annexed, Can Burien Handle An Unhealthy Arbor Lake?

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Arbor Lake is one, small, unhealthy lake.

Within the next few weeks, the City of Burien will annex this lake into the city. The lake’s health problems, in large part, come from its public access. A couple times per month, citizen scientists visit Arbor Lake to perform visual assessments of the environmental and physical conditions around the lake. The reports from those visits are not good. Currently, King County has a clean-up crew at Arbor Lake seven days per week. The crew reports that there is litter (bottles, cans, paper, plastics, paint cans, used condoms, needles, etc.), biological wastes (poop, vomit), damage to the park equipment and gang tagging daily to clean up. They worry that Burien will not have the financial resources to provide this seven day a week routine just to maintain the lake and surrounding area at its current level. The worst damage happens to the lake on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a time at which Burien typically does not contract for park clean up.

Photo courtesy Arbor Lake area resident Colleen West.

A number of the neighbors around Arbor Lake say that they would never consider swimming in the lake because the water quality is so poor. Several drainage pipes empty into the lake and there is a lot of non-point pollution entering the lake. Arbor Lake is obviously infested with fecal coliform bacteria (E.coli) because of the amount of poop that is around the lake at times. Remember E.coli is that stuff that sickened and killed people who ate infected food. The major cause of this E.coli is not from birds. It is from humans and dogs pooping in and around the lake. During the summer, the lake has major infestations of invasive weeds that choke out the oxygen in the lake and make the water impossible to sustain any fish. At that time, the water is not healthy for the birds to use either.

Photo courtesy Arbor Lake area resident Colleen West.

The Native Plant society has attempted to help the lake by planting some native plants but clearly a great deal more needs to be done to help this small lake get back on the road to recovery. Most of the homes on the east side of the lake are heavily gated to protect the owners from public intrusion into their homes and property. No Trespassing signs are everywhere. The road running along the west side of the lake has had to be blockaded due to car racing and crimes. The King County Sheriff frequently has to visit the lake. Like Lake Hicks, Arbor Lake has fared poorly with public access. The City of Burien will be picking up a big financial bill, if it plans to care for and restore Arbor Lake.

Photo courtesy Arbor Lake area resident Colleen West.

What Burien really needs to provide for citizens is a swimming pool where they can learn to swim and enjoy the pleasure of water exercise. Most small lakes do not do well (water health wise) having heavy public access. Arbor Lake and Hicks Lake have not been able to meet the demands that the greater public has on them and perhaps that is not their real ecological purpose. These fragile bodies of freshwater are not sketchy line drawings on paper, art work, public swimming pools or public garbage cans. They are living, functioning natural systems that deserve respect, understanding, protection and care. Do not plan on having your kids swim in Arbor Lake soon for both your kids’ and the lake’s health.

– Chestine Edgar

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44 Responses to “LETTER: Once Annexed, Can Burien Handle An Unhealthy Arbor Lake?”
  1. HoBo says:

    Part of the lake’s polution problem is the fact that a lot of septic tanks are leaking into the lake. A municiple sewer system mandate for all houses, would help.
    As for “gang” activity, the road on the west side of the lake should be re-opened, to allow vehicular traffic to pass by the area. This would allow witnessing of what is going on there.

    • Rainycity says:

      You mentioned you and your husband walk through the park almost daily, maybe just take a bag with you when do and pick up some stuff along the way. I always take a bag when I go down there with my daughter.

    • Rainycity says:

      Tell me Hobo, how would opening up the road help again????
      By witnessing,???? witnessing what??? The same thing you see from the 124th end????

  2. Kai J. says:

    Nothing, that is what Burien will do because we are broke and nobody running hte city or the fire department can read or balance a budget. Oh joy Burien is going to be bigger, as in obese and unhealthy!!! The lake, like the pot holes will get more of nothing while they find clever ways to keep raising our taxes to pay the ex Fire Department thug his golden parachute.

    Starting to wish I was poor and had nothing to give or lose.

    • Bonnie Moormeier says:

      Burien has a core group of volunteers who work with the Burien Parks and Recreation at local parks, including Salmon Creek Ravine, Shorewood Park, Seahurst Park, Mathison and others. I have no doubt that once officially part of Burien, these volunteers will work to clean up Arbor Lake park.

  3. Colleen W says:

    I can tell you from personal experience and contact with the King Co. Sheriff’s Office that police are very aware of the issue, now that we have asked for help. I have been personally visited by a deputy who said we could call any time. I was impressed with the help. Now, if we could only get the environmental aspect fixed. We pick up trash an have had the county replace some signs and fix benches. We have cleaned up graffiti. But it’s not enough, and we need more people to speak up. I have learned that the squeaky wheel does indeed get greased so to speak.

    – An Arbor Lake neighbor

  4. B-town hound says:

    Fence it off and shut it down to public access completely. Allow lakefront homeowners access as they have a vested interest in keeping it clean, solve the sewage issue, although I hate to see a mandate that everyone hook up to the sewer system just because it is so expensive. But maybe some sort of tax incentive would help.

    Or you could just say screw it and turn it into a sewage treatment center!

  5. IStephen Bersig says:

    I love our small city, but with the council talking about tring to aguire frontage on Lake Burien I have to wonder what they are thinking. I’m not sure where these two lakes are exactly or how big or deep they are but maybe the city should just fill them in and ad the the size of the park.

  6. Coverofnight says:

    They should remove the public access and have both lakes be private like Lake Burien. We have absolutely NO money to maintain these lakes. They sound like MAJOR projects for environmental restoration. And, as noted above, what is the council thinking trying to acquire public access frontage on Lake Burien? I bet the lake homeowners are real excited at the prospect of having a bunch of loud, undisciplined strangers invading their privacy. I’ve lived here all my life and never felt slighted that I didn’t have public access to that lake. I swear, the council is doing everything they can to destroy the quality of life that made Burien so wonderful. I’m beginning to feel that we were better off when we were ignored by King County because we were so far south from Seattle. I hope things get better for Colleen.

  7. twotonewilly says:

    me and my girlfriend play a game when we pass by arbor lake everyday, its called what drug are they buying? its fun…. try playing it sometime. the police seem to be spending more time there lately but it only seems to be slightly helping. I think they need to gate the park off. right now its just a good meeting place for all things shady.

  8. Chris says:

    “Kai J”:

    You’re an idiot! What on earth are you talking about. It wasn’t the Burien Fire Chief (aka King County Fire District 2) who was taking the taxpayers for a ride! And it ISN’T Fire District 2 who couldn’t balance their budget.

    If you would pause for one second and get your facts straight, you’d soon realize that it was the NORTH HIGHLINE FIRE DEPARTMENT (that serves White Center/Boulevard Park) that agreed to pay their last two chiefs outrageous salaries, all the while driving their department into financial ruin.

    And get this straight fella, the City of Burien doesn’t run it’s own fire department. It’s a separate fire district, represented by three elected commissioners. You seem to be lumping the “fire department” into the rest of Buriens departments.

  9. TcB says:

    Wow, i had no idea. It does seem like a combination of volunteer cleanup, getting rid of septic tanks, and some other creative focus is needed for this lake. I don’t think i’ve been here ever, or don’t remember when.

  10. West Side says:

    I live on the west side of the “lake”. First of all, for anyone who’s never seen it, it’s not really a lake at all, but a large pond. It’s not filled with trash or old tires, but it is filled with a lot of ducks. Ducks leave their own trash, so anyone with even an iota of common sense wouldn’t swim in there anyway. It’s not large enough or deep enough to be used as a public swimming hole regardless.

    The real problem at Arbor Lake Park is the park itself and the constant drug dealing that goes on there. Thankfully, the police do come down more often now, but it doesn’t take long for the cars to start lining up again once they leave. The park is so small, why not put up one or two cameras? Wouldn’t that help the neighborhood and the overall drug problem and be cheaper than most other options? If we can afford to put up cameras at intersections in Burien to catch normally law abiding citizens trying to make a yellow light, then shouldn’t we be able to do the same to catch the people dealing drugs in our neighborhoods?

    • mark says:

      The camera idea is a great one that I suggested to a King county Parks worker at the park. He told me even dummy cameras have been affective. As far as west side goes I also live on the west side and the garbage is always there its just that the park has recently been thoroughly cleaned by me and others such as the parks staff…..just the other day I picked up a 50 inch T.V and that toilet in the picture I had to pick up. On one day I took out !0 bags of beer bottles 5 needles and 10 drug bags as well as car parts. Every day I find aluminum foil with the black marks on it where people smoke pills. The trash is going down arrests are constantly being made and even “Santa” the homeless guy who is always drinking has been ticketed and no longer goes to the park.

      • West Side says:

        I’d be more than willing to volunteer for a few hours each weekend to help keep the trash picked up.

        Maybe when they catch people doing drug deals there, they should make THEM help clean up the park and pond as part of their community service. Just a thought.

        • mark says:

          I like it that you want to volunteer and feel free to start anytime. I was at the park today and only found 5 drug bags and one beer can except one bag and the can were in the playground. As far as your idea about the violators cleaning up the park as community service I am sure if you sent an E-mail to a few of our judges they would be happy to accommodate. Action causes action as my dad used to say. The more we move on this the more others will. We cant just wish it away.

    • Jim Branson says:

      “West Side”, I have asked for cameras at another Burien Park, and the immediate answer was, “There’s no money for that.” They didn’t even take a moment to consider the prospect. “There’s no money for that.” End of discussion. If a discussion were allowed, I would try to point out that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If they could deter a few people from abusing parks like Arbor Lake, it would pay huge dividends. It would make the place safer so that families would actually want to go there. It would prevent environmental damage, which is a lot cheaper than correcting the damage after the fact. It would raise the property values of all the houses in the area.

      At any rate, whether there is money for cameras or not, the City has an obligation to protect our citizens and to protect the environment. Saying “There’s no money for that” isn’t an option. We didn’t have money to build a new City Hall, especially when there was nothing wrong with the old one, but that didn’t stop them. Placing cameras is cheaper than hiring security. Preventing crime is cheaper than having to respond to crime and pay for housing criminals. Having cameras would probably be cheaper than paying contractors to clean up the garbage and graffiti.

      Arbor Lake doesn’t become part of Burien until April 1st, but on April 2nd, you should ask the parks department and the police to install cameras at Arbor Lake. When they say “There’s no money for that,” don’t accept that as an answer.

      If Burien doesn’t clean up Arbor Lake, I hope White Center will make note of that when voting on Seattle annexation.

      If Burien can’t or won’t clean up Arbor Lake, I would be interested to hear why anyone thinks it would be any different if the City acquired public access on Lake Burien.

    • Rainycity says:

      Because the Burien council probably don`t feel they could make any money off cameras at the park.. I`ve thought about even just putting up a sign saying something like smile you are under surveillance down there.
      But I`m pretty sure cameras wouldn`t be all that much would they,, maybe so, I really don`t know.

  11. Kai J. says:

    Chris.. Your anger clearly indicates you’re conservative Palin views.

    Did I say what fire department or individual(s), NO… The jist of my remark was the ongoing bad decisions around the whole politicized annexation and that in my opinion the hurt it has and will cause what was a reasonably sustainable fiscal Burien. From what I have read and understood a large part of the aggressive push for Annexation was from the city manager(s) and the respective fire department (s) commissioner (s) in order to make Burien bigger and their salaries right along with it.

    While I may occasionally get my facts wrong, Idiot’s seldom have property tax statements over $15,000 and pay them on time, every time. I’m sharing my opinion because I’m frustrated with American politics and care about my community.


  12. Colleen W says:

    I don’t think ‘filling the lake’ in is the answer. The crime has gone down significantly. Police told me part of the problem is that NO ONE EVER CALLS. Except me and my husband. We drive by there or walk the block to the park every day. Our calls to the police are getting less. The park actually is looking a lot better all the time. Now, I absolutely agree that something needs to be done about the water quality. It is disgusting. But I believe help is out there if we ask. It actually is a decent park with a duck population.

    I don’t think ignoring the problem or fencing it off is the answer.

  13. mark says:

    Thanks for writing this article .Public awareness is the beginning to solving these problems.We know the budget is and always has been slim that is why I donate my time and extra paint for graffiti to this park everyday. We are not going away and the park is not going away so what we need to do is take care of our resources. There are plenty of ways to volunteer our time by picking up trash or calling our police and sending them E-mails. Call the power co. when the streetlights need fixing or the sewer council when there is a sewage problem.These people cant help if they don’t know what to do.or where the problem is. .We should also remember to thank these people who are trying every day to help us.We can E-mail legislatures and the EPA if needed.The more these issues get the light of day the more they will be fixed.

    • mark says:

      Also I am wondering if you all notice by looking at your map that the stream connected to Arbor Lake Park Flows through Burien and ends at Seahurst park. This problem affects all of us.

  14. Kai J. says:

    Staying on point this time around… Fragile eco systems need to be protected from the mases (public) that do not have a vested interest. Home owners (not renters typically) usually make an effort to take care of their environment and property values.

    The critical improvement factor is the septic to sewer upgrade not the beer bottles and condoms. Burien needs to mandate the sewer connections and get the sewer district to reduce and amortize the initial connection fees.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Kai J,
      I agree with you that the septic tanks are probably thedominate problem at Arbor Lake. And that is the private property owner, not the public, that has these septic tanks.

      I see no evidence that private property owners take care of the environment better than the public. On Burien’s expansive salt water front the only natural beaches are at parks and a few unbuilt upon lots. The rest is lawns and bulkheads or other shoreline armoring. On Lake Burien the shoreline owners have removed most of the shade trees, replaced native rushes and other vegetation with bulkheads and sandy beaches, put in lawns to the water’s edge, built docks and water slides, introduced fish species that were not there originally, and generally treated the lake not as a natural resource but as their private playground. Of course they want the water clean enough to swim in (not the public, that would polute the water), but a natural shoreline Is much safer in a park than on private property.

      • Thom G. says:

        Duh– Lee, you need to look at the King County Water Quality maps. The Seahurst Park and the Seahurst shoreline has like major, massive fecal coliform problems because of public access. The private property owners don’t crap on their own beachs or leave garbage. It’s from public access.

        • Lee Moyer says:

          You are right. The entire shoreline on the east side of Puget Sound is too contaminated for shell fish gathering, etc. However, the overwhelming evidence is that it is from storm water runoff, not public access. I’ve seen no evidence of concentrations of polution at the public access sites, unless they happen to be at a stream mouth. The “leave no trace” wilderness ethic for the north west coast is to poop on the beach, not in the woods, because the bad bugs can’t last much over 24 hours in the salt water and a couple tide cycles disperse the nutrients.

          • Jim Branson says:

            Aha! So now we know why the fecal coliform counts are so high at Burien beaches! People like Lee Moyer arm themselves with misinformation that suits their views, and then they crap on our beaches, thinking it’s a good thing. Wonderful. In years of membership in the Washington Native Plant Society, The Washington Trails Association, and the Sierra Club, this is the first time I’ve heard that the Leave No Trace wilderness ethic meant you are supposed to shit on the beach. But I guess if Lee Moyer says so, it must be true. Here I was thinking that people ought to use the restroom and that they should clean up after their dogs.

            Let’s let the Lee Moyers of this world have public access to Lake Burien-that won’t be a disaster, will it.

          • Lee Moyer says:

            Jim Branson,
            You seem to love distortion and sarcasm. I said wilderness beaches, as in expedition kayaking. You may consider Seahurst wilderness, I do not. And I was using the point to illustrate that the fecal coliform problems are not likely to be from dogs or people on a saltwater beach (for your information, that would not include Lake Burien).

            I am not responsible for what you have not heard of. The best techniques for addressing the waste problem on wilderness expeditions vary widely with the climate of the area. Check with the Trade Association of Sea Kayaking, the Washington Kayak Club, or professional guides who do the wilderness northwest coast for recommended techniques..

            You may have more credibility if you had less sarcasm.

  15. Thom G. says:

    Duh- I wonder if Brian Bennet has seen what Arbor Lake or Hicks Lake looks like and if that’s his plan for Lake Burien. Also Burien can’t even afford to keep the toilets open in their own parks. How are these dudes going to afford cameras for Arbor Lake and clean up?

    • SD says:

      I’m not sure who Brian Bennett is, but I anticipate the City of Burien to (1) ignore (2) divert funds from other programs (3) increase taxes or (4) shift the burden to community volunteers. If Burien’s city council does not have a financially sound plan to support and promote property values in Burien and the newly annexed areas, then in my eyes Burien’s city council members have FAILED.

  16. Rainycity says:

    Her we go, Burien in all it`s infinite wisdom fails once again to foresee anything but dollars,, Now we hear ohhhh, we can`t afford to do this and do that at arbor lake , we just wanted the annexation for the extra income to our poorly run town, we didn`t expect to ever have to pay anything out..
    Then we got people like hobo who really don`t have a clue about the reason for closing the road at one end,, same thing they did at all the parks,, to prevent that shit.
    Oh yeah,, just open it up right hobo, give them a fast lane out of there and watch the kids start getting in the way,,
    The LAST thing you do is open up the other end.
    When they pruned the branches of the trees up so a person could look through the park from the parking strip, it really quieted down..
    Does anybody really know WHAT the quality of that water is????
    Oh wait, we had our “citizen” scientists, whatever a citizen scientist is, (I`m guessing a 12 year old with a ph test kit for his fish bowl) come out and determine that the water quality is no good. Well, I swam there for years and my tail and 6th finger don`t really get in the way of anything I have to do anyways except type so it`s no big deal really.
    And somebody mentioned a swimming pool???? Heh-heh, yeah, there`s a viable option, don`t we already have on that`s closing down just up the road from lack of funds??????
    Lets just put in another one they can`t afford,,,,idiot,,
    All they need is one camera or even folks thinking there`s one and most of the dumping will stop…I`m pretty sure it`s the same assholes anyways
    Well, I best get off my high horse for a minuite here, I`m starting to get pissed at this ignorance surrounding this issue.

    • mark says:

      Actually I talked to one of the environmental scientists from Seahurst Park at the Strawberry Festival about the lake. She said that they do periodic tests on the lake and it has a severe algae bloom problem directly related to storm drains and fertilizers and whatever else is leaching through the soil. I have been on a raft in that lake in the summer and it smells and you are guaranteed to be covered with a coating of goo as my raft was if you swim in it.

      • Rainycity says:

        Here we go with the environmental scientist term again, They say the algae blooms are “directly” related to the fertilizers and stormdrains,,*LOL*. bull shit.
        They may be related but not directly.
        Now I`m convinced it`s a 12 year old with a PH test kit who is trying to get out of doing yard work.
        In a nutshell.The pond is shallow, gets pretty warm and contains lots of nutrient enriched plants which when warmed up produce algae which in turn produce algae bloom when microthingies which are usually caused from phosphates from somethings manmade but to say it`s DIRECTLY RELATED to it is really pushing the envelope.
        Actually turning the water over helps eliminate algae bloom buts many many lakes get it during the latter parts of summer.
        Sigh,, I`m not saying anymore on this,,, (unless I feel compelled to do so by some ignorant statement from somebody who has probably never done anything but drive by the pond and is now a authority on it). It just gets my already high blood pressure up,,*lol*
        I`m no authority but I have been on that pond for well over 40 years and have seen it go through many changes,,,

  17. Pete says:

    I live on the lake and am encouraged by the interest and effort expressed here regarding Arbor Lake. I am an environmental scientist and have a fair amount of experience working with local and state government. I would also like to help the lake and it seems that coordinating our efforts might be helpful.

    For example, the septic issue is critical and requires working with the sewer district as well as the City. There may be some grant money, other assistance or at least economies of scale available to a coordinated effort that promises substantial improvements to public safety, public health and the environment.

    Coordinated groups of citizens tend to get attention from council members when they keep issues in front of them and sheppard ideas through the process to implementation. This is especially true in cases like this where public safety, public health and the environment are at issue.

    I would like to help and meet other people interested in helping the lake. If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected] and maybe we get arrange a time to meet.

    Thanks to all who work to help the lake and commented here.


  18. Ed Dacy says:

    i am glad that someone did point out that the Burien Fire District is being run fine. Also the City COuncil has appropriated some money for the parks in the annexation area for 2010.

    This discussion has brought up a lot of details about Arbor Lake

    Let’s wait and see what Burien does

  19. Jim Branson says:

    Lee Moyer, I love getting advice from you on how to be more credible. I checked the sources you said I should. The Trade Association of Sea Kayaking is a resource for manufacturers, and it says nothing about Leave No Trace. The Washington Kayak Club says, in bold letters, “everyone is asked to please pack out what you pack in . . . INCLUDING HUMAN WASTE. ” If I google Leave No Trace, I can find exactly zero references that recommend crapping on the beach as the preferred environmental option. You yourself said it has nothing to do with Burien in the first place, since Burien doesn’t have any wilderness, which makes me wonder why you brought it up.

    As far as your statement–“I’ve seen no evidence of concentrations of polution at the public access sites….” I believe that because you ignore any evidence that doesn’t support your narrow views. If you look at the Department of Ecology’s Coastal Atlas, you see that the areas in red are usually associated with areas of public access. These areas are also areas of high housing density, in most cases, so maybe there isn’t a correlation. But then you take a look at Sand Point/Magnuson Park on Lake Washington. There the map shows red at the dog beach, an area of high public access with no housing at all. Just south of that, there is an area of high density housing with no public access, but the map shows green, meaning the least pollution.

    So, Lee, what other tips have you got for me on how to be more credible? As far as my sarcasm, I don’t deploy it often, but I find it to be most useful when dealing with dangerous idiots.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I apologize for sending you to the TASK and WKC websites. When I was active in those orgs we were working on Leave No Trace issues and I didn’t realize they did not include them in their website. The “Pack it out” reference you quoted applies to day use of a particular closed DNR campsite. Of course, that is the preferred option when feasible. If you want to see info on beach pooping, go to the Sea Kayaking Guides Alliance of B C, (www.skgabc.org/low-impact.php) . As I stated before, I brought it up to illustrate the short life of pathogens in our salt water. Therefor, it would take a lot of fresh poop every day to create a water problem. A more likely source is storm water runoff (streams) or failing septic tanks. Certainly the poop should still be picked up. It is a water quality problem, just not the most dominate contributor, and inadvertantly tracking it home is obnoxious and unsanitary.
      Your picking two points out of the Coastal Atlas is not a trend. You could also compare one of the most popular public access sites on Puget Sound, Golden Gardens , which, like your chosen residential area, tested O K and the marine shoreline of Burien due west of downtown, which, like your chosen public access area, is contaminated. Neither comparison, giving opposite results, means much. The real problem is population concentration.

  20. Pauline says:

    That’s not even a real lake, is it? My understanding has always been that it’s a glorified King County stormwater pond (that’s why it’s so shallow) — and that’s where some of the polution comes from, too — runoff from streets and lawn and garden chemicals. I always believe in giving someone a chance, so I can’t buy into condeming the City of Burien before it’s even taken control of the annexed area. Whatever floats your boat, though.

    • Rainycity says:

      The lake has a pete moss bottom and was dredged for years before all the save our enviroment save our planet push started coming to surface and he was forced to quit.
      When I was a kid I would watch dumptrucks full pull out of there.
      It is a lake though, but I prefer to call it a duck pond.
      And I can almost guarantee you, the city of Burien and their council won`t do squat about it, and they shouldn`t, they would just screw it up anyways.
      As you can tell, I have absolutely no faith in the Burien council at all. All they seem to be good at it what suits them on a personal level more so than whats best for the people.
      But I will say this, I have almost seen more posts of people saying they live on that pond than there are houses on it.

  21. Dale says:

    1) I walk around Arbor Lake most afternoons and enjoy its beautiful trees, ducks, and breeze-caused ripples in the generally calm waters. Four decades ago my sons and I “taught” are new puppy “Tippy” to swim in Arbor Lake.

    2) I doubt that it is a coincidence that Valley View is presently trying to cram sewers down us folks that live on 10th Ave. So.. Next will be monthly charges whether we hook up or not.

    Then sidewalks, re-zoning for apartments, and Higher Taxes!

  22. jimmy says:

    yeah this has some problems but is a nice lake its has lots of fish and ducks and other wild life i even seen a beaver down the last summer and yeah there are some crime problems i have seen drug deals and the local dumbasses with there hondas peeling out and raceing around but with the cops being around more hopfully these problems will be fixed and hopfully the good people around here won’t get buged by burien cops i hope the people of burien can pull your heads out of your ASSES and understand there are a lot of people around here that want to help and that we are not all bad people i hate the way we get treated in this area by some in burien think this area is all bad people when it is not its just a few bad apples in a batch all of you should come down to arbor lake and see it for your self yeah some times the water smells but you go to just about any lake with as much life that is in there the water going to have some problems

  23. Occ says:

    I don’t care if u go to any lake or pond in wa state there will be beer cans, candy wrappers and Other crap people leave behind!! This state is full of jackasses that dont respect the land!! This is a pond not a swimming hole!!! I fish here all the time I have caught many bass(5+lbs) catfish, blue gill, carp and perch this lake holds many fish!! Have to b here at the right time!! As for the crime I’m sitting at the lake right now and there is nothing shady goin on!!!! There is couples and kids playing on there big toys!! Now as for the night life I wouldn’t come down here but every time I do the cops are here in like minutes!!

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