Hit And Run Accident Damages Car, Protective Wall & More At 3 Tree Point

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UPDATE FRI. 3/19 2pm: Just got word from Sgt John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Department, who says that the suspect vehicle, “probably a white Honda Civic,” was found parked at a Burien apartment complex; no arrests have yet been made:

“Suspect vehicle (probably a white Honda Civic) struck a parked car(s), mailbox, wall etc. in the 3300 block of S. 172nd.

Car kept going.

We did find the unoccupied suspect car at a Burien apartment complex, but so far have made no arrests.”

PREVIOUSLY: A hit and run accident around dusk Thursday night (March 18) on SW 172nd in Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood caused extensive damage to a parked Toyota Corolla as well as destroying a protective wall outside a house.

“We were eating dinner and we heard this incredibly loud noise,” said Rachel, who lives in the house where the wall was damaged. “I was honestly afraid that someone was driving through the wall of our home.”

In addition to damaging the parked car and retaining wall, the suspect vehicle struck a mailbox before driving off. Witnesses reportedly took down a license plate number, and the police were called. Rachel said that it took Burien Police at least two hours to respond to the scene.

“I thought our neighbors were putting their garbage out,” said Terry Haigh, another neighbor. “But then I thought ‘man, they’ve sure got a lot of garbage’ because it was really loud.”

Debris was scattered throughout the street, and a trail could be seen where the suspect car, which was allegedly driving south, struck the parked Toyota, bounced off, hit a mailbox across the street, then drove off.

This isn’t the first accident for this neighborhood, according to Rachel. About a year and a half ago, a protective wall on the other side of their property was hit and destroyed in a similar accident. The street (SW 172nd) is narrower than most, as it is an historic beachfront road that dates back to the very early days of the neighborhood.

“We’ve lived here a couple of years, and cars frequently speed down this street,” Rachel added. “And there are usually kids, joggers, pets, families and people walking around. I’m concerned for the safety of the residents here.”

Here are some pics of the scene as shot by Scott Schaefer Friday morning:

This parked blue Toyota was hit first, and according to residents, would've ended up "going into" the house if it wasn't for the protective wall.

While we were on the scene, the owner of the damaged vehicle appeared to be on the phone talking with his insurance company.

Three Tree Point's SW 172nd is a narrow beachfront street with no sidewalks, and it's very popular for joggers, families, bikers and children.

This mailbox was the last thing hit before the suspect vehicle took off.

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13 Responses to “Hit And Run Accident Damages Car, Protective Wall & More At 3 Tree Point”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    Please post a follow-up if they catch this person. Hopefully, it wasn’t a local drunk resident/neighbor.

  2. Erik says:

    Nice. 2/hrs to respond. Way to go KC Sheriff. Speeding has become a real problem in Burien. I live on 152nd across from LK. Burien. Posted speed limit is 30Mph but the average speed of cars is 40+ through this stretch. I have had numerous cars pass me while I was driving the speed limit here. Does anyone have a description of the car?

  3. citizen says:

    Looking at the pictures …looks like the locals almost live on the road….balcony’s so close to the road…and also the white line that has moved into the roadway…looks like an accident waiting to happen…Three Tree Owners say ..Get OFF My Beach….City people say Get OFF My Road…

    • Terry Haigh says:

      I understand that there may be some confusion as to the road and the houses in this area. This area is unique due to the fact that the houses since 1902 were there before the road was put in. We as home owners understand the uniqueness of this and without the proper perspective and historical back ground you are assuming that we are encroaching onto the road, but in fact the opposite is true. If the posted suggested limit of 15 mph were followed this would not of happened. Lastly, at the scene there were no skid marks. The car pictured was parked away from the road on private property and was hit head on and moved backwards up to 5 feet. That along with the lack of skid marks would indicate a higher speed than 15 mph. We are not looking for accidents to happen here so please do not assume that you have all the facts when making comments.

    • Carol says:

      I don’t know anyone who lives here that says “Get off my beach”. We just don’t want people accessing the beach through our private property. And as Terry pointed out, the houses were here long before the road, which by the way was put here to serve the people living in this area – not the whole city.

  4. resident says:

    People need to slow down. A radar trap once a month on 172nd would bring in some nice revenue for the city and slow down the speeding cars.

  5. Rachel (who was quoted in the article) says:

    Hi there,
    This is Rachel from the story: I’d like to add that the police officier who arrived on the scene and helped us all was very helpful and considerate. Our police force is simply and unfortunately understaffed.

  6. Erik says:

    I do agree that they are understaffed. I will not argue with you on that. However this road leads into not one but two School zones depending on which direction the vehicle was traveling. Granted the Schools were out by this time. But this situation (hit and run) is very dangerous to say the least. I don’t think many residents of Burien know this but I had the opportunity do do a ride along with a Burien officer a while ago while taking the Citizens Police Academy class. We spent most of our time in SKYWAY. Skyway and White Center is where they spend a good majority of their time. This leaves Burien with very few officers on patroll.

  7. Jack Block Jr. says:

    Skyway? I’d like to hear about that. [email protected]

  8. Ha! says:

    So has anyone through this ordeal been out to see if our city manager Mike Martin drives a white car (maybe a Honda civic) and find out what kind of condition it is in these days?

  9. resident says:

    Oh dear !

  10. Betsy says:

    Heard it was local teenager who got arrested…..a police report has been filed and an arrest made. Any word B-town blog?

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