Teamsters 174 Vote To Strike; Garbage Haulers May Stop Work Thursday

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Our news partners at The Seattle Times are reporting that members of Teamsters Local 174 voted Sunday (march 28) to authorize a strike once their contract runs out this coming Wednesday at midnight.

A strike would mean that garbage haulers in Burien would not pick up trash once a strike went into effect, which could be as early as Wednesday, March 31st at midnight.

So if your garbage gets picked up anytime after that…it might not get picked up.

Here’s an excerpt from The Times:

The authorization means a strike could be called as soon as midnight on Wednesday, when contracts covering garbage haulers for more than 1 million local homes and businesses expire.

“We do not believe a strike would be good for the Local or members of the community,” said Michael Gonzales, spokesman for Teamsters Local 174, which represents more than 450 garbage haulers for Waste Management and an additional 100 or so for Allied Waste.

Read the full story here.

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2 Responses to “Teamsters 174 Vote To Strike; Garbage Haulers May Stop Work Thursday”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    My comments on an earlier story regarding the potential for a garbage strike locally generated many comments; quite a lot dealing with “safety” issues. People, PLEASE read the Times article referenced above. The strike is not about safety issues. Just more misdirection from the real issues (money) that the union wants. Of particular interest is the quote from the Waste Management spokesperson:

    Lang said Waste Management’s proposal does not include wage cuts and is worth more than $100,000 annually in pay and benefits for the average worker. “We think the union’s demand is unrealistic given the economy,” she said.

    The AVERAGE worker makes more than $ 100,000/year in pay and benefits????!!!!! Sounds pretty sweet to me – after 4 years of college, I don’t even make that much. I wonder how many of them have college degrees…..guess I’m in the wrong profession! And if anyone paid attention, the earlier Times article indicated that the union wants a 25% pay increase! Someone commented that I should get a clue if I’m against unions. Looks like I have a clue now – our rates will go up to cover the pay/benefit increases. Am I the only one who shakes my head in disbelief at union demands – especially in this economy? With 6 applicants going after every job opening, these garbage workers should feel lucky that they even have a job! Before you come after me regarding my comments, why don’t you talk to the thousands of local construction workers that are sitting on their hands waiting/looking for work. I bet they’d jump at the chance to haul garbage during these times. Maybe I ought to call Waste Management Human Resources Department on Thursday…..does anyone know the phone number?

    • your garbageman says:

      Hello. I am one of the may guys who collect your trash in Burien. Addtionally, I was born and Raised on SW 134th St where my folks still live today. I posted the following at the Times and PI’s pages.

      If anything is apparent from reading these comments (at the Times and PI), it is that Wasted Management’s media campaign is working just as they had hoped.————–If you listen carefully when they talk about $110k per year make sure your listen to the “by the end of this contract” statement.——Also listen to their mothpiece from Oregon, Jackie Lang, comment on how the CPI is affecting how much they are paid from local municipalities.—–Ignore the fact that they profited over $1 billion in 2009.—–You, the public, my customers, deserver some facts.———–WM continually comments on todays economy in the news lately, yet the numbers they present to the media, the public, represent figures that won’t be in effect until April 2014. Additionally, those figures, that $110k per year, also include 6 hours of overtime every week….for 5 years.—————I feel like the public deserves some truth, the real figures in Today’s dollars, then feel free to form any opinion you want.———NOTE These figures assume a .50cent wage increase and a .10cent retirement increase effective April 1, 2010 and do not include any overtime.———————WAGES 26.79hr x 40hrs x 52wks = $55,723.20/yr———-RETIREMENT————$6.86hr x 40hrs x 52wks = $14268.80/yr.————HEALTH & WELFARE $1058.00/mo x 12mo = $12696.00/yr———RETIREE’S MEDICAL $94.85/mo x 12mo = $1138.20—-TOTAL Annual Compensation $83826.20/yr Please also note these figure represent H&W increases allready in affect for 2010, whereas WM’s $110k figure for 2014 assumes an 8% increase per year. To the best of my knowledge our H&W has increased less than 4% in each of the last three years.—————————–Listen to my radio interviews.—– 10 minutes into the show) and at the beginning of the show.

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