Guardrail May Have Prevented Head-On Collision In Burien Tuesday

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According to the Washington State Patrol, a guardrail that separates the northbound from the southbound lanes of SR-509 in Burien possibly prevented a head-on collision Tuesday afternoon (March 30).

Police say that at approximately 12:11pm, Haybe Ahmed, 46, of Tukwila, was driving his 1991 Toyota Camry northbound on SR-509 in lane 1 when he drove across lane 2 and collided with the left guardrail just north of 128th Street.

The guardrail, which was completely embedded inside the passenger compartment (see photos below), prevented Haybe from crossing into the southbound lanes and causing a head-on collision.

Haybe was trapped inside the vehicle until medics arrived and were able to extricate him.

Ahmed was transported to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, and Troopers are investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision.

It is undetermined at this time if alcohol and/or drugs were a factor.

The left lanes of both northbound and southbound SR-509 were closed at 128th St for approximately 2 1⁄2 hours while troopers investigated the scene.

Here are photos from the scene courtesy WSP:

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11 Responses to “Guardrail May Have Prevented Head-On Collision In Burien Tuesday”
  1. Jerrod Sessler says:

    Is it just me or does this look nearly impossible? How did the guardrail get inside/through the car? Wild…

  2. b smith says:

    Hmmmm….investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor… I can smell it through my screen! Don’t need a breathalizer for that one!

  3. Joey Hodson says:

    this is freakin amazing that he wasnt DOA hope for the best good luck mate

  4. muna says:

    i know this man and i know that he did NOT use alcohol or drug stuff happens so i hope the best for him!!!!!!!

  5. Kevinde says:

    Wild ride! I can’t see how anyone could survive this, much less be in one piece afterword.

    Great coverage B-Town. Way to be on top of things.

  6. Ray says:

    I drove by after the 2nd firetruck had arrived. They were just starting to extract him out. I dont see how he can survive that but I hope he does. I hope to hear more about what happened if they release it to the public. Lots of accidents yesterday on the wet roads, but none as bad as this one.

  7. rodo liban says:

    i know this man he did not drink alchole or drugs

  8. liban says:

    I know this man and i know that he did NOT use alcohol or drug ,so im trying to say that you should not say that someone did something without any facts. i hope the best for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hellcat says:

    Maybe drugs and alcohol werent involved…. Maybe.. But let me tell you that a good portion of drivers coming through that stretch of 509 drive like idiots. Ive been pushed onto the shoulder, tailgated, brakes slammed on in front of me for no reason, almost sideswiped, people driving on the shoulder etc. To top it off.. I RARELY see any state patrol monitoring the same stretch.

  10. Caitlin says:

    I drove past this accident just after it happened, before any aid had arrived (I didn’t stop because a dozen people already had and since I have no first aid skills, I didn’t want to be in the way).

    The guard rail that you see run through the car was basically across his lap, pinning him to his seat. I’m pretty sure that people weren’t trying to free him because they were afraid to move him before help arrived, since he was quite seriously injured.

    Does anyone know if he’s ok? This was a pretty scary accident, I’ve been really worried about him.

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