UPDATE: Our Temp Intern Editor Says Goodbye & Happy April Fools' Day!

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Dear B-Town Blog Readers –

Just a short note to let everyone know that I did my bestest today editing this here website, and that I will be signing off now, eh?

I had fun, and I hope my choices of stories were good enough for y’all, eh? I sat here in the BTB offices with my AP Stylebook and notes from Scottso, and did what I could with the info I had. I know he’ll be looking at dis later, so Scottso please let me know how I did.

Thanks especially to everyone out there who has an actual sense o’humor, as today could be the last time I ever do this. It’s a special day for some folks ’round here, ‘specially Scottso, who told me to post what I could, when I could, and how I thought it should be posted, including pics and such.

For all you out there who didn’t get it, lemme just remind y’all that today was a day called April Fools’ Day. Aside from being the birthday of some dude named J.P. Patches, whose pic is framed on the wall at the BTB offices, it’s a day where people are ‘sposed to have F.U.N.

I know I did, and I hope you got a smile out of our day of story posting as well. It was for sures a wEiRd nEwS dAy here in Boorien!

For my fam damily, thanks for the Tweet and book ‘Face shoutouts today – for sures it helped. I have to return now to a med center in Sloopflir, PA for more experimental treatments for my Lyme Disease-related mental critical thinking issues, and hope none of ’em came through in my journalistic choices for stories that I done posted here.

Peace Out,
Robb Patrickson


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