Welcome Our New Intern Editor (For The Day), Robb Patrickson!

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Today is not only a huge day in the history of the City of Burien, with Annexation officially taking place – it’s also a big day in the history of The B-Town Blog, as today (Thursday, April 1st) marks the very first day in the 2+ year history of the website that an Editor other than Scott Schaefer will be at the helm.

Meet our newest Intern Editor, Robb Patrickson (pictured, left).

Patrickson, 19, is a student at Cascadian Provincial College, located up north in Kelowna, B.C.

Aside from pursuing a career as a hip-hop/graffiti artist and amateur cheese maker, Patrickson recently overcame a serious bout with Lyme Disease, which affected his “critical thinking” and reasoning skills, especially the ability to discern the truth from fiction. He’s been receiving experimental treatment at a local hospital for the last two months, where he met Schaefer during a routine female examination.

“I’m honored that Scottso is trusting me with da keys to deser here blogs, eh?” Patrickson said in a strange, clipped accent. “I just hope I can deliver da caliber of journalism that’s expected here, oh ya oh eh?”

Patrickson will be serving as temporary Eh?-ditor for just today (April 1st), as Schaefer will spend the day traveling cross-country to Pennsylvania, where he’ll tend to some family issues.

So say hello to your temp Editor in Chief for the day, and wish him da best!

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