This Ain't Cuba! B-Town Blog Sponsors Candidates Forum April 27 In Burien!

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There have been some great, classic Candidate Debates in political history:

  • Lincoln-Douglas 1860
  • Kennedy-Nixon 1960
  • Carter-Reagan 1980
  • Carlson-Locke 2000 (Carlson-Locke? Well, anyway…)

And now…the 34th District Candidates Forum…2010!

Yes, our fellow Americans, you heard read it here first. You read it here because we – your neighborhood journalistic watchdog and deliverer of digital facts, The B-Town Blog – is pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a gathering of the four announced candidates for 34th District State Representative, Position 2.

It’ll be held Tuesday, April 27, from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Highline Performing Arts Center, next door to Highline High School on SW 152nd in Burien.

We’re expecting a big turnout and a lot of energy at this event. Since no incumbent is running (current State Representative Sharon Nelson is running for the Senate this go-round) this is the first open seat for Position 2 in quite a while.

In alphabetical order by last name, here are the four candidates you get to grill:

The source of most of the questions to be asked will be YOU, the curious and informed citizen. Yep, you can ask whatever you want. No kidding. This event is open to everyone and there is, of course, no cover charge.

Remember, one of the four candidates you’ll meet April 27 will go on to become your new representative in Olympia in January. So let them know what’s on your mind! Bring your neighbor. Bring your friend. Bring your vote-canceling spouse!

The primary is set for August 17. The two candidates with the highest number of votes move on to duke it out in the General Election, set for November 2. We’ll be covering that for you, too.

As the big day gets closer, we’ll be announcing more info on the format, so be sure to stay tuned (you can subscribe to our RSS Feed here).

Aren’t you glad you don’t live in North Korea or Cuba? Nights like April 27 just don’t happen often in those parts.

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7 Responses to “This Ain't Cuba! B-Town Blog Sponsors Candidates Forum April 27 In Burien!”
  1. John says:

    I see no Republicans running for this office. Why is that? Are we completely one-sided in this community? How can you expect to have a fair and balanced voting platform when one party controls over the other?

    I know, same question for other races as well. Seems to me there should always be a good mix of people and parties running for an office. Just makes for a better race in my opinion.

  2. Julie D says:

    Well John, then run!

  3. kai. J says:

    Maybe they are all so angry and busy watching Beck, Hannity, and Palin that they forgot or maybe they all have criminal records from make threats against people trying to change the way things don’t work?? Why don’t you run if your so conservatively concerned? As for me, I’m just enjoying a president that has a brain, knows how to read, and is not a marionette for the vice and the wife….

    • Coverofnight says:

      Come on, kai. J! Why the sudden out-of-line venom-spewing rhetoric to John’s simple inquiry on the lack of Republicans going for this position? Your obvious rage and hatred toward anyone with a conservative ideology is distressing. I’d run in a heartbeat if I didn’t feel that you or your Democratic followers would threaten, harass and smear me and my family. Your type is truly scary. You’ve convinced me to strongly consider voting for anyone other than a Democrat… this case, it’ll be McElroy (who’s listed as an independent on his website) that will probably get my vote. As for you, please get some anger management counseling……seriously! God bless.

      • kai. J says:

        Ahhh, Well done spin in true Fox style. Bravo. While you are correct about my contemptuous dry humor, but you clearly seem to be the angry one. I poked fun at reasons why and lamented about factual reports of unacceptable behavior not seen in the last 50 years of politics. Yet you deliver a diatribe or in your case a sermon topping it off with the old withering god card. At least you are going to vote, that’s wonderful.

  4. kai. J says:

    While I am battle worn from Burien campaigns, sitting ideally by with the prospect of a Joe Fitzgibbon representing my voice is not an option. In my seasoned opinion no individual on the near-sighted Shoreline Committee is yet qualified to represent our troubled community. The level of contempt and apathy I have witnessed from Mr. Fitzgibbons in dealing with the highest taxed block of property owners is at best polarizing. As a neophyte in representation and a poor understanding of property rights the prospect of Joe being the voice for our district is endemic of what continues to drag Burien down.
    I absolutely acknowledge that the Burien City Council is somewhat of a volunteer thankless position, but no matter what the titles, we need to improve the level of experience, business common sense, and accountability.
    Joe is yet another step in the wrong direction for Burien says this one voter.

  5. Dina says:

    I trust Marcee Stone’s integrity and experience – I’ve worked with her for years. She’s contributed thousands of hours of her time and professional skills for the betterment of the public. That matters!
    I plan to be at the forum taking photos, and I look forward to meeting some of you.

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