National Volunteer Week Is April 18–24; Here's How To Help Locally

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National Volunteer Week is coming next week, from April 18-24, and is intended to celebrate the “spirit of service to others” in communities across the nation, including right here in Burien.

This year’s theme of “Celebrating People in Action” certainly describes Burien’s numerous caring volunteers, including those at St. Vincent de Paul at St. Bernadette, as well as those at St. Francis of Assisi Parishes. According to Richard Bray, Director of Donor & Community Relations of St. Vincent de Paul, these two groups helped 5,970 mostly local area needy to prevent eviction, hunger, utility shut-off and more through home visits and other contacts in 2009.

We know there are other hard-working volunteers in the area, including at various religious and service organizations, food banks, clubs and others, and we tip our collective hats to all of you!

During tough economic times, we think it’s more important than ever for each of us to try and make a difference, so we encourage all our Readers to find some way to help someone next week, even if it’s just in a small way like the newly-popular “paying it forward” fad of buying the person’s drink behind you at the local coffeeshop.

Wondering how YOU can make a difference right here in Burien? Here are some ideas (if you have any others, please email us and we’ll add ’em):

To help inspire you, here’s a touching video tribute to the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who helped pass the “Serve America Act” on April 21, 2009:

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One Response to “National Volunteer Week Is April 18–24; Here's How To Help Locally”
  1. Eric says:

    Hey, don’t forget Burien Little Theatre. BLT is all volunteer. There is no paid staff, no paid anyone. Nevertheless, thanks to countless volunteers BLT produces very high quality live theater. As part of the suburban fringe movement BLT is helping revitalize live theater on a national level.

    Four times a year BLT creates and entire world, tells a story from that world, and then tears it down only to start again, all on a absolute fixed deadline. To do this BLT needs designers, builders, painters, go-fers, stagehands, light and sound board operators, ushers, and people with a strong back to carry and hold. Then there is whole business side which requires a lawyer, CPA, bookkeeper, PR people, writers, people to pass out postcards, flyers, and posters. Not to mention people to manage the mailing list and the reservation list. Then there are those who do the budgets and ask for grants and do the other fund raising.

    There are many more jobs, but you get the idea. At BLT all of these positions are filled by volunteers, no one gt paid. Without volunteers there would be no BLT.

    If you would like to volunteer BLT can be reached at [email protected]. Or stop by a performance of “Bleacher Bums,” running now through May 9th at the “old” community center and let us know!

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