Our 34th District Candidates Forum Will Be Hosted By KVI's John Carlson

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The first-ever B-Town Blog Candidates Forum will be held next Tuesday night, April 27th, and will not only feature all of the four announced candidates for 34th District State Rep., Pos. 2, but it will be hosted by KVI Radio Personality John Carlson.

Now, you may be thinking “What the heck does a conservative radio host have to do with a mostly-democratic candidates forum“?

While we too have the same question, the reasoning is quite simple:

We went to high school with John. He’s an old friend.

And we think having someone “on the right” host this may add a sense of balance and fairness that you normally might not see in such an event (plus, if he gets out of line we can embarrass him with stories from high school!).

The goal of the forum of course is to allow YOU, our Readers a chance to actually question the candidates yourself, in hopes that it will help make your mind up for the primary election, which will be held Aug. 17th.

As the event draws nearer, we’ll announce the format and rules, but please mark your calendars for what’s sure to be a lively, spirited and locally-relevant discussion.

KVI's John Carlson will host.

To “prime the pump” so to speak, here are some questions to inspire you (EDITOR’S NOTE: don’t use these questions, as they would be deemed irrelevant to this Rep’s actual power – these are just ideas):

  • Where do you stand on the possible annexation of White Center: should it go to Burien or Seattle? Why?
  • What is your stand on allowing public access to Lake Burien?
  • What…is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

In alphabetical order by last name, here are the four candidates you’ll get to grill:

Remember, one of the four candidates you’ll meet April 27 will go on to become your new representative in Olympia in January 2011. So let them know what’s on your mind!

Bring your neighbor.

Bring your friend.

Bring your vote-canceling spouse!

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8 Responses to “Our 34th District Candidates Forum Will Be Hosted By KVI's John Carlson”
  1. Gorfsnopple says:

    So, John Carlson gets to host, but we have no conservative candidate to choose from?

    This city really is full of mindless drones.

  2. Ivan Weiss says:

    I’d like someone to explain to me what jurisdiction the State Legislature has over annexation of North Highline and access to Lake Burien, which are strictly local issues. When all four candidates look the questioners in the eye and say “It’s strictly a local issue; do you have a question for me on something I might actually have to deal with?” then what?

  3. Chris says:

    Excellent point, Ivan. I was thinking the very same thing.

    In regards to annexation, a better question would be along the lines of:

    How would you address Growth Management Act requirements that unincorporated, urban areas become part of a muncipal government, considering that the tax credit will expire, and that there is little to no additional money to help cities accomplish this GMA goal?

    And perhaps another question, could pertain to shoreline managemnt practices, considering much of the language is taken from the GMA and the countywide planning policies. With the issue of the shoreline management debacle in Burien, it seems we could find some questions regarding how cities address this requirement.

    • I nominate both Ivan and Chris to show up and ask their pertinent, relevant questions. Hope to see you both then.

      • Ralph Nichols says:


        Not to worry. I will be pleased to focus on a paramount legislative issue; i.e., how do the Democratic candidates defend the reckless spending of the majority party again this year, which is propelling Washington down the same road as California?

        Just wanted to set your mind at ease! And I hope to see you there.

      • Chris says:

        Mr Schaefer,

        I’m not sure if you’re trying to be serious or sarcastic. I’ll be at the forum though!

  4. John Hanrahan says:

    Mr. Nichols,

    Can you detail the reckless spending? I’m looking for facts and figures if you have any. No sarcasm or pointing fingers, just looking for new information.

    Thank you,
    John Hanrahan

    • Ralph Nichols says:

      Mr. Hanrahan,

      I will do so. For you and anyone else who is interested. I’m working on 4-5 stories between now and Saturday, but by Monday I’ll have some information.


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