Looking For A New Sport For Your Kid? Try NHRA Jr. Drag Racing

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by Julie Tallant

Looking for a sport for your child? Want them to learn discipline and responsibility? Not interested in the typical sports? Fascinated with cars?

Then NHRA Jr. Drag Racing may be the sport for your child.

My daughter Ellie has just started her first full season drag racing. She ran 6 of the 13 races last year. And out of 37 kids she ended 17th. She even took 2nd place in one of the races, complete with her first trophy!

Now I’m sure you’re thinking:

“How old is she?

How fast does she go?

And um…is it safe?”

Well, to be eligible to drag race you have to be 8-years old, obtain a NHRA Jr. Drag racing competition license, and have a car that can pass a tech inspection. There are several different brackets, with different regulations for different ages. From ages 8 – 18, the kids are out there running their cars with anything from a Briggs and Stratton to a Harley Davidson engine (of course, HD is the older bracket!).

Ellie is 10 years old, so she competes in the JR Thunder bracket. She runs mid 11 seconds in the 1/8 mile with a speed of 55 mph.  She wears fire pants, a fire jacket and a full face helmet. She has a five-point harness and arm restraints. To be honest, she’s kept safer than most of us driving our SUVs.

Dewey, Ellie and Julie take a break from racing.

Drag racing is something that has been in my husband’s family for many years.  He started drag racing when he was in high school and continues to this day. I, myself, started racing as well a few years back. So this has truly become a family sport. Ellie races on Saturdays, we camp overnight, and my husband and I race on Sundays. Our home track is Bremerton Raceway, which is a very family-friendly track. And the Jr. Dragster program is great.  They really make it all about the kids.

Now, I must confess, this is not a cheap sport. But let’s face it, if your child gets serious about any sport and gets on a select team, etc. it won’t be an inexpensive venture. And where else can you sit and watch good, clean, legally-sanctioned racing? And did I mention that the cars are great to look at? Everything from VW bugs to Diesel trucks, classics and new cars.

So if you are looking for something to keep your kids out of trouble and give them goals, this may be a great sport to try.

We currently have two sponsors for Ellie: Impromptu Portraits and Duke’s Transmission.  But we’re looking for additional sponsors! As you can imagine, keeping three cars going is quite an expense. If you’re interested in sponsoring Ellie or just have questions about the sport, you may contact us by e-mail [email protected].

Anyone who sponsors we can put the name of their business on the side of her car as an advertisement.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was written and submitted by BTB Reader Julie Tallant. We encourage all our Readers to submit interesting stories, and ask only that they pertain to something local, are not obvious advertisements, and are interesting. Have any idea? Email us and we’ll consider it!]

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2 Responses to “Looking For A New Sport For Your Kid? Try NHRA Jr. Drag Racing”
  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for the article Julie. I don’t think many people realize just how family friendly Jr. Drag Racing is. Karting has the same atmosphere.

    Check out the movie coming this summer called Racing Dreams. It’s about karting, but I think you, your daughter, and the rest of your family will find it very familiar. There is a trailer available on the movies website at http://www.racingdreamsfilm.com/

    Best of luck to your daughter!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Eric! We will definitely check it out. Drag Racing is something that we enjoy and never really dreamed that we would be able to share so closely with her.

      I’ll try to keep everyone posted during the season as to how she’s doing.


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