B-TOWN BIZ: Infusion Tea And Coffee Opens Up On First Ave

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Story & Photos by Gina Bourdage

Coffee or Tea? Now you don’t have to choose.

Infusion Tea & Coffee just opened on the corner of 156th and First Ave South in Burien. They will soon be announcing their grand opening event and are welcoming customers to stop by and see their progress in its final stages.

Within the brightly-colored walls you can get some work done using their free Wi-Fi, play backgammon, checkers or chess on any of the number of boards they have throughout the shop. In the chilly summer evenings customers will be able to cozy up next to their 360-degree fireplace in large cushy chairs. The walls will be adorned with work by local artists and starting in June, they’ll feature local musicians with a slower to moderate tempo to help create a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere.

Let’s not forget the beverages! Infusion tea I learned is specially-blended flavors that are prepared in a very specific manner to create a more full flavor than an average bagged tea.

Just looking over the menu you feel a sense of international flair with options like:

  • Pear Carmel Truffle
  • Wild Black Berries
  • Ceylon Kenilworth
  • White Louts
  • Orchid Oolong
  • Blue Peacock
  • Marrakesh Mint
  • Matach Green
  • Organic Dragonwell
  • Spring Jasmine
  • Mayan Chocolate Truffle
  • Organic Yerba Mate
  • Rooibos
  • And more…

There is everything from white teas to green teas, decaf and Oolong options. You can order your tea by the cup or in a full tea.

Not to overlook the other half of the caffeine confections, you can grab a cup of your favorite Stumptown brew in the Northwest-favorite espresso form, or in the French press option (that’s drip but fuller flavored and much more interesting to watch than a coffee pot).

If you’re in the mood to nosh, they have you covered with pastries from Alki Bakery, along with wraps, salads, fruit and more. There are even beverage options for the younger crowd, as well as the caffeine-impaired.

If you are interested in performing or displaying your artwork, Infusion Tea & Coffee wants to hear from you – contact Cori Yonker at [email protected].

For updates and more information find them on their Facebook Fan page here.

Here are some photos taken of the biz:

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Know of a new business opening in Burien? Please email us with as much info as you can, and we’ll try to do a story on it!]

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14 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: Infusion Tea And Coffee Opens Up On First Ave”
  1. TIME4T says:

    Yeah! Burien needed a tea shop!

  2. Lori Alden says:

    Love it! A great addition to Burien!

  3. Mary says:

    I wish it were a true tea shop! Tea and Coffee don’t mix. The strong aroma of the coffee nullifies the fine scent of tea. There are exceptional tea shops around Seattle. The TeaCup on Queen Ann Ave N is one of my favorites. The Great Wall Mall had an outstanding tea room where they did the Chinese tea ceremony. They had many different teas to taste and share. (People brought their own, too.) It ended up being like a wine tasting party, only better (no one got drunk at the end!).

  4. Chase says:

    Mary, have you ACTUALLY visted and tried the tea at infusion?

  5. Joelle says:

    Looks like Mary hasn’t even given Infusion a chance! They have delicious coffee, a great selection of top notch teas, and a great atmosphere. It is, indeed, a great addition to Burien!

  6. kendra says:

    it’s an INFUSION of tea & coffee! ergo the name! i really enjoy working here,& look forward to seeing burien’s people try our stuff out! 😀 <3 try it out guys!

  7. Teak says:

    Good concept and burien needs a good cafe BUT the coffee here needs tweaking. It doesn’t have a good coffee flavor. Maybe it’s just too weak as stumptown is good coffee. You gotta get your coffee skills right and train your people. Leaky to go cups are inconvenient as well. Play some music, too. It’d help a pretty decent environment otherwise.

  8. Sharon says:

    Best coffee in Burien! The staff is great and experienced. Most of the baristas have worked at other coffee shops in Burien including Sam’s espresso, Supreme Bean, Tully’s, and more! Very comfortable atmosphere. Fun board games on the tables and squishy chairs. A MUST try for any local coffee or tea lover!

  9. Cathleen says:

    Very knowledgable staff! I got quite the lesson on how coffee is harvested and direct trade. It’s nice to know where your coffee comes from! The space is cozy and inviting, with a nice fireplace and lots of space. It was great to see my favorite Burien barista’s (Emily from Supreme Bean and Nicki from Sam’s Espresso and Tuly’s) working here. The hours are great too! Check them out!

  10. mark says:

    I stopped in today and just wanted a cup of coffee. Not only do they serve a standard brewed coffee, but french press and pour over….I opted for the french press – it was great. Happy to see they went with Stumptown Coffee and also Alki Bakery. It looks like they are still putting the finishing touches on the space, as the baristas were painting swirls on the walls when I walked through the doors, but they were happy to put down their brushes and educate me about their menu (which wasn’t up yet, but apparently will be soon)

  11. Kari says:

    Great to have an alternative to the “getting oh so OLD’ *S* place. 🙂 THANK YOU! ALso being a parent, having the games available is a wonderful idea! How about a ‘borrow/donate/share’ community bookshelf?

    Be there soon!
    Kari B.

  12. Jen says:

    Is it kid friendly? Could moms get together to drink coffee and have their kids play or would that overwhelm the place?

  13. Laurel says:

    Great coffee (the french press), pastry and very personable galz! Great place, and large enough for gatherings, parties, nice art on the walls, cushy leather chairs and a fireplace and WIFI! THe folk singer atmosphere will be nice on Friday nites…reminicient of the late 60-70’s!

  14. I love this new coffee and tea place, very comfortable, spacious with table games and and lots of goodies!

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