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Burien Boasts Bountiful And Botanical “Bee-Patches”

by Rob Johnson [1]

In case anyone didn’t know, Burien now boasts a wonderful community garden at 437 SW 144th, behind the old Community Center. Many of the gardeners are folks who are just getting back in to gardening.

Some are new gardeners.

Some are old pros.

Darlene Johnson is one of the old pros. She lost her gardening space when she sold her house and moved into an apartment a few years ago. She was glad to get the chance to be involved in the new “Bee-Patches.”

“I have missed gardening and having fresh grown tomatoes since I moved, and am glad to be able to grow them again.”

She is currently growing seven kinds of heirloom tomatoes in her small space, as well as a variety of other vegetables.

Burien's new community garden is located behind the "old" Community Center, at 437 SW 144th.

Wayne Sykes is growing at the community garden and says it’s about time that Burien got community garden space because at home he is limited to heavy shade garden space and patio containers. This allows him space to grow squash, tomato, beans, dill, parsnips, and borage.

Rebecca Dare and Bill Opfermann are busy growing radishes, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, beans, tomatillos, and bulb fennel in their plot.

“We do have garden space at home, but have a lot of shade,” Rebecca said. “The community garden is so wonderful. Already, just in the beginning stages, we’re so enjoying the other people in adjoining and other plots. We’re coordinating watering, and sharing plants and have such a feeling a community and enjoyment.”

There is still time to join in the fun – just Contact Burien Parks and Recreation at 206-988-3700.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was written by Rob Johnson [1], a BTB Reader and active member of Sustainable Burien [2]. We encourage all our Readers to submit stories, or story ideas – email us your idea(s) to [email protected] [3]!]

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