PHOTOS: “Big Bird” Spotted Near Lake Burien Identified – A Young Osprey!

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BTB Contributor Gregory Rehmke sent us these photos of what he thinks is a juvenile eagle osprey, spotted high in a tree near Lake Burien early Wednesday evening around 7pm (May 26).

UPDATE: Some Commenters have identified the bird (thanks!) as a young osprey, which we find very appropriate since they’re also known as “Seahawks.”

Greg said in an email:

I am guessing this big bird is a young eagle.

I was surprised by the white coloring.

Lake Burien is below in the one shot:

The young bird can be seen perched on a branch in the upper left corner of this pic, high above Lake Burien in the lower right.

A closer look reveals distinct white markings...

...and an even closer shot shows elements of...a bald eagle?

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9 Responses to “PHOTOS: “Big Bird” Spotted Near Lake Burien Identified – A Young Osprey!”
  1. Jack says:

    I just do not think it’s head/beak look like a bald eagle. Hope someone can identify this bird-very curious indeed!

  2. Vince says:

    Its an osprey ( Young bald eagles don’t have white on their bodies. Don’t remember seeing one around here before.

  3. Michael says:

    That’s an osprey, not an eagle. The white chest, brown back/wings and light colored crest pretty much identify it. Nice capture in any case!

    If only there were public access to Lake Burien so other local photographers could take advantage of the scenery… 😉

  4. 3TreeCellars says:

    I’ve been seeing osprey around 3TP for years. To see more Burien Birds (and some from other parts of the world) of all kinds, go here:

  5. Ann says:

    Anywhere there’s water in the NW, you’ll find osprey. They’re primarily fish-eaters (thus their affinity for water). I’m still chuckling over the young bald eagle speculation. Immature bald eagles are almost identical to the adults in size, but are a dirty brown.

  6. Stacy Reid says:

    The osprey’s nest is on top of the cell tower right off of 518! I saw it land today with some prey. It’s head doesn’t look like the osprey/mascot at the Seahawks games though…it has a huge wing span!

  7. Greg Rehmke says:

    Thanks for the information on that bird (I wish i hadn’t guessed!). It was visible from St Francis and from 20th (it was high in the tree), but would not have been easily visible from the east end of the lake.

  8. Bonnie Moormeier says:

    Yes, definitely an osprey – we see them a lot fishing out in the Sound.

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