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UPDATE: Burien Police Chief Addresses Recent Burglary Increase

We were first to report on the recent rash of burglaries in Burien’s Gregory Heights neighborhood (thanks to our initial report [1], most of the other “mainstream media” has picked this story up), and now we’re probably first to publish the following response from Burien Police Chief Scott Kimerer:


This is a recap of what went out to the Burien Officers. We want to increase our visability and talk with residents as part of our prevention tactic. There is real value in the analysis to see if a pattern exists. We want to be effective with the time we can spend in these neighborhoods. I appreciate all the awareness this has created. We all need to watch out for our neighbors and the Burien Police will work as hard as we can to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Chief Kimerer

K. Scott Kimerer
Police Chief/City of Burien
(206) 296-3333 office

Here’s the email Chief Kimerer forwarded to us, which apparently went out to all Burien P.D. officers from Captain Carl Cole:


Over the last week we have received a number of complaints about a property crime wave hitting the Gregory Heights, Three Tree Point area.

Crime Analysis has not shown a significant increase or number of burglaries or other property crimes. We are working on figuring that out, in the mean time I am making this request:

  1. Please spend some time in these neighborhood on area checks, especially this weekend when many folks may be out of town.
  2. Log your time out on radio
  3. If you see folks out and about, please make contact and see if they are aware of any recent crimes that may not have been reported…if you do talk to anyone, please shoot me an email with the details even if they are unaware of anything

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions. CCC

Captain Carl Cole
Burien Police Department
206/296-3341 (W)
206/423-2941 (C)

It’ll be interesting to see if this raised awareness has any effect on this recent crime wave.

As we were once told by a Public Information Officer:

“Crime is like a tube of toothpaste – if you squeeze it at one end, it just comes out on the other…”

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