LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coyotes Seen In Seahurst Neighborhood

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this via email on May 26th; sorry for the delay in posting it but we figured ‘better late than never’]


Not sure if this is where to send this info to but it seemed like a good idea.

I live across the street from St. Francis Church. The night before last we were awakened at 2:45 AM to find 3 coyotes in front of our house on 21st.

We already lost 1 of our cats to a coyote last year around this time. Had I known we had coyotes in our area I would have been more careful about making sure our animals were all inside at night.

In hopes of possibly saving someone else’s pet I thought it would be a good idea if something was posted in your blog about this.

Thank you for your time.

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21 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coyotes Seen In Seahurst Neighborhood”
  1. jan says:

    Coyotes in Seahurst? What sort of ecological stuff must be happening here in Burien? I lost a perfectly wonderful orange cat to a coyote many years ago in Palm Desert CA…..but that was the desert. I feel for you over the loss of your cat.. As a “cat moma” I feel your pain.

    Who does one call when they find 3 coyotes in their front yard? Coyote-Busters? Seriously, who does on call when you see wild animals in their yard?

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I’d call no one and enjoy the moment. However, when the neighborhood cats are in my yard hunting birds at my feeder, whom do I call? I’d like to be able to call the coyotes.

  2. Erin says:

    I live on 122nd and saw one running across the road the end of last week in the afternoon. So glad to see another sighting. Now I know I am not totally crazy!

  3. Erik Robbins says:

    We have Coyotes,raccoons,foxes and more around here. And I LOVE it. I grew up in Seahurst and always have enjoyed seeing the various animals around here.I even remember once seeing a Doe near Seahurst beach around 75 or 76. My father mentioned that it probably swam across the sound from Vashon. Most likely chased by dogs on the island. I sure do miss the flying squirrels we used to have. I have not seen one in years. I always wondered what happened to them.

    • Erik Robbins says:

      And I should have said I am truly sorry for the loss of your pet. I guess we all need to be a little more aware for now on.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Native squirrels have been chased out by the gray squirrel, which is not native to the area but came from eastern U S. I guess it’s about the same thing as happened to the native human population.

  4. Coverofnight says:

    These animals have been around for decades. I remember seeing one on the shoulder of the road by the airport landing lights back in the late ’70’s! But I’m surprised that they’re still around with the increased development/density of the area. They must have found some refuge to survive. Hopefully, they don’t become a nuisance; I welcome the diversity of wildlife in this area and would hate to see efforts to eradicate them. People might consider getting a dog – they’re good coyote-alarms as well as being good burglar-alarms.

  5. Rainycity says:

    They have never NOT been here. They aren`t new here by any stretch of the imagination, I probably shouldn`t say this but we used to “seek” them out (sort of speak) in the ealr 60`s when we were kids with 22`s down in the woods playing Daniel Boone..*lol*.
    I won`t say if and or how many we got though but I suppose back then you could thank us for keeping the population of them down a little.
    My neighbor has pelts of bobcats and even a bear,, yes, a bear on his wall that his grandfather shot where goodwill is now which is why we went “looking”. heh-heh.
    But, enough said on that,.
    I`m probably going to give up my anonymity (or however ya spell it) (so you folks that know when I did this,,shhhhh) here but last year or the year before,I forget now)I shot and killed a racoon that was swimming across Arbor lake during the middle of the day,, I`m no animal expert but I KNOW raccoons should not be out like that during the day unless they are diseased, (rabies comes to mind).
    Anyways,, I`m done here for the day,,,

    • Erik Robbins says:

      I think swimming across Arbor lake was punishment enough for the raccoon. Yer Ma n Pa must be proud. You deserve the key to the City for eradicating this diseased vermin from our midst.

    • star says:

      Rainy-So, you would seek and kill the coyotes for fun, yet refuse to go hunting for food???

      • Rainycity says:

        If I was ever hungry enough, I`m sure I would hunt for food,, but no, I really don`t like hunting, or actually, I don`t like the thrill of the kill sort of speak. I do thoroughly enjoy being outside though, used to do a lot of solitary hiking and camping before I was even old enough to drive and hitchhikers like myself back then didn`t have much trouble getting rides. Even tried a stint at being a professional gold miner, then realized I liked it doing it as a recreation a lot more.. Made more money too!,,*lol*
        But we were young kids when we would go down in the woods and do that,, sheesh, the creek even had a dam on it then.
        I won`t say how long ago that was but let`s just say it was a long time ago,, ambaum was a two lane dirt road and father Mcmann was the only priest at St. Bernadette, the turn in for gag in the bag (also known as jack in the crack) was a photo-mat and a flower island (there was no jack in the box then by the way) and there was a free paper called the Seattle shopping news..(Just a couple of hints) heh-heh.

    • Mike says:

      WOW! Way too bad for the raccoon. Healthy raccoons are always seen roaming during the day — don’t get fear and need for killing . I’m all for leaving nature to nature and that means keeping a close eye on pets if you don’t want them to become part of the food chain.

  6. napavine says:

    Now easy does it B-towners. Don’t worry about the coyote. but if you see a Roadrunner call me emmediately. 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    I’ve lived in near Seahurst beach for years… There’s always been coyotes……….. no newsflash here

  8. coolburienguy says:

    I live off of 2nd & 140th SW, just up the hill from JFK HS. Last week I heard a strange cat fight type noise in my front yard around 2am. I looked out my window to the front yard and saw a coyote holding my cat in its mouth. After a few choice words, I ran out of the house in my boxers and chased the coyote (still carrying my cat) down the street. The coyote dropped my “roommate” in a someone’s front yard about 8-10 houses away. I was able to take her to the 24hr Emergency Animal Hospital on 1st Ave. After 5 days and a whoppingly expensive vet bill, I’m happy to say she’s back home and slowly recovering. But who would expect to see a coyote a few blocks from 1st Ave? I can understand by Seahurst, but where I live? After the experience I’ve had I would definitely shoot any coyote I see again!

    • Rainycity says:

      Anywhere there`s even a patch of cover,,, I seen one on 3rd ave in Renton on my way to work one morning,, and that` s main street there,,
      But around our neck of the woods, I have probably seen 4 or 5 of them in the last 5 or 6 years.

  9. ellen says:

    Don’t kid your selfs, they are all around Burien, I have seen them on 8th Ave S and about 120h (by the retenton pond) in my neighbors yards off off 128th and 10th, seen them when driving down the freeway, and heard them yipping last summer…they are all around us . If you leve your pets outside especially at night you run the risk of losing them.

  10. Rainycity says:

    Maybe I should start a trapping business..*lol*
    I had a coyote in my driveway on Friday morning,
    pretty brazen thing,, It just kind of stood there and looked at me while I went and grabbed my paper, then left once I started my jeep, but sheesh,, kind of suprised me how
    brazen he was..

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