Watch The World Cup In HD At The New Tin Theater Saturday Morning

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Our good friend Dan House alerts us to this inside scoop – he’s holding a top secret (yeah right), “soft opening” fundraiser breakfast at his new Tin Theater this Saturday morning, where you’ll be able to eat breakfast and watch the World Cup.

A $10 donation gets you in, where you’ll be among the first to sit in the brand spankin’ new theater and watch two games in high-definition on the big screen:

  • 7am: Argentina vs. Nigeria
  • 11:30am: England vs. USA (“USA! USA! USA!“)

All proceeds go to the Highline Schools Foundation, but remember…this is a secret, so don’t tell anybody.

The Tin Theater is located just west of the Tin Room Bar at 923 SW 152nd in Olde Burien.

Here’s a sneak peek pic of the inside of the theater during recent construction (don’t worry, it’ll be all shiny and clean for the games):

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3 Responses to “Watch The World Cup In HD At The New Tin Theater Saturday Morning”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    Is that a pull-down projection screen for HD? Didn’t think that was possible – thought it had to be plasma or LCD, etc. for deep, richer blacks and colors.

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  2. Rainycity says:

    We`re showing extrodinary measures tonight with the movie starting around 9:30 p.m.
    Come on by and have a bag of popcorn. Won`t be in 3d though,, those screens are spendy.*lol*

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  3. Famished says:

    The theater is just great! Fun to watch the World Cup with fans of the game and in such a marvelous setting. So nice that Dan continues the lead the way in Burien.

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