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If You Saw Fire, Medic, Police & SWAT Near Lake Burien Sunday, Here’s Why…

Sunday afternoon (June 13) around 4pm, we got a call from a friend who lives on Lake Burien, but who just happened to be out of town. She said that a neighbor called and told her there was a S.W.A.T. team converged “near my house,” and she was wondering just what the heck was going on.

So, like the good neighbor/local blogger we are, we hopped in the B-Town Blogmobile and jetted up there. We found a major convergence on 10th Ave SW near SW 154th.

The road was closed off, so we parked and got out.

We spoke with some area residents who were on foot, waiting for permission to walk back to their home. They said they were told there was a potential “situation” with a possibly-armed man in a house, who was allegedly threatening to harm himself.

We then talked to a Burien Police Officer, who confirmed the story and said that the major police response was standard protocol whenever someone locks themselves up, threatens to harm themselves, and has access to guns.

On the scene we saw at least seven emergency vehicles, including fire, medics, police (both marked and unmarked),  and various King County Sheriff’s vehicles. We did not see the S.W.A.T. team truck but understand it was stationed nearby at a makeshift “command center.”

We’re not sure what the outcome was, and we’ve got inquiries into local police. We’ll update this story as new information is released.

Here are two pics taken at the scene by Scott Schaefer, using his iPhone:

Numerous emergency vehicles converged on a neighborhood near Lake Burien Sunday afternoon, as a neighbor apparently holed himself up in his house, threatening to "harm himself."

An area resident asks a Burien police officer when he can return to his house.

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