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Welcome Our Latest Advertiser: Local Author George Matthew Cole

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We did a feature story on him June 2nd, and now he’s our latest Advertiser – please welcome local Author George Matthew Cole to The B-Town Blog!

Cole’s new novel “Colt O’Brien Sees the Light,” follows the trials and tribulations of a Highline High School senior, and is based on a certification program that Mr. Cole participated in, that taught students about computer networking.

Cole, a Burien resident, spent over 30 years in the computing field, with experience on mainframe computers as well as PCs and servers. “Flashmath for Windows 95″ is a flash card program that Cole wrote many years ago which is still in use today.

The idea for “Colt O’Brien Sees the Light” came from personal experience working with high school students over a two-year period.

Cole lives in Burien with his wife and dog, and this is his first novel.

Burien Author Goerge Matthew Cole wrote "Colt O’Brien Sees the Light" based on his experiences teaching at Highline High School.

Here’s Cole’s description of the book:

Colt O’brien doesn’t think that he has to prove anything. He is the most savvy computer technician at Highline High in Burien, Washington. When a PC needs fixing, Colt is called in to save the day. The short, energetic senior, with his bright, colorful attire and cocky attitude, knows that he is the best. He expects the respect that is showered upon him by peers and teachers. School will soon be over and freedom beckons. No more girl friend to tell him what to do. No more schoolwork to bore him to death. Colt is cruising through senior year, but his life is about to be turned upside down. Two freshman nerds start a computer class that will put Highline High on the map and challenge Colt’s credibility. Three women will show him the meaning of love. One will show him the meaning of hate. And, his hidden psychic powers will emerge when he least expects them to. Hang on Colt.

Here’s another excerpt from the book, which can be purchased online here:

Chapter XV

From: Strong, Amy[[email protected]]
To: Bower, Susan[[email protected]]

Subject: I think he’s cute Sent: 12/07/1999




Colt and Bobbie had been working all afternoon fixing sick computers. The school day had ended two hours ago but they were only now walking toward the parking lot to leave for home. The young men felt a sense of satisfaction after helping many teachers and administrators become productive again. A virus had rampaged through Highline High’s computer network causing a variety of problems. The two young men had been up to the task and all of the infected devices were now working.

“Man that virus was bad. I am sure glad we had the right updates to fix them.” said Bobbie

“It’s great when it all goes right. I can sure remember a lot of times when we were drowning in tricky problems and we had no idea what was wrong. Maybe we have learned something over the years.”

As they walked around a corner near the baseball fields, they heard the rattling of a fence and someone yelling “No, no.” Bobbie could see that three teenagers had a much smaller boy surrounded against the fence. They were pushing him from side to side and slapping him up and down his thin, frail body. One of the assailants was yelling obscenities at the helpless victim. The boy had a look of utter terror on his reddened face.

Bobbie had only been watching for a few seconds but now saw someone running toward the group. At first he was so startled that he did not realize who it was. He turned to say something to his friend, but Colt was not there. Bobbie looked back just in time to see Colt hurtle into the three attackers with arms swinging. His loud shrieks sounded like battle cries to his friend. Colt hit one of the three attackers shoulder high and knocked him off of his feet. The other two were startled but soon recovered.

The tallest one said “He’s not that big Andy, we can get him.”

“You punks” yelled Colt, who was still swinging his arms like miniature pistons.

Colt looked at the victim and recognized him as a freshman that he had seen around campus. He motioned to him to get away. As he turned back to the fight, he felt his legs buckle as he we forced to the ground. He found himself being held down and beaten by numerous fists from above. Colt kicked one attacker between his legs and felt things ease up a little but his head was continued to taking a beating. Then he saw a large arm come between him and those cowering over him. One of his assailants was flung aside and slammed against the fence causing a high pitched rattling sound. Next, one large, strong arm clamped around the last attacker’s neck and he was thrown to the ground. As he hit the hard earth, air escaped from his chest with a whoosh. Colt was free and jumped up. For a moment, he felt like he would faint, as the pain of his injuries came pounding in. After a minute he regained his balance and managed to keep the pain at bay. All of three of the bullies were on the ground. One was curled up in a ball moaning and the other two were being held down in a choke hold by Bobbie Jones. Both bullies had panic in their bulging eyes. Colt kicked each of them in the side.

“You want more punks? You want more.” yelled Colt.

“No Colt, we didn’t know it was you.” whined one.

“Bobbie let them go before I kill one of them.”

Bobbie eased up a little and said “Just leave guys, don’t make me hurt you.”

The two de-fanged attackers got up and helped the boy who was curled up. All of them were hurting which brought a slight smile to Colt’s face.

They skulked away as fast as they could.

Bobbie looked at Colt who was sitting on a low wall now. His lower lip and nose were both bleeding and his right eye was beginning to swell.

“Hey, man, you should have waited for me. They pounded you pretty bad.” said Bobbie

“I just reacted. They pissed me off and all of a sudden I was going at them. Goddam punks! I hate guys like that.” yelled Colt

“That kid was about to be really messed up. You saved his ass.” said Bobbie

“Well, you saved me. Thanks Dude. I ended up taking the kid’s place. Do you know his name?”

“I think its Eddie Tate. I recognized him from the meeting at the Sweden’s house.“

“I’m glad we helped him, even if he is a freshman nerd. I hate guys that beat up weak kids.” said Colt

“Can you get home ok?”

“I can make it but I know I am going to be hurting soon.”

“Later man.” said Bobbie Jones

“I’ll save you next time.” smiled Colt through the pain.

Colt grimaced and slowly pulled himself out of the purple VW in front of his house. The pain was more noticeable now that the battle adrenaline had dissipated. Colt thought I must look like crap. I sure feel bad. He walked through the front door and tried to scurry by the kitchen so that he wouldn’t be seen. His condition slowed him down and it was obvious that he wasn’t himself as he dragged past his unsuspecting mother at the kitchen sink. She looked up with bright eyes knowing that her son had come home. A bright smile turned into horror when she saw the condition that Colt was in. Blood was still running from his lower lip and nose. His swollen eye was starting to turn blue and purple. Leona’s eyes glistened with tears at seeing her baby in pain.

“Oh no. Colt, what happened? Oh honey.” cried Leona

“I just had a little scuffle, Mom. I’ll be okay.”

“Go directly to the bathroom. I am going to clean you up.”

Colt moaned and angled toward the bathroom. He did not feel like explaining what happened. He knew his mother would try to be brave but that this would take an emotional toll on her.

Colt only said “I helped a kid that was getting beat up Mom.”

“You always did hate bullies.” Leona smiled behind the river of tears rolling down her cheeks.

After being nursed and taking some aspirin Colt hugged his mother and trudged to his bedroom. He opened his email to see if Bobbie had sent any notes about the fight. There were 23 emails in the in-box. All of the notes were about the incident at the school. Bobbie Jones sent a note with just a subject line, which said “News travels fast”. One email was from Mr. Sweden who thanked him for helping a fellow program member. Colt was surprised to see how fast word got around about an incident that had happened only a few hours ago. Some of the notes were from people he had never met. One was from a girl named Amy Strong. He remembered seeing her around school but had never talked to her. For some reason, when he saw her name, he forgot about his pain and felt a tingling sensation from head to toe. He sensed that there was something special, a mysterious quality, to that particular note. Rather than reading it, he lay down on his bed and wondered what a pretty girl might write to a boy who just got beat up. He only allowed himself to think wonderful, interesting and surprising thoughts through the haze of pain that was wracking his body. When his thoughts were wrapped in a pleasant package, Colt slipped into slumber. A peaceful smile illuminated his swollen face.

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